World of Warships- Z-42 First Impressions: Murdered By Nerfs?

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Hello guys, today we go over the newly released TX German Destroyer Z-42, enjoy!
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Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Ship Intro
1:57 Economic Bonus/Camo
2:36 Armor
2:46 Ship Stats
4:52 Consumables
6:04 Commander & Module build
9:47 Gameplay Review


  1. Given her layout, she reminds me of a Fletcher. I suppose she might make for a good “aggressive escort”, Speaking from my limited XP with German DDs (played though the tier 6 so far up to tier 7) they play SIMILAR to US DDs for best results. Nice reload btw when you got under half hp, its not gonna outgun a dedicated gunboat but its decent to duel with hybrids and torpedo boats. STILL hate how every German Torpedo seems to be the Tier 6 torps with more range. That 26mm requires IFHE (ouch!), with all the radar in her MM spread the smoke might not be as helpful as it could be, German hydro is best Hydro.

    But yeah, Screen your teammates from enemy torpedos, DDs, Subs if they push into you like a moron and use that burst smoke to farm enemy ships.

  2. I was interested in the ship at first, but those turret angles and turret traverse are pretty big deal breakers for me. Ragnar it is i guess then

  3. Not of the calibre that it is worth paying steel for, if you love German dds and absolutely must have them all, why not, but for most players this is a very average ship with many free tech tree line dds of the same tier being stronger… when it first started testing I thought finally a german dd that can stand up to the Marceau, now it isn’t worth getting after the nerfs. Frankly there are better dds to spend res on… maybe this might be worth buying for free xp or possibly coal if they buff it a bit. Not a terrible ship, it just doesn’t appear to do anything better than other ships.

  4. Still salty about the tier 5.5 torps.
    One thing you can rely on in WG titles: german vehicles get a kick in the nuts every other month. Have great secondaries! But no accuracy! Have the smallest main guns but also the least amount of main guns… And no accuracy! Wait what? Clausewitz is a super ship… From Lidl. They are going to nerf Schlieffen through the floor the second it’s average winrate ticks above 48%.
    But atleast the ships are always gorgeous! **WG releases Zieten** OH COME ON!

  5. Surprised you endorsed the ap but didnt take the 2 pt 7.5% damage increase. I also usually prefer to take reload mod in t6 and extend range with captain skills if needed. Also Id probably favor the hydro duration mod in slot 2. Not sure id take ifhe… i really try to get by without if at all possible. It certainly helps agains cruisers, some battleships… its debatable.

  6. As always, appreciate the info

  7. Very disappointed with this one. Saved the steel but will just have to wait for the next steel release

  8. i have all the steelships i want and its a DD so i picked it upp, i find it pretty fun but difficult sometime to play

  9. Moon Cricket Stinks

    If they made this like a German Ragnar I can see that being an interesting buy, but this ship is just a plain Jane that any tech ship can give you and better. Weegee is just seeing how gullible ppl Sri are to the shiny new ship complex

  10. Is it a good ship? Maybe…?! Is it worth that much steel? NO, not by a long shot. There are other DD’s that are just flat better, and some of those better DD’s are in a standard tech line. It should be a Coal ship and not steel.

  11. Mech Franka T. Lieu

    if supported , these days that is the most difficult part , how often you see Cruisers actually doing actual CLOSE support , or BB doing fire suppression and fire cover , and there’s simply too many going against the boat , planes, SS, Radar, long range Hydro + mad machine gun CL , even peers like F. Sherman , Z-52, and yes Ragner … and all that restriction for 27K steel , I sincerely think WG simply run into one of those cases of failed closed testing which do not tell them how the boat would perform on the wider spectrum, wider player base and wider game situations , for real this boat need many buff before it can stand as one against the like of its peer ( even many tech tree peer )

  12. I’ve been playing her still trying different builds, so far I’ve noticed that she is balanced around Lutjens. In essence the ship is crippled out the gate until you start popping his abilities. Still a bit torn about IFHE because despite only 5% chance of fire the thing seems to be a flamethrower.

  13. Very disappointing DD. WOWs nerfed the ship that the comments below are high lighting her profound under performance. Fear based development at its best.

  14. Charlestown Shotokan

    Good timing on this review. I was considering dropping the steel on this. Missed seeing you streaming last night too.

  15. Tbh IFHE and the reload commander skill could be swapped out for range commander skill and heavy AP, that would let you take reload mod, letting you keep the range that range mod gives while massively increasing your damage output. Considering how pretty much the only use you get out of HE is firestarting given its low damage, buffing pen on it while gimping fire chance just seems like an awful decision to me.

  16. Matt Geary - Transplanted!

    don’t play much dd really. mostly just the tromp but one thing I noticed very quickly is how top heavy the skills are for the commanders. hard to squeeze everything useful. much more complicated than BBS and cruisers. doesn’t feel like it brings anything particularly interesting to the party though. glad I just bought plymouth and didn’t wait for this.

  17. The Z-42 is a good dd, not great at solo, but I think it will be good in clan battles. In solo so fare I’m over 100k dam per game. Not an beginners ship… but I’m enjoying her so far 🙂

  18. Thanks for the viewpoint. I tend to obtain my resource ships based on likes than strengths. DDs are my main, so I may get this one in a year or so.

  19. We all knew that WG would nerf it after the first Devblog this appeared in. Now you just gotta wonder if it’s actually worth it. Is it? No, absolutely not. Not for steel and there are other alternatives, better alternatives. I wonder why WG even releases completely OP concepts and then nerfs them upon releasing them. Do they want people, who didn’t read the following devblogs, to still buy it?

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