World of Warships – Zao 0.6.4

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is the reward for grinding through the line, I take her out one Sunday when I went down the line. HE, good velocity, and a nimble ship all help to make her powerful. We’re on Trap where I try to just support the team and light some fires. Enemy CV wants me dead, so we get to maneuver to avoid torpedoes and bombs. Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Zao Replay


  1. BattleStarFreedom

    Lol you damn fire starter

  2. I like how that CV sent his planes all the way up the map when he had so many ships advancing on him in the south

  3. Why do people put concealment AND range on their ships? Surely one just defeats the purpose of the other

  4. Notser could you do a video on the Donskoi pls?

  5. Chris YoonJik Lee

    Zao OP approved

  6. anyone else getting sick of the music bug at 13:00 ?
    WTF did WG do to it?

  7. Zao AA is not bad. I mean, it has better DPS than a Kutuzov to the same ranges.

  8. everytime, i put AA buff on my CA, no enemy carrier, i put hydroacoustic, 2 enemy CVs

  9. Don’t forget Adrenalin Rush Notser, specially if you aggressive.

  10. atlanta plz i was buy it yesterday

  11. Trust me Notser… you will be a great voice actor

  12. 8:00
    “Torpedoes will never hit… if you never send them.”
    – Sun Notzu: The Art Of Warships

  13. Liecho - I want to sleep

    Noster can u plz do a 20km hindy video

  14. There is one thing i dont get.
    As a BB player it is communicated to me/you, that it is not recommended to put out a single fire. Okay, so i wait for 2-3 fires to burn and then take them out. Here comes the interesting part. What is the difference between putting out a single fire and getting lightened up again and putting out 2-3 fires and getting lightened up again?
    In both cases my damage control party is on cooldown. However, if i put out a single fire asap, my DCP is back sooner, than waiting for 2 – 3 fires to start.

  15. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Tried Zao in test server…95K on 1st match Currently in Aoba close to Myoko have Atago and Haguro Best CA line of all time

  16. “You can’t have this body” wtf Notser xD

  17. Zao’s AA is good enough for self-defense and I highly recommend this over hydro. Not like German one, the hydro is very average for fleet cover, and not like British in smoke you don’t need that much torps-alert. You even has vigilance skill (which is not that priority too), you don’t need to enhance torp defense that much. The 100mm AA gun is compatible dealing with at least T9 planes, and “cruiser’s AA consumable can benefit 25mm guns”, which Japanese cruisers has a lot. With AA range upgrade these 25mm+40mm guns can be more effective than you would thought for a Japanese cruiser. With AA activate the DBs will have a hard time hitting a narrow Japanese cruiser, and TBs wild spread is easy to dodge for quick-rudder-shift ships(Japanese cruiser again). These advice has solid data+experience support, hope you can consider that.

  18. HEY, I’m this battle!! Squigglesworth. Its my second Notser battle after almost a year! Woohooo, I’m a star! hahaha…ok maybe not.

  19. I guess the Zao’s torpedo tubes is shit eh? None fired the whole game…

  20. World of Warships - Captain Kittredge

    I pulled a Notser is now part of my vocabulary. lmao

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