World of Warships – Z-44 the new German tier 9 premium DD

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Z-44 is the brand new German tier 8 premium DD and it’s not particularly good. What bugs me the most about this ship is gun angles. The only thing it really has going for it is fast torp rld but everything else is lacking.

There’s better ships out there dudes, don’t waste your time.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I think the description is wrong, calls the Z-44 a tier 8.

  2. Friesland fired torps at you? Yea dude, break time for sure.

  3. so its like a german fletcher from

    • Wouldn’t it be more like a poormans Benham?

    • @isak oskal nah, its got 5 single gun turrets, in the exact same place as fletcher, and 10 torpedo tubes in 2 quintuple mounts, just like fletcher. benham has 4 guns and 16 torpedo tubes

    • @KDStudios Yeah but I mean, one can’t get a Benham anymore, and it seems to try and mimic the “zone denial” playstyle like the benham offers. Without actually doing it as good. And you can actually get this ship, reliably, whilst you cant with benham.

  4. I think i watched this from trenlass’ perspective a few days ago.

  5. Ok ok look. Yes I misplayed in Alaska cause I pushed when I *thought* pommern was pushing as well. And I tried shooting you because you were the bigger torpedo threat :p. I’m not saying I should be excused for that. I still need to get used to the gun velocity on it. It’s super slow up close and yet decent at long range somehow? Idk I got it cause it’s leaving and I’m not really a cruiser player anyway :U. Enough talk, even I realised it was a dumb move but it was too late then.

    • Sadly, “too late” is exactly when most of us realize our most recent decision was dumb. xD

      I can understand why you thought Pommern would push, but then you forgot it’s not a clan battle, it’s a random. Maybe that was your only real mistake! 😉

    • @Don Wanna ye.. definitely. My error was assuming teammates would cooperate

    • @Carl510 Mc2 always assume team mates are completely clueless and are best used as meat shields. If you must force a DD to take torp hits so you can survive, do it and don’t look back.

  6. Me: omg pop that smoke dude

  7. Ironic , WG finaly puts out a balanced DD and its way to underpowered because the others are to overpowered …

    • “WG stop with unbalanced ships”
      “Ok here’s a balanced ship”
      “Wait, not like that.”

      I swear, this playerbase…
      I don’t know yet about the 44 though, I haven’t looked into it.

    • 100% agree..also people tend to complain about “weak” ships that are in fact balanced, even if sourrounding ships are not powercrept

    • @TheGreenFather No complaints about the ship itself. This is how prem ships should be. Unfortunatly this one (balanced) feels like a turd because the other ones are just broken…

    • @mowtow90 I don’t really think this ship is balanced. Those torps may have good reload and stuff but they deal so little dmg that you struggle to do anything. Also those guns have worse HE DPM then Yugumo and have such horrible firing arcs that even 32 mm HE pen and that great german AP can’t save them. Add into the mix that this ship is quite large, slow, has shit AA and bad concealment while having no hydro and yeah. It’s weak.

    • maybe they want to make a wows2 and ruin this game on purpose

  8. seems that playing non premium German DD’s and make enemy DD’s feel salty with your hydro more fun than playing with this ship….

  9. I like the new IJN “Noshoshimi” DD

  10. Really like you both playing together. If you play alone, you often get saddened by your teammates or stuff.

  11. The lack of hydro is the deal breaker with Z44 for me. I can deal with everything else, but no hydro is a no go.

  12. spacedreamer spacedreamer

    4:53: Flambass: “I’m turning into an old man”

    Just wondering if Jingles will copyright you on that one. XD

  13. So 2 things. One I love watching your videos where you and other people are playing and joking around. And 2 that is why I originally started playing was to have fun with friends. But sadly its hard to find people like you 2, too play divisions with

  14. IRL half the “good gun angle” ships would destroy the superstructure of those ships. Just saying, dude.

  15. Trenlass screaming “what the fuck! what the fuck!” as he got torped by the friendly neptune at 10:10 is one best audio clips ever.

  16. Gefechtskehrtwendung

    “whats the z-44’s gimmick? fast reload speed, i think”
    halland laughs in only 15 seconds more, but 20 kn faster

  17. That ship looks like a major dud.

  18. That Wall of Skill send to A XD

  19. Thanks for doing these types of vids Flam. You really do a community service. You’re my go to guy for trusted opinions on ships, content and everything else in the game. You have truly saved me real money and I thank you. Cheers from CyberKnife on NA

  20. Thanks for saving me the coal, I just got enough to get this shi… p and was about to press the “purchase” button when I decided to look for some actual gameplay first.

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