World of Warships – Z-23 A Teachable Moment

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on Shatter moves out to A with a handful of friendly ships, I move to the center to counter a couple enemy destroyers. Team gets some good setup kills and we have a two base to one advantage, I keep up the pressure but might have overextended just a bit. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Z-23 Replay


  1. The Iowa was a BOT at 100%!! And she have also no flags

  2. You can tell if they disconnect if their guns are in the neutral position. Basically how they were before the battle starts

  3. Upgrade gun or nah?

  4. this game is very old… you killed me while I was still grinding my first line in December?

  5. The Iowa was just planting his potatoes. Water is very important for potatoes.

  6. Nicholas Taylor

    I wish you could lock your turrets to nuetral

  7. Nicholas Taylor

    I love that feeling when you hit an unexpected target with torps.

  8. Christopher Mavromatis

    I’m currently working on tier 7 ships Notser. I cannot count the amount of players in tier 8 and 9 ships that give potatoes a bad name.

  9. GermanThunder75

    Jud jespielt min Jung!

  10. I truly enjoy the German dds as well. at Maas currently. looking forward to z23. I prefer the smaller guns myself

  11. LeonaTimberCompany

    You went full retard. You NEVER go full retard! The Iowa couldn’t even make it that good.

  12. how does somebody make it to Tier 9 while not being able to shoot a broadside BB at 1.7km

  13. omg that iowa is so hard to watch and ill tell you why…. because that type of player is who i have as team mates ALMOST EVERY game.

  14. Good to see NA also has some master tacticians like that Iowa. We have loads of them on EU.

  15. Does wargaming buff and nerf other ships just to get people to grind for differant lines to promote diversity in the game?

  16. i doubt that he missed because of his mistake. it may be battle from time before 4km accuracy buff for battleships. I think rng just fcked him.

  17. Notser PoV with Indy: *record scratch* and this point Notser knew he fucked up


  18. DraynaRue Games

    3:00 poi this Yuudachi 😉

  19. And it would be really stupid to try citadel Indy with Iowa guns at such short distance. Overpens, you know.

  20. Thanks for the insight Notser. Keep up the great work

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