World of Warships- Z-52 Review and Commentary

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TheSneakySnake here taking a look at the Z-52, the Tier X German Destroyer. This is a fine end to the German DD line and gives the player IMO the best cap contesting destroyer in the game. As always, we go over the stats, my captain skills, equipment and consumables, and then check out a great game.

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  1. Nice vid, I unlocked mine earlier this month when our clan merged with another one to get enough manpower for clan-battles and I ended up being our Z-52 player.

    First games I ran pretty much the same build as you did, before I swapped out the AA-Upgrade for the Targeting Mod and dropped PT+TAE for Radio Location. No carriers in CBs and between the amount of radar cruisers and hydro I don’t rely on torpedoes as much as I do in random.

    • Karnsteinchen my old clan tried to run z52 in clan wars, it just wasn’t as useful to us as gearing. That said, I have heard of more success with running z52 from other clans

    • Think that depends a lot on a) the quality of the players, b) how many DDs one runs and c) the general strategy. Our clan runs 1/4/2, with the DDs being either Z52+Shima or Z-52+Gearing. Main strategy is to split of one radar cruiser + either gearing or shima to contest a cap on the flank, while the Z-52 cap&contents for the main force. On a map like mountain ridge the DD+CA group would move to A or B (depending on whether we spawn north or south), while the Z-52 pushes behind an island into C and either caps or at least contests it.

      The benefit of that strategy is that the shima or gearing can block of the middle of the map (B cap on domination) with their long range torps, which the Z-52 can’t do. But with hydro mod slotted in and safely tugged behind an island inside a cap, it makes it a death trap for most other DDs or at least forces the enemy into a stalemate, because he needs to hug an island too.

      May not be the best strategy overall, but works for us due to the fact that we have a bunch of decent players for the shima and the only 2 T10 ships I have atm are Z-52 and Mino, which is too squishy for CWs in that radar meta. And quite a few of our Gearing owners are better /more useful on other ships they own (DM, Hindi, Moskva)…

      May chance with the next season, quite a few members who are eager to grind some of the T10 ships suited for CW, they hadn’t had much of an urge to get them asap before CWs started…

      I for myself plan to get the Hindi and both the Gearing and the new PA DD.

    • BIA World of Warships

      Thanks! and that’s interesting to hear, most of the clans we ran into using the Z-52 didn’t get much out of it.

    • Could be a meta thing, I play on EU. Our clan was founded less than a month ago, so we only managed to get up to first group of the gale league, due to a lack of time, training and were pretty much a fun clan with the majority being average player, so we didn’t exclude anyone. Even people who had less than 1k of games and “less than stellar” stats could participate, as long as they either had a T10 ship of their own or at least a fully equiped rental ship with a dedicated 10pt captain.

      EU meta on that level was quite a few rental ships, 1-2 DDs on most teams, tons of radar ship (esp. after the last patch that introduced the Moskva as a rental cruiser). Think we only played one game vs a team that had no DDs.

      So the amount of Z-52 I’ve seen may completely down to the fact that German players make up quite a big chunk of the EU player base and I expect that some simply grinded the Z-52 because it’s a German line. Haven’t cross-checked the stats on pages like maplesyrup, but I would guess that you see more Z52 on EU than on NA (and more US players having grinded the Gearing as their first DD).

      For the next season my plan is to try out a gun-boat PA DD build. Reason for that:

      Imho after gale or higher you meet a ton of clans that have access to Discord or TS, so one would expect that as long as they stick together alternating their hydros will reduce the initial impact of torps until people get isolated or jumped at close range.

      So the higher range on the Gearing torps doesn’t matter that much compared to the T10 PA DD. 13.5 is plenty for denying parts of the map or making them turn and thus get punished by showing broadside to the rest of the team.

      And with our strategy of not sending off one DD on its own, the lack of hydro isn’t that much of an issue and the lower profile and a maxed out reload time should make it a killer vs other DDs, esp. since it gets a small spotting advantage.

    • BIA World of Warships

      You know that makes sense. NA was filled, at least in the first month, with no DD builds but whenever they did use them it was pretty much Gearing. Khaba actually makes some sense with a full stealth build and AFT to shoot out as far as possible. As for your PADD idea, it certainly deserves testing. The range is perfectly fine on the torpedoes to keep away from Soviet radar. I do enjoy the low profile on the TX; I tried it on the test server and really enjoyed it.

  2. wow, your team throwing that lead…..I would have thrown a fit over that. GG. I’m half way through getting the z 46, super hyped

  3. Operational Tactics

    It isn’t a boat. It’s a ship 😉

  4. Nice game but it sucks so much to lose a game like this!!

  5. Yanno – LoYang Hydro was buffed to 5.68 Surface ship detection, and 3.98 Torpedo detection! Which makes me VERY GLAD I bought her! LoYang has been at the bottom of tier 8 DD player stats for ages, so WELCOME the VASTLY improved Hydro!

    Means not even a Z-52 will spot me for long before I spot him!

    • BIA World of Warships

      I’m well aware of this. However, she has way less HP even with SE and also had two less guns. A good Z-52 driver will have no issue disposing of one.

    • BIA World of Warships Well sure, Z-52 is a tier 10! I should HOPE it would have little trouble disposing of a tier 8 premium 1v1, otherwise, well, she would not be a good tier 10 ship!

      My point was more that if you are in a tier 8, or even 9 game with the LoYang, there is NOTHING short of radar, of course, that can out spot the LoYang in smoke.

      Overall, I would call the HP trade between LoYang and Kidd pretty fair. Obviously out in the open, Kidd would win hands down, but inside smoke? Well LoYang can FINALLY hold its own!

    • Love the video BTW! These long form reviews from skilled players are addictive to watch, good game dude!

    • Thanks! I’ll be sure to do more, I’ve been slacking on them in recent months

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