World of Warships – Z-39 Review

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Review for the Z-39, first Premium German for a line that deserved one on day one. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII German Destroyer Z-39 Replay – Discord Server


  1. Unrelated question: should I load all my good American commanders into my cruisers before Friday?

    • Expecting Notser (or any other CC) to make a video on that before friday! 🙂

    • It doesn’t matter, my first video was incorrect on the commander doubling. You will get a new commander with the same amount of skill points as the new tier for each ship that moves. Cleveland gets a 8 skill, Pensacola will get a 6 skill, Nee Orleans a 7 skill. The original captain stays on the tier slot. So my 19 skill Cleveland will stay at the main line tier 6 slot

    • Notser will you make a video with the latest news? I kinda depend on that 🙂

    • Steven Wiederholt

      If I am any judge of online gaming forums, we will be seeing wailing and gnashing of teeth, cries that WG hates us…and of course the I’ll never give them another dime meme… other words same old same old.

    • Yep, I’ll have a video about 7.5

  2. TFW German DD gunboats are more effective torpedo boats than the IJN DD torpedo boats.

    • kein ding yo

      german dds are basically just what ijn dds should have been all along. i enjoy my ijn dds, but still…

    • German DDs have never been ‘gunboats’. They’re hybrids at most. Then there’s ships like the T-22 which is a pure torpedo boat. Its guns are worthless.

      (BTW I honestly really enjoy the T-22. I feel like the reason so many people dislike it is because they’re trying to play it like a gunboat…which it 100% isn’t).

    • kein ding yo

      the tanks guns are not worthless, look at the mutsuki lul

    • ArmchairWarrior

      i liked the t22, but z52 is where it’s at!:D

    • The German torpedoes have similar stealth to the old IJN torpedoes. There is no current reason for the IJN torp nerf.

  3. IJN dds need some love too 🙁

  4. michael amadori

    This is the only time that notser carried

  5. “Big girls have slow rudders”

  6. Come on Notser, at least you should give the 150 some credit. While it’s not as universal as the 127, the jump in damage department ia realy nice, and the fire change too. 😉

    • And the AP isn’t terrible against light cruisers either

    • if you insist on fighting cruisers at range your AP can shine…

    • I’ve always considered the German DD’s as a torpedo boat first, with usable guns as a secondary. With this approach, I’ve had loads of fun with my German DD’s. As long as I don’t try to knife-fight with them and only use guns at range, the 150’s do really well. It’s also very satisfying to citadel any cruiser that shows me a broadside…

    • Don’t forget about incapacitating modules (especially engine/guns).
      It’s especially visible when gun-fighting enemy DD (and it can really be a decisive factor).

  7. Akatsuki really need concealment buff, as a pure torpedo boat, her concealment just too bad, 6.1 or 6.0 km should be awesome for her

  8. The fact that this gets a concealment module really puts this a step above all the other tier 7 DDs in terms of ability to contest. All the other tier 7 DDs will usually get outspotted by tier 6s and higher tiers

    • So true. What does the Maass even have over this? Besides the lower calibre guns (which I consider equivalent, not better,) I can’t think of anything it out-competes the Z-39 in.

    • the Maass has way better DPM (Z-39 HE: 70400; Z-39 AP: 118400; Maass HE: 112500; Maass AP: 225000), and turns better

  9. William Sollers

    The KM DD 150mm guns need to have the KM 1/4 pen baked in. It would make them function better when uptiered.

    • William Sollers, isn’t it already 1/4 calibre penetration for all German ships or am I mistaken? I always assumed it was for all Germans including destroyers. I was going to start grinding more German ships once the American cruisers actually finish splitting.

    • Geoff the Ironwolf

      Alex Quantum IIRC the 1/4 is only on BBs and CA/CLs.

  10. I still think you should add all possible consumables to the ship info part of the video during the beginning (when you’re showing the armor, guns, torps, etc.).

  11. Love German DDs, am considering to buy this before the bundle is over. Question is, is it worth to buy?

  12. Noster I swear WOWs could give you a rowboat DD with a single torpedo tube that you have to light with a match and somehow you would still be deadly. Excellent game play as always.

    • It’s why experience can sometimes trump raw stats. Hence buyer beware. Dropping cash or spending into a stronger ship doesn’t equate into wins. Plus you have to remember that he’s going to show off the ship at it’s best in these impressions/reviews — there were probably games where it was less than stellar simply because of extenuating circumstances (ie. map, teams, RNGesus), LOL.

      It’s too bad Notser doesn’t livestream because I’d love to watch him play because I learn the most from watching veterans like stuntman or Peacekeeper who do stream.

    • I livestream 🙂

    • Ah excellent, I didn’t hit the [show more] button. Will check it out.

  13. Hey Notser. Can you make a video of the battleship North Carolina please

  14. Geoff the Ironwolf

    I guess Notser I am a masochist. I enjoy the 150s. So if I get the $$$ I will pick it up.

  15. The concealment module availability is just stupid. Everyone takes it, so why not just fix the base detection in the first place? Oh, wait, it’s a way for WG to force you to pay 1m silver. 🙁

    • Erik Trimble Concealment Mod costs 2m silver, and you could also go for Target Acquisition or Rudder, depending on what you want to do with your ship.

    • Sirene Racker No one takes the others. Ever. On every DD except some USSR ones, that’s used for Concealment. It’s a reflection of how badly concealment is broken in the game that it’s literally automatically taken by 99% of both DDS and CAs.

      And that it’s 2m not 1m just reinforces my point.

    • You can use concealment and rudder.

    • ArmchairWarrior

      except hindenburgs and henri’s and every other ship that opts for steering gears 3 instead. I agree with your assessment, however most of the ships have must take mods because they obviously fit that niche, like a torpedo boat taking torpedo reload mod vs AA range mod, etc…
      Only a few ships have mods that contest for the spot, like minotaur with reload vs AA 25% boost vs primary range mod. You could argue for all until youre blue in the face.
      primary reload because turret traverse wont take a hit – 3 second reload wont get muh benefit from a percentage based mod.
      AA range mod because minotaur already has great AA numbers, add 25% boost would be a nice boon.
      range mod so you can shoot from behind more islands than just the ones 15km away, will have a higher arc for getting shells over the tallest of mountains when using radar instead of smoke.

      some ships have options, some dont, but it would still be nice for to take a few more passes over the captain skills and general purpose mods. When a ship that gives nearly any fucks about concealment like a Kurfurst takes concealment over target aquisition, you know something is wrong with the balance. Just a few more balance passes with an impartial view would be nice

    • People take Concealment because it’s the easiest way to play, but not necessarily the strongest. A DD that focuses on cap contesting can also go for Target Acquisition for the 3km Proxy detect, I have seen those in Ranked this season and it’s like a permanent Hydro, when played correctly.

  16. Yes, this ship seems quite overpowered 😉

  17. Dude, you mentioned going the “wrong way” but I didn’t get that impression at all. You took part of a single salvo but your position set you up for that last torp strike. I thought you played awesome! A good, old fashion Notser stomp! Thank you for the upload.

  18. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    An expert’s ship, I think. Some strange things going on with it.

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