World of Warships – Z-46 Preview Impressions

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on Estuary moves out to attempt a capture in the eastern side of the map. A enemy and enemy show up to the area, I combine my torpedoes with the guns to force them away. After a third enemy shows up I am forced to retreat to live another day. Enemy destroyer attempts to capture C point, I show off the ’s hydro ability. We move forward to try and finish off some enemies who remain in the east. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX German Destroyer Z-46 Replay


  1. Notser, what Captain Skills would you use on a Benson with 17 points

  2. Not all Germans eat 24/7 BRATWURST and drink 24/7 BEER! :)

  3. I plan on running 150mm on the t6 and t8 with dedicated captains, even if
    it’s not that strong.

  4. Is this an example of power creep?

  5. any1 knows when the test server will be up for wot and wows?

  6. Nice! I think I will give those German DDs a shot!

  7. Well as for a weakness, the HE shells seem totally TERRIBLE! They do very
    low damage per HE shell pen on an undamaged target, but then they ALSO seem
    to very frequently do ZERO direct damage versus Battleships and Cruisers –
    where USN 127mm HE does really well in terms of both more direct damage and
    deal it far more consistently (superstructure is a USN DD’s best friend!) –
    though fire chance is 2% lower, but still shoots a LITTLE faster than these
    German 128s!

    Then, compared to Russian DD HE it also looks positively weak – similar to
    the USN 127s, Russian 130s do deal consistent direct He damage, almost as
    consistently as USN 127mm HE – but not quite, and they have a solid 8% base
    fire chance.

    That said, having Weak HE alone – is not MUCH of a weakness as you still
    spam it out at a very high rate, albeit not as quickly as the USN but
    slightly quicker than the Russian DDs – and with 7% base fire chance that
    means you still get pretty consistent damage.

    The shell arcs are a weakness – as they are the second worse being better
    than only the USN 127mm L38s, as they have slightly higher velocity at 835
    meters/sec compared to the USN 792 meters/sec though the shell DO weigh 7.7
    pounds (3.5 KG) more than USN 127mm shells, so as you have stated they DO
    have better shell arcs than the USN guns, but not by a whole lot.

    Oh and the smoke is a bit short lasting, whoop-dee! Considering the
    invisi-fire window with AFT at the higher tiers especially..

    What makes them OP is the combination of STRONG torpedoes, VERY STRONG AP,
    lots of HP, decent speed, GREAT AA, better shell arcs than USN – and of
    course HYDRO!

    So yeah, no real downside that cannot be overcome by a very strong UPSIDE!
    If the Detection were CLOSER to Russian levels, I would CONSIDER them to be
    mostly balanced, though that Hydro WITHOUT giving up ANYTHING – still OP
    for a DD. I mean AT LEAST make people choose between Hydro OR Speed
    Boost/Defensive AA!!

    That is sort of akin to letting the Belfast ALSO get Heal AND Torpedoes,
    thereby giving up nothing major (Royal Navy AP that never over pens) whilst
    having MORE benefits than any other Cruiser in the game!

    Like, Russian DDs were supposed to be the more AP and gun based DDs, but
    they have TERRIBLE concealment – apart from a few exceptions like the
    Leningrad and some of the mid tiers, but their gun concealment bloom is
    TERRIBLE even on those few ships what have decent concealment, the smoke is
    not MUCH better – the AP is, somehow FAR worse, and they have a lower rate
    of fire AND lower max range WITH LESS CONCEALMENT! And TERRIBLE torpedoes,
    all while the German 128mm AP does 500 MORE DAMAGE! And it would appear the
    German DDs also get MORE RANGE than the Khabarovsk! I mean even the
    Khabarovsk – 10 km range torps, sure, but ONLY 56 knots – and it can BARELY
    even launch from stealth – you need concealment expert to even TRY to be a
    “Hybrid” in the Khaba, and even then most ships will easily dodge your SLOW
    torpedoes! Soo – why should anyone even play Russian DDs anymore? Valid
    question here, not saying they are bad – just don’t see anything that they
    do better than the Germans do – apart from shell arcs and 1 to 4 knots
    higher speed…

    So yeah, give the Belfast the heal and torpedoes while you’re at it, Eh,
    WarGaming? OH and give it the RN AP while you are at it, that will make my
    Xmas very merry! And it will RUIN the play-ability of every other tier 6 to
    9 cruiser while it’s at it! Yanno just like German DDs will RUIN every
    other class of DD by making their smoke work against them with ease!

  8. Christopher Matarazzo

    does manually turning aa off benefit anything?

  9. German ships everytime the best line.

  10. Notserypu know that chasing that kiev is not worth it right

  11. So WG wrote german DDs are ‘broad’, makinng them susceptible to AP shells.
    Overpens on other DDs would be pens on GER DD, Is this the hidden weakness
    we mised?

  12. It was the Missouri Radar at around 14min, Notser.

  13. IChase just reported on his latest video that all of the stealth firing has
    been removed from the top tier boats. Will this change your impressions of
    them Notser, or do you think you’ll still want to play them?

  14. Haven’t they all been nurfed already before release. ?

  15. I guess now with their release and the massive nerf the DD line received
    kinda make these videos obsolete.

  16. IT’S BEEN NERFED to death! GG WG only wg can do last minute dot com than
    anyone else 😉 spotting range oh dear ;(

  17. Here are Notser’s impressions of a ship we’ll never get to play because it
    bares little resemblance to what is live 15 hours after the video went up.
    GG WG.

  18. Iono Sama (IonoTheFanatic)

    ??? did Notser missed the memo on the German DD nerf?

  19. Isn’t the U in Akatsuki silent in Japanese?

  20. today 22dec16, now you see the clear weakness of this ship line 😀

    & now noster is apologizing for its weaknesses XD
    ohh the irony
    the nerf wasnt even that big deal compare to what it have

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