World of Warships: Zao is so GOOD! Ranked Battle Gameplay

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We had been using Yamato in ranked battles this season but we finished our legendary module and its time to pick a new ship to work on. We picked Zao and this thing really shines! Such a good ship!

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  1. Zao ia awesome! Love this ship, no matter what game mode! 😎

  2. I should’ve bought Des Moines space camo smh.

  3. I’m getting sick with the camera work. Good replay though.

  4. some player really hated play zao i dont know why

  5. What module on 6th slot u use

  6. ggwp. i love this ship. i love that you can be in a fight with a cruiser, disengage to stealth, and the enemy will be like “oh cool. he must have completely disappeared. no danger in presenting my side to where you were 5 seconds ago.” then, blap! easy 20k, 4 cit salvo. While the ship is already the queen of kiting, the legendary mod gives improved rudder shift to make kiting even more effective. Truly and amazing ship!

  7. omg! say “basically” some more! you only said it 47 times.

  8. I have the legendary module on my Zao. Makes the Zao so accurate it almost seems unfair.

  9. What did they end up doing to the usn dd line? I quit playing right after stealth firing was removed from the game

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