World of Warships- Zao Is Getting Buffed And Submarines Are Getting Nerfed

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Hey guys! Today we go over the recent DevBlogs concerning balancing changes and some big changes to subs, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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  1. As someone who works with model planes and model engines, small changes are much better for troubleshooting issues, rather than many big changes causing you to wonder exactly why you crashed it…

  2. Максим Шишлов

    Yeah, 2k HP at the first blush looks not so much, but it’s actually a 5% buff to survivability

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      that is where the % myth are , yes its 5% but 5% on some base value that is grossly under , it still turn out to be under … and not to mention its not just the HP that Zao’s suffering .. the armor, the range, the AP, when they are matched against the like of Petro, PR, Stalingrad, ….

    • @Mech Franka T. Lieu The turning circle compared to Venezia

    • @Mech Franka T. Lieu it’s the same thing they did to Thunderer. Doing small changes over and over till you reach a good balancing point. Better than making it OP, than overnerffing, and then making it OP again like they did to subs on testing.

    • since it has a low HP to begin with…5% means very little

    • The planned 2k buff is still junk. The average hp of T10 heavy cruisers minus Zao is just over 53.4k.

  3. Not a buff I was expecting for Zao… the long range sniping meta is hurting her pretty bad.. she needs range.. 2000 health points? Cmon.. even newly added golden leeuw has better basic firing range.. ship that is tanky as hell that can hide behind an island and drop planes.. she was initially designed to be that long range stealthy BB pest..give her that role back !

    • Agreed. I believe Salem is second to last for the heavy cruiser HP tier list. Coming in at 49700…
      The Minotaur is a LIGHT cruiser and it has 43300hp for goodness sake!

      I’m holding out on re-installing for now thanks…

  4. I’m still holding out hope that Roma will get her dispersion buffed.

  5. All nerfs to submarines TOTALLY welcome. They’re clearly ruining the game for everyone else as they are now.

    • No, just for anyone who sucks at the game. Or dont want to adapt their playstyle.

    • @Fnn Svnssn yeah.. subs will be a horrible back to port nuisance, but not much more than that. I am more worried it will be another reason for players to be scared all backwards waiting till they are the last to be killed on their team moping their team was so bad being killed while unsupported.
      Dead Eye had it’s problems, but it broke the game because it enabled even poorer game play to be executed.
      Subs are not invincible, and can be neutralized by some proper teamplay. However, I am not optimistic if such levels of counterplay can be achieved regularly in Random battle’s.

    • @Tuning3434 Not even teamplay. Subs can do nothing against an opponent whos properly kiting. Show broadside to bait the torps there, as soon as you see them turn straight again. Works even in BB, tested it in Izmail vs U-69 and Salmon and in Vladi vs U-2501. Not a problem the subs are way to slow to get a better position.

    • @Go away Nah, thats CVs job.

    • I would argue that toxic players are ruining the game for everyone else.

  6. @11:29 “Doubles the damage if they hit the torpedo protection belt”
    Means that sub torpedoes effectively nullify torpedo protection on battleships.
    Way to go on improving the game.😂

  7. But Zao used to have about 44800 hp and the 4000hp was nerfed for its stealth firing capability. Now stealth firing is long gone and the didn’t even give it the whole 4000hp back? Its clearly wargambling trolling the community.

    • Even with the “buff” it still has a lower HP pool than the fricken Minotaur (43300). A LIGHT cruiser for goodness sake!

  8. What a teppid “buff” to the Zoa, it needed a proper buff to make it competitive in 2021. While I accept big sweeping changes often make issues worse, in the case of Zoa, it’s very disappointing.

    • While I agree this is a miniscule change I’d rather have it this way than massive buffs/nerfs. If it takes them 6 months to slowly edge the Zao into a playable space I’d prefer that to them massively overbuffing the Zao one week and nerfing it into oblivion the next. Small changes are easier and better to work with.

      Edit: if you’d actually watched the video he says this exact point at around 3:10

    • @Art Lailey I did watch the video, and while I agree (as I stated in my first comment) with the broad point, I stand by my comment, the Zoa “buff” is teppid at best. It would not have been too much to make a few small buffs, or even 1 bigger change. Either of those would not have made the Zoa OP in the current meta…

    • Yeah, 2k hp or 8sec reload? The 2k is nothing the latter would make it competitive again. Even 10 sec reload

    • Zao “buff”? Please… Its a bluff at best

      I believe Salem is second to last for the heavy cruiser HP tier list. Coming in at 49700…
      The Minotaur is a LIGHT cruiser and it has 43300hp for goodness sake!

      Like, I get small incremental changes, but maybe a touch of range or a smidge off the reload time along with a 2000hp increase… Maybe THEN this could be called a buff.

      I’m holding out on re-installing for now thanks…

  9. as predicted subs are just going to float up and down from really good to really useless, WG really have no idea what to do with this game anymore

  10. The torps rework is the best one out there for the subs…the sub torps in the current matter are cancerous as hell especially if you are being constantly being pingged by subs when your damage cons are used only to see another set of torps coming again to smack you cause subs have a ridiculously high rate of fire for torps sitting at a base of 60-40sec i believe

  11. Reducing speed when the subs are under water needs to be addressed also!

  12. Zao need reduce time reload Main battery and turn turret. Delny needs more range (like Tashkent).

  13. Small incremental changes is indeed the right approach, except in cases like this when a class is downright broken.

  14. As zao player, plays for years its difficult to call this as buff

  15. Subs then could not open torpedo doors when deeper than periscope depth due to water pressure. Homing torps came at the end and very very few were produced and even fewer used. Active sonar detected subs at all depths. However without sonar they were more sneakier than they are in the game. They should take subs back to the drawing board.

  16. The only nerf the subs need is removal from the game. They are complete BS and do no belong in the game!

  17. I literally stopped playing this game for those whole two weeks and it was the happiest weeks I’ve had in forever. Until they remove subs I don’t wanna come back

  18. Артём Шепелев

    Color me surprised, actually good job WG. It would be even better if they abandoned the idea of subs in random battles completely, but even now they look considerably less unfair to deal with

  19. These submarine changes are very welcome, they still retain the core essence of gameplay while preventing submarines from absolutely nuking any ship they ping. That being said, 1 change that I think would be really healthy for the game is to further limit the number of DD’s/Subs in the game. Right now you can have as many 4 DD’s AND 2 Subs; 6 ships that most of the cruisers and battleships will NEVER see. This in my opinion is what kills pushing in World of Warships, not just subs. My change would be to keep the hard cap of 2 subs per game, but to make it so that subs replace DD’s on the final roster. This would make it so that at the most there would only be 4 stealth torpedo boats. Either 3 or more DD’s, or 2 DD’s and 2 subs. This would GREATLY encourage pushing as there are fewer stealth torpedo threats to worry about.

  20. *Torpedoes always deal citadel damage when hitting ship middle section, regardless if they are normal, air or submarine torpedo.
    With is why while you get less damage when torpedo hit torpedo protection compared to bow/stern, but you can’t really heal much of that damage (bow/stern hits are counted as normal hits)

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