World of Warships-Z-52 Nose to the grindstone

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Puddin here with a game in the Z-52. I just plat play this like how i believe DDs should be played . We start by going to A the help defend B.

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  1. BIA World of Warships

    Hope everyone has a great and safe New Years Eve.

  2. Awesome video & channel thanks for the share GG Happy New Year

  3. I just got the Torpedo armament skill on my Z-46, yeah, 68.9s torpedoreload is great 🙂

  4. Happy New Year from Australia!! ??

  5. Have a fun New Year Puddin

  6. I am experimenting with BFT instead of faster torp reload. German torps don’t hit very hard so I’d rather get more output from guns which do hit hard.

  7. Quality replay as ever, Happy New Year from the UK

  8. Great game. Happy New Year. I’ve only had the 52 for a little while, but it is a fun ship.

  9. I heard the snek is a scrub and the Puddin Cups are past their expiration date. But what does a Bear who thinks the German DD line is a waste of time know? Happy New Year ya Filthy Animals.

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