World of Warships – Z destroyer

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Z – 23 is tier 8 German DD and it’s not a bad DD. Most ppl think it’s crap but it’s not. It’s got good torps, okey-ish detection and really good hydro. Guns hurt but also reload very long and it has a lot of HP for a tier 8 DD. It’s not a DD I would be super hyped about but it’s also not a DD I would be worried about playing either. It’s solid.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Oh how I loved this ship, back when it was still not yet powercrept I had a 71% winrate on it. So much fun deleting cruisers that don’t understand the power of 150mm guns on a DD…

  2. Dimitar Kodzhabashev

    You don’t need radar flambass you can use your nose to locate them ??

    • I know this is a joke but jokes can really hurt sometimes. If people made fun of me for having a big nose I wouldn’t show my face for a long time. If you want him to keep using the face then I would stop making these jokes.

  3. When will we ever see another Hans video flambass, it’s been to long mate

  4. my favorite T8 DD

  5. Pls make a video with the new torp focused captain for us dds y want to see If they are better that way

  6. Airknightangel Rukh

    flambass can you play an akatsuki one more time?
    I really need an inspiration on that ship

  7. I wish 150 was an option across the board, especially with the paperships nice option, always felt that the balance seemed to work

  8. Top tier? Bottom tier? Between? We want SPESHUL!!!!!

  9. You don’t need the video window it blocks out information that’s important when something important happens. Your all gorgeous looking. Lol, but Flambass isn’t the game and how you execute it more important than a video window.

  10. The hydro on the z-23 along with the Lonyang was the bane of my existence in tier 8 CB, while playing the Benson,

  11. Working my way up the US line, hopefully will get Fletcher today. Watching some of your videos has taught me a lot. I don’t get near the damage you do, but I now survive to the end of the match almost half the time instead of dying in the first five minutes.

  12. Mehh, you’re playing a dd, and dis the Italian crusers, you apparently have not played against a good captain in one… those SAP rounds are dd busters. Though they suck in heavy BB matches…

  13. Flambass realizing top tier DD with no radar. Plotting instantly.

  14. the fay scam is real , don’t get caught by it .

  15. Got montecucolli after 23 crates.
    Played 2 battles and I’m done with that line.
    Shot constantly for 10 minutes with sap only 60k damage

  16. Man first time seeing your face. Its hard to watch this video on 2x with a webcam 🙁

  17. Tech News for Tech Noobs

    Your near-perfect encyclopedic knowledge of every ship and their capabilities never ceases to amaze me. 🙂

  18. LOL , “…while somehow the rest of the team gaind control of the half of the map”

  19. Its like the YouTube guys get to see all the ok games these days. What happen to good videos?

  20. I really like watching your videos. Ditch the web cam brah. Really. Not necessary. Your face is in the way.

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