World of warships – Z-52

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A solid example of all the strengths of Z-52, how you can use your guns on close AND long range, use of smoke + hydro and ofc the torps.


  1. Great vid as always, your commentary always has something to crack me up. I really enjoy your taste in music, are you a musician?
    Das Bat

  2. Again it says video is not available. Have I been blocked or something?

    • Ofc not, but cause of music playing YT restricts it to PC and no mobile phones. What’s the logic behind that I don’t know .

  3. so fucking pure op shit!
    world of tools!

  4. Was curious about your opinon of the Z-52. I’ve seen a lot of players say it’s terrible. I’m currently at tier 5 with german DD’s. never used to like DD play style but think that was because I had captains with not enough skills so it put me off. now I’ve got some decent ones I’ve been playing DD’s again and love the play in them.

    • I’d like to hear arguments of those ppl who say Z-52 is a bad DD. There’s Gearing and there’s Z-52 when it comes to DDs….period.

    • Awesome I’ve liked the early tier Germna DD’s now I know to keep going with them. thanks man appreciate it 🙂

  5. I noticed you run RPF. What is your Captain build? I’ve been running PT, PM, AR, LS, SE, BFT, SI, CE. Also, do you run the AA or Aim mod and Rudder or Acceleration mod? I’ve logged about 50 games in the Z-52 and am getting the hang of it. I’m at that stage where I’m wondering about a different build…an RPF one would do nicely. I’m on the NA side so I don’t get to see much of your gameplay. Any advice would be appreciated!

  6. Z-52 close With Iowa
    “oh come on guys, fire them, Come on”
    “Oh im fuckin dead”
    Z-52 Without enemy Iowa
    “Oh is Fine, im good, im goood”

    Lol xDD <3

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