World Of Warships ZAO – Fighting The Mighty YAMATO – World Of Warships Gameplay

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World Of Warship gameplay featuring the tier X Zao from the Imperial Japanese Navy. And goodness is she nice to play! Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

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  1. +Joe McKercher haha i don’t see it as weird. They all hold beauty to them.
    Much like swords, guns and so forth. There is a certain beauty in all
    things. Even things designed to kill, and even in death itself. =)

  2. +Mike P All you have to do is go into settings – controls – then click the
    option that says “Alternative Battle Interface Mode” – you don’t have to
    hold Alt anymore.

  3. +Mike P Hold alt

  4. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    It seems to be difficult for Gaijin, as taking out a ship is not as easy as
    a plane or tank in WarThunder, really interested job how they are going to
    make naval forces work.

  5. +Samuraiedge2 Right then. The more you know.

  6. +TheGerudan Also pretty sure it’s not an N1K.

  7. +PhlyCast No prob

  8. +Lewis Lewis thanks BO!

  9. Those are battleship scouts. Cruisers planes shoot down incoming enemy

  10. Scouts also spot enemy ships at a certain range.

  11. +Baarhyn mindblown

  12. +Cirkelz I’m pretty sure that one’s a fighter

  13. The cruisers switch out the fighter for a scout somewhere down the line.

  14. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    +Coulter Pfeiffer Careful love, you’re in “spout random history” mode. 😛

  15. Coulter Pfeiffer

    Well the ship he is taking out is a cruiser and in Japan cruisers generally
    sported 6″ to 8″ guns. Cruisers were generally used as escorts for
    battleships or torpedo ships in Japan so would not tend to have guns very
    large because the cruisers it would be battling has thin armor. They
    wouldn’t fight battleships unless they HAD to.

  16. Mathias Højbjerg

    +that tea drinking top hat tipping British man 203 mm is the diameter of
    the cannon. not the length

  17. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    +bjorn wisman Thanks. 😀

  18. +dariusz gala they have said they wont and it would kinda ruin the game if
    they did

  19. +dariusz gala Unlikely, but if they are going to it, then it would be
    limited to PvE event modes only.

  20. As of now, WarGaming says no. And I personally hope they don’t. I use to
    play NavyField and sub just took the fun out of the game ..

  21. +BandNerdcp didn’t you hear? They were staging a BSG reenactment.

  22. +TheYamato101 Says the gentleman who’s judging equals zero to ten xD

  23. +Josh Friedman 10/10 judging of my judging.

  24. +TheYamato101 0/10 judging

  25. 0/10 pun

  26. +PhlyDaily i didn’t see your “shared to google plus” comment where i could
    talk without bothering the ship vote, so imma tell you here: there are
    three torpedo holes on each side, but the middle one is not a launcher,
    it’s the torpedo storage, where they put the torpedoes in and what you see
    are racks of torpedoes… yes, open, even in battle, but luckily enemies
    don’t shoot their 20, 40 etc mm guns in there

  27. yeah i was about to ask the same 😀

  28. +PhlyDaily yeah the Bismarck

  29. She lives!!

  30. +RunningFrom Kony love me 2!

  31. +PhlyDaily Play…

    DEEZ MOINES!!!! HA!!!! GAT IM!!! HA!!!! GAT IM!!!

  32. +PhlyDaily Hey Phly, not sure if you are aware about this, as I didn’t find
    it until recently. If you click on the ability slots while in port, you
    have the option to change it to premium which has a shorter cooldown than
    normal. You can have it use credits or gold to resupply. For cruisers, you
    can also change the sonar back to the AA enhancement. That will give you
    back the famous cruiser AA. It is really awesome having that up and your AA

  33. +Wyatt Wilson WOOT!

  34. +PhlyDaily Lexington or the Warspite

  35. +PhlyDaily Colorado.

  36. BattleStarFreedom


  37. +PhlyDaily Yamato!!!

  38. +wladimir lillo ikr lel

  39. +Wyatt Wilson you was the first

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