World of Warships – Zao is back in style

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Someone in chat asked me a Zao game.
I actually didn’t feel like playing it, I was postponing the Zao even before that a while, so I just decided, SCREW IT let’s drop 1 Zao match and BOY OH BOY !!!
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Keep it going Flambass! Let the Captain of Croatia ?? shine like a star! Try that one on for size!

  2. TY for spending the time doing this Flambass. I enjoy your vids.

  3. So.. You said you are not played zao in a long time, yet you have the legendary module ? when did you unlock it then ?

  4. Crap I was on the crapper and am late.

  5. Scored a citadel using the minimap marker the other day #noadvantage.

  6. 9:55 Minimap is OP, please nerf.

  7. Last zao game i did 281k damage using rpf and bad weather .
    Rushing bbs had no chance

  8. You mentioned Bourgogne….Do you know what resources we’ll have to trade in for it? I have sufficient coal but I’m trailing on steel. But, as you said, I’ll save everything until that beauty will come around

  9. 2:45

    No…fighters do not give additional range (scout planes do).

  10. Very satisfying Zao game??

  11. You were lucky that enemy team haven’t had any Richelieus.

  12. @Flambass X-marks the spot on mini map give advantage? Why? Everyone has the “same X marks the spot” on the map right? So it gives you more ability yes, but it also gives everyone else the same ability… the advantage you find yourself in while in the storm is thanks to your positioning… I’m struggling to comprehend how the situation is any different from parking behind an island and shooting what your team spots, except you are less effective because you suffer a dispersion nerf. So really what you’re saying is storm OP plz nerf…?

    • What he is saying is before this you couldn’t pull those shots consistently, now you can and wargaming still says it does not give advantage. Radar is an advantage of-course both teams can use it but it does something which was not possible before.

  13. Sooo… Cyclone cloaks the ships further than 8k, but tracers and impacts are still visible all the way..? I am not sure it’s supposed to work like this XD

  14. Harugumo game please?

  15. how do you set ,ships in setting for there language in Preferences?

  16. Zao the best DD!!

  17. what is that heart in the corner?

  18. #flambass shouldn’t you have Stalingrad from clan wars?
    Lol flamby that’s the fighter plane not scout plane
    I hate richelue rng to much to get the Jean Bart. Constantly get 2 hit dispersions
    Japanese torps are a bit much health for anything other than bbs

  19. Why don’t you use a spotter plane on your zao flambass?

  20. 500mg its me (?

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