World of warships – Z-23

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A lot of ppl have been demanding to see me Z-23. Now I’ll admit this was one of the best games but I rly don’t play this ship so this is you .


  1. As my free day, I watched many vids till now and wished to see your vids, thank God that happened. By the way, I admire your music taste while streaming.

  2. NA or EU server ?

  3. Atlanta vid…coming right up!!!…:-D

  4. 30k hp for a dd
    sure wg,S U R E !

  5. I saw you in game recently. It was me in a benson you in a z 56 and someone else in a kagero. And we were hunting a gearing. We lost unfortunately

  6. Missouri here, I even deactivated the secondaries, so that it would be your kill 🙂

  7. Sooo now that you’ve got the Atlanta …. :-))

  8. good dd, too bad it’s squishy.

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