World of Warships – Zao Fun Destroyer Moment

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on Hotspot moves to assault the enemy team, I try to use the ship to the best of my ability. The game develops into a funny moment that I wanted to share. A enemy becomes very difficult to kill for my teammates. Enjoy the view and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X Zao Replay


  1. Make a World of Warships mod that replaces the engine sounds with your cat purring!

  2. “The kutuzov is going to be weaker”
    Oh how wrong we all were.

  3. 5 cap on Hotspot, how the….

  4. More like 4 torpedoes avoided the AFK destoyer

  5. lmao the fort stole your kill. Savage.

    When cat video, Notser? 🙂

  6. How can someone who plays the Minotaur like that get to tier 10?

  7. 4:17 subtitles: but it did with it… *lemon*

  8. Lol it is so funny to watch notser laugh

  9. I just cannot seem to win consistently with this ship. I avg 55 – 56% overall and my Ibuki ended up being high 60 low 70, but my Zao is like 46%. Any tips from anyone? I figured they would play pretty similar, but all my best games are losses and my wins tend to be me missing out either dying early or too far from the action.

  10. 30k hyyyyyyyyyype !

  11. wich cruiser of the japs was the one who could mount 152mm and 203mm calibers?

  12. Вадим Анохин

    Really immortal destroyer))) It’s just a great skill so shy away from torpedoes.)))

  13. Destroyer Inazuma

    GG! one of the best CR in the game, though the path to the king is paved with some tough grinding (I’m at the Furutaka atm)

  14. oh wow is that 400k+ cmd exp ? holycow notser 😀

  15. TheCompulsiveWinner

    This ship is gonna be trash if they take away stealth fire from it. But I guess that’s what the BBabies want, even though cruisers are underpowered already.

  16. You mentioned that you have a ncie XLR microphone and etcetera; did you ever get the buzzing figured out? FYI, sometimes the only solution for that is to make sure all devices are running on the same circuit from the power supply. As in, the PC, the powered mixer both need to be plugged to the same wall socket, or whichever sockets are powered from that breaker.

  17. After all the shameless violence pulled by Notser against innocent islands, Bastion meant the islands could wreak some revenge.

  18. your commander got 416k exp from that game!? damn i want the camo your using haha 🙂

  19. oh wow a hostile Notser, never wouldda thunk it…hope ya get to feel better dude!

  20. Torpedo beats indeed.

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