World of Warships – Z-39 First Impression

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Checking out the , premium with 150mm guns and pretty much a normal Destroyer setup. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII German Destroyer Z-39 Replay


  1. Watched Flambass play this ship a bunch yesterday.  Seems pretty underwhelming.  Keep up the good work, Noster.

  2. Thank You so much for Your superb videos – greetings from Germany !

  3. i will wait for the t61

  4. Everyone (including Notser) says that the T61 is good and the Z39 is bad. And THAT is the reason why WG isn´t selling the T61 yet.

    If WG sells the good (and cheap because Tier6) T61 now – who will buy the bad (and expensive because Tier8) Z39 afterwards? The Z39 is for the players that really want to buy a GerDD no matter what., The others will spent their bucks later on the T61.

    Because honestly: a worse Z23 for real money?

    • Well… they released Murmansk first and then released Krasny Krym afterwards

    • Z-39 has no reason to even exist, though. It’s just an all-around a worse version of Z-23. One less 150mm gun *and* worse reload, plus worse torpedoes. The only thing you get in return is a marginal increase in AA and a barely-relevant 150m better concealment. That’s a really terrible trade-off.

      And it’s not as if Z-39 is a famous ship that people were clamoring for. It’s inexplicable to me that Wargaming even took the time to make this premium. This was simply a poor choice of ship to make a premium out of. Why not, say, Z-35. Basically a Z-23 hull but with five 128mm guns instead of the four that Z-23 is stuck with if you choose the 128s.

    • @Indra – actually it was Diana > Aurora > Murmansk > Molotov if i remember correctly. And then they topped the second soviet cruiser line with Kutuzov. And T9&10 are still to come.

      But you are right tho, i forgot about the K.Krim – although it got “replaced” by the Makarov at same tier.

  5. No gracias, WG.

  6. If the T-61 is overpowered, just bump it to T7! I don’t care! Just give me my dang Flottentorpedoboot!

  7. Will wait for the T-61.

  8. Waiting for T61 better. I might as well just play the z23 instead of this

    • As it stands right now, I would say T-61 is straight-up better than Z-39. Not just tier-for-tier better, I mean that I’d rather be playing T-61 while bottom tier in a Tier 8 battle than playing Z-39 while top tier. In a gunfight between the two, *T-61 would have the advantage!*

  9. Notser can you explain more why u prefer 128 on Z23?

  10. Premiums don’t need to be radically different from the main line, but if possible it is generally a great benefit (Atlanta and Okhotnik comes to mind as excellent versions of that). But if the ships are just poor copies, or mildly different in soft stats of already rather ‘meh’ ships, they are going to be ‘meh’ regardless. *That* is a problem… and they have managed to do that with Prinz Eugen and at present Z-39.

    Now WG somehow managed to mistake PE’s issue as ‘she is just a copy of a silver ship’, while the problem really is that she is a somewhat poorer copy of a wholly unremarkable and unimpressive silver ship. That means she has nothing going for her outside of her looks (which are honestly great). No surprise that she is considered a poor Premium when she offers nothing different to an already uninspiring ship.
    But who wouldn’t love a Premium version of say… T6 Cleveland (let’s ignore the line split and her tier change), or a Premium version of 155 Mogami? Or even a bloody Premium Akizuki. These ships could easily be made into Prinz Eugen styled Premiums and while people might grumble about ‘carbon-copies’, they would not be bad Premiums and would likely still be popular.

    It is all about which silver ships you make Premium. They have to offer something already, something that is attractive and/or fun. Hipper doesn’t and Z-23 doesn’t really either.

    By the way, Z-39’s reload is worse than Z-23’s… so yeah there is that too. :/

    I really question why they picked this ship. It limits their options in making her a good Premium. There are limits to what they can do with her basic characteristics. They can’t really change the gun layout much. They can’t improve the gun arcs. They can’t add more torps. They can’t really make her faster or turn better. Improve her reload and she will just be a Z-23 with fewer guns. Improve her torp reload and it will just be torpspam.
    What they *will* do is probably gimmick the hell out of her. German Hydro, Defensive Fire, Pan-Asian smoke, TRB. Whatever you can think of. Hell DW torps with super fast reload even… And it will utterly suck, and only make her OP in a specific set of circumstances, while shit in general.

