World of Warships – Zao Hunter

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Zao on Shatter spawns in the eastern side of the map, we move to support some destroyers head for B. Unfortunately they run into death itself in the form of the Khabarovsk. We engage as we move west to support a assault on A. Once A is secured we head for B try to take on enemy ships. The enemy is persistent and the remains pretty close the entire match. Hope you enjoy the game have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Zao Replay


  1. Zao torpedoes are insanely good though! I personally would give up 2km
    range for about 3.5k extra damage and 14 knots torpedo speed, with IIRC the
    same detection range as the 10km type 90 torpedoes used on the Myoko to the
    Ibuki as well as the Atago.

  2. あんこうき

    what means is sit down?

  3. SENJO

  4. I remember watching one of your yorck videos and you were saying how hyrdo
    was such a shitty skill xD

  5. Lol yamato be like *peek a booo* then miss everything hahaha silly yamato,
    knows how to scare us.

  6. Outwardpanicjoe

    +Notser I feel like anytime you One shot someone you need to say”you just
    got notsered” lol

  7. Notser! ;D

  8. Vanessa Palmer (Vanessaira)


  9. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    love jp cruisers, thx notser!

  10. 232,000Dmg in Fuso last night and we lost :(

  11. Sweet jap dd killer. Keep them coming.

  12. i love this ship Zao. I won 6 games in a row with this bad girl. The fires
    are insane with fire flags and demo expert burning Iowa and Montana. the
    fast firing 12 total guns slaughter destroyers and cruisers. i torpedoed a
    fletcher at 4km. and i lived to win by using superintendant Healing. just
    an incredible ship.

  13. That was a great game. Everyone was playing to their strength and know what
    they are doing. Haven’t seen a match like that in awhile.

  14. Notser and his love for tashkent again

  15. I thought the Moskva had the best fire chance

  16. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    yet another Woots moment

  17. FaithfulScrubHD

    I don’t get why this ship has a low detection range when it has the super
    tall mast

  18. In the fight with the Roon you had about a 1k heath advantage at the start
    of the 1v1

  19. Its my favorite ship =) …. (sorry Benson and Farragut) :P

  20. good match notser

  21. b..but..only 2 citadels!?


  22. you are amazing … i would be honored to go on a division with you

  23. the thing is, judging from the video title, i was expecting u to kill a lot
    of zaos, why didnt u do that?

  24. Man, I want the Zao, but I’m really hating the Mogami. Suuuuch a slog with
    its nerfed 155s. If only it could have reasonable turret traverse back, it
    would be bearable to play.

  25. yes at last

  26. Akira Sundqvist

    Should I use demolition expert or advanced fireing training on my Atlanta?

  27. thank you notser for the video
    keep on the good work my friend ;)

  28. long time no see aggressive play style on Zao after the nerf from RoF, HP
    and amour.

  29. Doink… is that a technical term? hahaha

  30. BT-7 Made from 5% Stalinium

    do a video with Mogami or Hatsuharu next please

  31. Scout ribbons! Yay! hopefully they’re loaded with XP like the capping
    ribbons are XD nice game tho

  32. hey notser. if i sendt you a freind inv on wows. will you take . or will
    you not take it. love your videos. keep up the good work

  33. Suddenly it showed me unsubbed?

    Notser, don’t leave me! I can change, I promise! D’:

  34. Oh MY! Very smart play!

  35. that moment when a close range yamato turns it’s 18s on you

  36. Should have pulled an Notser there at B.. ;)

  37. Tomáš Mráček

    Nice game! Zao is the best;-) HE allow you do damage in every position of
    the target but AP are strong also against broaside targets. I remember I
    was hit Iowa at point blank range by only front turrets for 4 citadels:-)

  38. how to avoid torps? just run out off time :)))

  39. I knew you would post this game lol. My wife (blackbirdkat) and I
    (wes101abn) are in it in Kutuzovs. I made a fool out of myself with that NC
    pushing into B. Always how it seems to go when I end up in a Youtuber’s
    replay. She was trying like crazy to kill that Zao at the end there with
    you, but couldn’t quite finish him off. Glad the timer stopped when it did,
    she was about to eat a Zao torp for sure!

  40. Good video. Only problem I have is you left your Yamato hanging at B. You
    had Yamato,Zoa, and DD vs a Yamato and Zoa on the enemy. This is why BBs
    don’t push, you had more then half HP and still left him.

  41. Sergio Seminario

    I do not understand how WG thinks that the much larger Zao is harder to
    spot than the smaller Des Moines…

  42. Zao is too overpowerd! Des Moins has no chance against this “beast” !!

  43. very well played

  44. always nice videos to train more nasty nasty notser in wows :D

  45. I got fired today, came home couple hours ago and my roomate and his friend
    just bashed me and it’s 11:36pm and I can’t sleep but there’s a Notser
    video so things are starting to turn around

  46. Cornichon Privé

    Notser, I love you brah but you have got to work on your video titles. Not
    a huge problem but it’s worth while.

  47. your ship is just too FAT to spot that easy :D. I think you should go for a
    ship diet :D

  48. came out of school and what do i find A NOTSER VIDEO


  49. Great strategy against that Roon! I think most fights ends in both ships
    charging towards one another where no one is willing to show broadside,
    which then end in mutual destruction via torps.
    Though I bet this wouldn’t work against a Hindenburg~

  50. cmon notser..need more videos from u

  51. I detonated a fletcher with nagato secondaries yesterday 😀 i
    saw”devastating strike, close quarters expert” pop up and i was like wtf?

  52. yayyy a zao video, keep up the great work. Been here since 4k and i aint
    leaving anytime soon, love your content!

  53. Hi Notser

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