World Of Warships ZAO – Fighting The Mighty YAMATO – World Of Warships Gameplay

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World Of Warship gameplay featuring the tier X Zao from the Imperial Japanese Navy. And goodness is she nice to play! Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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  1. Yamamoto

  2. Is Lora your girlfriend or a sinister or what? Sorry if it sounds mean.

  3. Please play the amagi for your next ship.

  4. those torps are useless in high tiers…

  5. How to turn on fps counter?

  6. OhmGaming RambRage

    The portion with visible torpedoes in between the actual launchers is just
    storage, and the “scout” is a catapult fighter meant to harass the
    bombers(although it does provide extra vision to a degree)

  7. Phly when the bismarck or the H – 44 come out ?

  8. St. lousie

  9. The Yamato

  10. Phly when he’s playing Japanese cruisers “torpedoes what are they” lol

  11. i love that sound when you sink a ship, it just makes the moment feel all
    the more epic

  12. I love the intro to your videos – so classy. :)

  13. Thiên Phú Hồ

    I can’t find info of this ship can you help me ?

  14. When the game came out I thought I was going to be a battleship guy but
    turns out I’m a cruiser guy!

  15. HONOR to The Yamato!!!!

  16. Play miyoko

  17. pls do the Wyoming

  18. phly omg that intro makes me cry every time i see it its soo AWESOME and
    hypes me up sooo much!!!!!!!!

  19. Yamato

  20. Phly , you should check what kind of damage HE and AP do on jap cruisers, i
    know on low tier some Jap cruiser do more HE shells do more damage than AP
    and thats without fire.

  21. Take out the eerie! Everyone knows it’s the best ship in the game.

  22. Phly I got all the time to watch videos

  23. 16:56
    Just wow phly XD

  24. Arabesque Tohchino

    Zao is za + o ざ + お
    Not ZAO
    P.S zao<---蔵王山

  25. christie mattingly

    pensacola plzz

  26. +PhlyDaily that’s actually a fighter seaplane not a scout plane.

  27. It’s fuckin’ weird that I can find these machines built for death and
    destruction so goddamn beautiful looking! Warspite, Iwoa and the Mogami are
    just awesome!

    • +Joe McKercher haha i don’t see it as weird. They all hold beauty to them.
      Much like swords, guns and so forth. There is a certain beauty in all
      things. Even things designed to kill, and even in death itself. =)

  28. +PhlyDaily – Is it easier to get Citadel-hits from long range shots? Yes –
    I’m a noob… :P

  29. Thank you, good video!

    If possible can you try and do some games with either Des Moines or Zao
    where you actually battle the other one in game? Could be some interesting

  30. Zao is the heaviest armored cruiser in the game, you need to keep a much
    sharper angle when engaging, turning only enough to get your rear turrets
    on target maximum, and you’ll regularly bounce every BB in the game. That
    citadel was due to how much side you were showing in that whole engagement.

  31. Do they have the Missouri in the game?

  32. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    “I make myself sandwiches…” -PhlyDaily 

  33. Scout range doesn’t increase on cruisers because you’re using a float
    fighter, not a scout. U noob.

  34. What ability is that on the T key? (between Scout and Damage Control).

  35. i think they should have pt boats in here, how fun would that be?

  36. Nguyen minh thang

    you thought Zao has 3 torp launcher but turn out that 3rd ( the one in
    middle) actually torp loading hangar when the ship docking at port for

  37. What is the ship in phlys intro?

  38. HAL Ninethousand

    phly it’s YAM-OT-O

  39. Phly: Hey bb
    Lora: STFU
    Phly: Make me a sandwich.


  40. How do you get the names and type of ship to display like that..

  41. I hate health bars, RN Jesus fucking with me all the time probably because
    I’m an atheist, you must use gold to get fucking XP from a Pream ship, the
    fucking secondary battery’s of your ship have a 5km fucking range at most
    and at that they act like a shotgun AI fires your 10 guns oh sorry only 1
    hit the other 9 landed 2km away from that American DD doing a torpedo run,
    and sorry we can’t get that Japanese DD because he has a 10km trop range


    • Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

      It seems to be difficult for Gaijin, as taking out a ship is not as easy as
      a plane or tank in WarThunder, really interested job how they are going to
      make naval forces work.

  42. “…. a little high for citadels, but fuck me…” lol, from the end of the
    first match :)

  43. learn to angle ur ship

  44. Phly, you and Baron suck with Japanese pronunciations. XD

  45. Its a bit of a letdown for the scout plane not to be directed by the player.
    Also I wish the AA would be a bit more impressive/ extreme (more realistic

  46. I loved fighting the yamato in battlestations Pacific

  47. Phly, having a longer trail would have an impact on tactical gameplay and
    would only run on higher end systems.
    Just think of WarThunder.

