World of warships – Z-23 aggressive play

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  1. Was just about to go to bed but now I’ll extend it another 15 minutes!

  2. Do unicum players get preferential MM to be paired with noobs and wallet warriors? I’m not being salty, but when you were radared at 3:50 no one managed to really hit your broadsiding ship with a broken engine. What the hell…

    • It looks that way watching the games that get uploaded but considering the volume of games they play vrs how many get put up here nope, they don’t. Just like any of us there are many more times they get punished when caught out like Flambass was at the start. Most of the time it’s on to the next game so fast we don’t really notice apart from the few minutes of laughing and slegging him off in chat :p

    • At 1st ppl weren’t paying attention and than I switched direction so they missed, it can happen

    • Flambass i wish that could happen to me but when i spotted always i get focus and i expect that but when i spot DDs NO one cares to shoot them and after they are crying about the torpedo walls, it’s RANDOM why i even expect from other people ???

  3. I certainly hope that your punica doesn’t follow you on YouTube XD

  4. Another tip for that guy in the Twitch chat is to play the PTS where he can speed grind certain lines to be albe to try them out.

  5. Sits in the middle of the map, has a broken engine and is radared … dosent get killed. Meanwhile if i am in my missouri and get spottet, i get sniped from the whole enemy team and the own team … GG

  6. SuicidalTendencies

    Talking smack about punica… soo hows the couch treating you? XD 😛

  7. Have to admit there are few things in this game that feel more satisfying than stealing anther DD’s smoke like

  8. Do not think Montana stream sniped, If you potato around corners broadside on enough times hopefully you learn something 😉

  9. Been watching for a couple months, your sense of humour is just like a lady friend of mine (Czechoslovakian), is it a mid/east European thing, ‘cos I like it…. a lot. keep up the good work.

  10. ROFLMFAO!!! What was he THINKING!!!!

  11. You literally torpedoed his ass, just like you said 10 seconds earlier. LOL.

  12. You are using the 150mm guns ?

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