World of Warships – Z-39 Tier 7 Impression

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Checking out the tier 7 version of the which was surprising for me. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Z-39 Replay – Discord Server


  1. When are you streaming?

  2. T-61 or bust … they can shove the Z-39 sideways …

    • I must say as a T7 i find i somewhat interesting since i like the Z23 with 150mm, although i would love to seem em both sooner or later.

    • Andrew Stark I did keep my z23 too after they gave out this free premium Camo for it but the 23 has one more gun, lower reload better handling (and the 23 handles like a truck already xD) but one less gun with already higher reload despite t7 nah 😉

    • Preferred the T-61, had a cool designation

  3. at 6:57 the Duca torped a friendly akatsuki lol.

  4. Hey Notser.When their was tier6 Ranked I ran the Gaede with the smaller guns.You’re right the 150’s reload is not good for DD gameplay.

  5. I don’t like the fact that the premium is just outright better than the regular t7

    • General Cartman Lee

      I’m pretty sure the tier 8 equipment slot will be gone soon and the hydro and HP will be rebalanced.
      And when they do that you will have a ship very similar to the Maass, same detection, same torpedoes but different guns.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      Don’t think the maas is outclassed by this thing (more HP – but also bigger target) , and the 128mm guns are definitely the better choice

    • History Baron If I had to choose between this or the Maass I would pick the Maass all day everyday. It is my favorite silver ship for a reason XD

    • It is not. Maas is better than 4x150mms. Heck, I’d take Maas (with some more extra hp) as a T8 over the Z-23 anyday, anytime. Maas is great. Z-23 is tremendously meh.

  6. General Cartman Lee

    WG probably just forgot to take away the tier 8 module slot. According to the 4.4 km circle I see on the minimap they also forgot to change the Hydro, she still has the Z-23 hydro which is slightly better than the Maass’ hydro (4.2 km).
    19600 HP base value also looks like they did not rebalance the ship for tier 7 yet as the Z-23 has 19500.

    • General Cartman Lee

      I agree that it would not have been a good idea to release the Z-39 as tier 8. But there’s no point in just lowering the tier and not changing anything else. Because then WG could have just released the T-61. THAT ship would make customers happy. 😀

    • Maas needs love?. Maybe I’ve missed something important here, but I grinded it not even two weeks ago and the results I got out of that ship were nothing short of splendid. I didn’t need any sort of “love” for that ship to shine.

      Of course it doesn’t come close to Gadja Mada levels of OP (then again what does), but a Maas who knows what he’s doing either wrecks every other DD at it’s tier, or at least isn’t really vulnerable to them (Minsk and Leningrad – under 7km your ROF trumps their guns, over 7km you only have to silence your guns and they can’t use their long range advantage against you).

      Hydro is just icing on the cake. Maas is excellent. Can’t see how it needs any kind of love. And I’ve played every T7 DD in the game except shiratsuyu, so I kinda know what I’m talking about here.

    • General Cartman Lee

      For me the Maass is fine too, statistically she’s my number 2 after the Gadja and before the Blyska (though I have to admit that the Mahan was my first tier 7 ship at all and I played the original version with turrets getting constantly knocked out…).
      But it’s strange that WG does not want to release the T-61 because she is better than the Gaede and then puts the Z-39 at tier 7 without making her a tier 7 destroyer. The concealment system being available is a huge advantage for the Z-39 compared to the other tier 7 gunboats. And having 5500 more HP than a Mahan and 2100 more than a Maass is nice too.
      If WG would rebalance the Z-39 to be a tier 7 DD she would be an alternative to the Maass similar to the choice you have with the different guns on the Gaede and Z-23.

    • you don’t have such choice in the Z-23. I wish It had it. But going down to 4 guns means you’re going to be exactly living the same DPM deprived nightmare no matter they fire faster than with the 5 150mm guns. You fire faster, but less guns at a time.

      The choice is not such, you just choose wether you want shit 128mm dpm or shit 150mm dpm. And between those, there’s little real choice, the 150mm is the way to go if only because it’s one more gun and they have better fire chance.

    • General Cartman Lee

      I think Notser always preferred the 12.8 cm guns over the 15 cm. I don’t know why, I played the Z-23 with the 15 cm because that’s what makes her different.

  7. Now the ship looks interesting. As T7 it can also be used in scenarios. But now it is kinda late for it, the line has been out for long.

    Currently I use the Graf Spee to retrain my DD commanders. Works great!

  8. Before watching, I’m gonna say… This is an April Fools thing.
    Edit: Damnit, Notser fooled me by not fooling me!

  9. Still not worth buying, obviously.

  10. T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61 T61…..:)

  11. This was ‘meh’ at tier 8. At tier 7, it’s kinda very OP given it can equip the stealth mod and has waaaay more HP than any other DD at it’s tier.

  12. fiji player did well

  13. I don’t understand what is going on with the very ‘meh’ premiums as of late. I don’t want “pay to win”, but I thought the whole aspect of a premium was supposed to be that it was as good as or every so slightly better than the same tier counterpart. As of late, that isn’t happening. The premiums have not been good (looking at you Gascogne, Huanghe, Ashitaka…). Why pay for it if it sucks?

  14. 5 torpedos and not dead!? They can keep this crap!

    T-61 FTW

  15. Anoying with all the backseat drivers in chat, if they contribute instead of getting rekt it would help more.

  16. Nice Aprils Fool, Notser 😀 Any DD would have been spotted by radar or planes witin 2 minutes….

  17. UnexpectedInquisition

    I always IFHE on 150’s.

  18. Maas is far better than this crap. 150mm get a lot of hype but they are horrible vs DDs and without IFHE they’re really not reliable damage dealers against anything else (as your AP fail against the Atlantas pretty much showed here) and IFHE is useless for Z-46 and Z-52 (hence this is an awful trainer for the line past Z-23).

    Torpedoes are OK but torpedoes are good in the Maas too while the Maas has far better guns. Concealment is good for the tier, but that is the only real advantage other than sheer hp pool over Maas. in almost every other regard Maas is better (though one has to admit that Maas is an excellent DD for T7).

    Summing up, Z-23 and Gaede love each other very much and this is the result. Both Z-23 and Gaede are tremendously “Meh” for their respective tiers….their offspring is also tremendously Meh for his.

    Not worth the money.

  19. The German line post T-22 are my favorite DDs in game. That looks like a Z-23 minus a gun…. at Tier 7 with the concealment mod? Yes please.

  20. Now I definitely want to buy this thing. I wanted to get her either way, as I like collecting premiums. So she is definitely nice pick up now.

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