  48. Subtitles: Herbert going to drastic action xP

  49. crazycakemanflies

    +PhlyDaily just thought I’d let you know, but the Type 98 was the most
    common Japanese anti-aircraft 20mm gun of ww2.

    So it’s not that strange that it’d be on the Zoa ahaha

    Keep up the vids m8, loving it!

  50. Did someone say iowa cause i heard yamato

  51. Bofors is a Swedish weapons manufacturer, but they were bought up by a
    american company which made them produce (and they still do) weapons for
    the US millitary. They are also VERY big on the weapons trade market and
    supply many countries with weapons, for example tje Carl-Gustav rocket
    launcher (or at8 as it’s also called sometimes). 

  52. I want to see some Yamato with some Jet Noise Beer!!! another boats and
    beers video Please.

  53. noob ? How do u use the top view to fire arty using the scout plane? Love
    ur videos mate! keep it coming!!

  54. They should increase the effectiveness of anti air on all ships 

  55. Phily when i first watch you i watch 8 hours of your vidoes in the first
    day ^-^

  56. What do u use to chat on world of warships when ur in a div


  58. I can watch all day Phly!!!!! i love your videos

  59. Shimakaze!

  60. That isn’t a scout plane, that is actually a fighter that attacks other
    planes and sets bombers into “panic mode”.

  61. Montana or Yamato pls

  62. How About the Montana next?

  63. nice… and re CV’s *good* CV drivers on your side… priceless lol

  64. In this video. Phly rages about RNG like hes never been subject to it


  66. Phly, did wargaming give you all these ships?

  67. Giovanni Mondello

    very nice phly! 🙂 thx for that vid…greetz from germany^^

  68. Furutaka class

  69. Phly, aa is still causing dmg even when you dont see them shooting, as soon
    as they get in range they are taking dmg, it just takes a second for your
    aa to get their hp low enough to start killing them and thats when they
    have already done their stuff and are flying away as they have been their
    long enough to take enough damage.

  70. Tristen Toulouse

    Pensacola please

  71. Play with the yamato pls

  72. Phyl if u put a 1 hour vid of WOW bro do it

  73. Caveman Rizznikozz

    Do the Amagi (not agami) 

  74. N1K = Shiden
    J7W = Shinden

  75. Caveman Rizznikozz

    And its HA-KU–REE-U not hakuru or hakeeryu

  76. Some stealth torping by high tier US DDs – Fletcher or Gearing!

  77. Caveman Rizznikozz

    Shimakazeeeee or minekaze

  78. Phly thank you so much 🙂 i rlly like u channel and i was verry happy when
    i saw my name whit: ZAO!!!!. Thx rlly i love u channel :)

  79. Good fucking game Phly

  80. Coulter Pfeiffer

    For those that don’t know the ship in the intro is the Bismarck

  81. That second game was epic. Awesome teamwork! :)

  82. AMAGI next :)

  83. could watched this for hours

  84. m60 and b57b

  85. Love the intro

  86. Hot Spanish Girl


  87. Its normaly teak you put on shipdecks, and please take out the Aoba.

  88. Jonathan vallée

    I want to see yamato pls phly!

  89. Amagi plz!

  90. Y A M A T O ! ! !

  91. Fletcher class DD please show some american torpedus power

  92. Morten Andre Bergheim


  93. SilentScream1337


  94. Toothbrush Shank

    longer episodes:D we have time for your WoW videos heh

  95. Would’ve gladly kept watching if the video was longer phly.

  96. ummm isn’t the scout only good to make your gun range higher?

  97. Phly thats not a scout, its a single fighter plane you use to ward off
    torpedo and dive bombers. slow them down and make their spread larger so
    your AA can do work.

  98. +PhlyDaily
    I think the middle of those three sets per side is not a launcher but an
    open air magazine. I could be mistaken but it appeared like the fore and
    aft slots were launchers but the middle slot was just torpedoes sitting on
    racks. Love the channel!

  99. I just love that damn intro <3

  100. Maximilian Meier

    Gearing or fletcher plzzzzz :DDD

  101. Bofors is a swedish company that did and still do cannons and other
    weapons, they exported lots of guns during ww2 both to the allies and axis.
    If you didn’t know.

  102. anything remotely hollow will float.

  103. Hey Phly, I think the middle area in the back when your trying to figure
    out which are torp launchers, I think the middle area between the most
    front and most back launchers is the torpedo storage area.

