World of Warships – Z-52 12v12 Community Event

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Another game for the community event involved the , I didn’t do particularly well in this game but it had some funny moments. The Z-52 is a ship I’m still working on getting, I hope the game had some funny moments for you and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Z-52 Replay


  1. I think it would be hilarious to have a match where you kill your own team. you cant shoot the enemy until your teams gone.

  2. Destroyer of Hope

    Ayyyyyyyyyy! Notser!

  3. how do these community events happen?! @_@

  4. Hey guys can someone tell me how i get the water that crisp clear in the game? i play with everything HIGH and my watter is sort of flickering, it not looks like notsers water. thx guys

    i use Nvidia GTX 980

  5. General Cartman Lee

    Tell WG to put the Kitakami back into the client so you can make a Kitakami torps only match next time.

  6. ChessieSystem CSX

    Seems Jingles pulled a Notser

  7. I didn’t know there were 24 Z-52s in the world! =P

  8. How do you make those matches?

  9. boring camera work from the director

  10. Should have done Kiev secondaries only

  11. 12 v 12 Yubari….. secondarys only

  12. may i ask how can you set the game to show you whatever you over pin or hit like in 5:14

  13. Four minutes of sneaking behind enemy lines without a single shell fired, than losing 2/3 of your HP Pool within seconds. GG Notser

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