    • Z-39 not only has worse reload than Z-23, it also has one less of the 150mm guns. And it has the stock rather than upgraded torpedoes for Z-23. In exchange, Z-39 gets…1/3 better DPS in the 3.5km AA aura and less than 150m better stealth. That’s it. With the stats as they are now, the best thing to do with Z-39 would be to make it Tier 7.

  11. This ship needs to be changed before I buy it. So far, it has nothing over the z23. I love my z23 very much but this feels like the prince eugen except less great. Also, supposedly in the wiki, one ship in the z series had 2×2 and 1×1 turrets. Why couldn’t it be that layout.

    • General Cartman Lee

      The 1936A class initially had 4 * 1 15cm guns (like the A hull Z23). The Z23 and others later recevied the bow twin turret so the Z23 even had 5 15cm guns.
      The Z39 initially had the same gun setup with 1 * 2 and 3 * 1 15cm guns but was modified later, the foremost single turret got removed and AA guns were put into that location. Similar to what the Royal Navy did with the Cossack which lost one of her twin turrets to get a pair of 102mm AA guns.

  12. I just want the T61, my wallet is ready

  13. Hey Notser. Just wanted to ask why did you not open AA at 7:14 ? Could shot plane or two and long run that stacks up at game if every one try shoot down few planes. Or is there some reason why you did not open AA?

  14. Why Do you think that every premium Need to be something unique. Some people want a premium version or something that you can just get and you know how to play like this ship or the Prince Eugen. Thant fine just don’t buy it if you think it is a carbon copy. I don’t mean for this to come across Like I hate you opinion but im just asking why do you think that every new ship has to be unique in some way . Mite i add we got ships like the Belfast and the Sipan and Kaga that are so different (less so in Belfast case) compered to the main line that you need a who different set of skill tho play that ship.

    • You can still do that with a regular line ship, just slightly slower. Why waste your money on this when you can spend it on something unique in the T-61, and still have a good Tier 8 German DD to train stuff with?

    • You can use your money how you choose. But the main line ship with premium camo is a better ship and cheaper to purchase.

    • What people do with there money is there business and if they what to spend it why would the developer not make something that will make them money? I don’t see a problem with a few ships that are clones for the purpose of monetizing a free to play game.

    • I said you can do whatever you want. I am just saying I think there are better ships to support, otherwise the developers will make the same stuff which isn’t good for the game.

    • The problem with Z-39 isn’t just the lack of uniqueness. It’s that it’s all-around *worse* than its tech tree counterpart Z-23. If it were an exact clone of Z-23, that might not be very interesting but at least it wouldn’t be straight-up garbage.

  15. is great. i want one 🙂

  16. mynameiswritinwater

    great another junk DD…. perhaps not as bad as Cossack or single use as Asashino. nut nothing to spend 30+ bucks on

  17. honestly I kept my z23 with a nice permanent camo since it looks good and is fun sometimes but if I was supposed to spend money, its time to face some hard facts. it is clumsy and big and is absolutely subpar to the lo yang so good luck wargaming in selling that thing to others than collectors. given the mined stats it has nothing that would even be remotely intriguing.

    regardless of that, I thank you for the video. always appreciate them.

    • Lo Yang only has it’s ridicolous and inexplainable good hydro over the Z23.

    • KubusSc7 if it was only that. better guns, taking less ap damage, better concealment, better rudder shift, better turning circle, better aa, … it’s straight up better with almost everything

  18. As everyone else it seems I’ll wait for the T-61. If I want to use 150s I’ll play my Gaede.

  19. Z-39 is bad if you play it like a DD. It isn’t a DD, it’s a CL with lower HP in exchange for no citadel and AP overpen. Play it like a Tenryuu or maybe Yuubari and I’d imagine you’d see better results.

  20. The 150mm HE actually does pretty well against DDs. High alpha damage and high fire chance. Plus I think the heavier caliber contributes to more module damage.

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