  104. Phly I’m not sure if you have noticed but the cruisers get catapult
    launched fighters not scouts like the BBs. That is why your viewing angle
    doesn’t change when using it.

  105. Toothbrush Shank


  106. yamato for the win!!! 97000 hp!!!!!

  107. @phly, the middle opening is the reload mechanism mate. torpedoes are
    brought up from under, and slid into the launchers.

  108. whats the intro from?

  109. Phly sail out the Yamato for Japan :)

  110. Phly you probably already know this but only battleships have scout planes
    and cruisers have fighters 

  111. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    203mm guns? My tablet is bigger than that. xD

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Coulter Pfeiffer Careful love, you’re in “spout random history” mode. 😛

    • Coulter Pfeiffer

      Well the ship he is taking out is a cruiser and in Japan cruisers generally
      sported 6″ to 8″ guns. Cruisers were generally used as escorts for
      battleships or torpedo ships in Japan so would not tend to have guns very
      large because the cruisers it would be battling has thin armor. They
      wouldn’t fight battleships unless they HAD to.

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +Mathias Højbjerg My tablet is 8.4″ in diameter, or roughly 214.3mm.

    • Mathias Højbjerg

      +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man 203 mm is the diameter of
      the cannon. not the length

    • that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

      +bjorn wisman Thanks. 😀

  112. We got loooooots of timo phly !!!!

  113. So many vids in one day

  114. phly how do you get the ship models at the top right and left, the list of

  115. Cleveland

  116. dariusz “daro” gala

    will they add submarines to the game?

    • +dariusz gala they have said they wont and it would kinda ruin the game if
      they did

    • +dariusz gala Unlikely, but if they are going to it, then it would be
      limited to PvE event modes only.

    • As of now, WarGaming says no. And I personally hope they don’t. I use to
      play NavyField and sub just took the fun out of the game ..

  117. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    need info, since beta is open does that mean when it goes alpha the games
    and the progress made on beta will be saved and transferred to alpha? thank

  118. st Louis lol=)

  119. Red and Blue GLADITORIAL ARENA!!!

    do the New York next plz

  120. The part where all of your team’s ships were gathered and all the AA was
    going on at once was so cool!

  121. christopher tucker

    best intro for world of warships vid still love watching it!


  123. SHIMAKaZE

  124. Phly do you have a streaming schedule? Just wondering 

  125. Play an Aircraft Carrier

  126. Your intro has to be one of the best on Youtube!

  127. Hahaha who’s laughing Zao, now I HAVE gotten the Zao!

    Come at me you mongoweeanz!

  128. What about the midway carrier with the jet fighters?

  129. She sure is a pretty ship

  130. Stephen Shaw (Undeadmac)

    damit should have save this vid for tomorrow for when I’m at work..screw
    gonna watch it twice.

  131. Under 301 club

  132. Shimakaze

  133. Shimakaze

  134. Shimakaze

  135. Justnyan Andsmile


  136. Hello +PhlyDaily i have a question.
    In your Intro is the ship the Bismarck ?

    PS: Sry for that Bad english Gramma im from Germany

    • +Björn Schmidt hey im from germany too

    • +PhlyDaily i didn’t see your “shared to google plus” comment where i could
      talk without bothering the ship vote, so imma tell you here: there are
      three torpedo holes on each side, but the middle one is not a launcher,
      it’s the torpedo storage, where they put the torpedoes in and what you see
      are racks of torpedoes… yes, open, even in battle, but luckily enemies
      don’t shoot their 20, 40 etc mm guns in there

    • yeah i was about to ask the same 😀

    • +PhlyDaily yeah the Bismarck

    • She lives!!

  137. that intro is soooooooooo gooooooooood <3


  139. New mexico!!


  141. Fourth!

  142. RunningFrom Kony

    Love you Phly <3 (No homo)

  143. Third

  144. Third :D

  145. Hi phly!!!!!!!!!; you are my favorite you tuber!!!

    • +PhlyDaily Play…

      DEEZ MOINES!!!! HA!!!! GAT IM!!! HA!!!! GAT IM!!!

    • +PhlyDaily Hey Phly, not sure if you are aware about this, as I didn’t find
      it until recently. If you click on the ability slots while in port, you
      have the option to change it to premium which has a shorter cooldown than
      normal. You can have it use credits or gold to resupply. For cruisers, you
      can also change the sonar back to the AA enhancement. That will give you
      back the famous cruiser AA. It is really awesome having that up and your AA

    • +Wyatt Wilson WOOT!

  146. *VOTE ON NEXT SHIP* I at the minion movie right now lol

  147. Second

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