World of Warships – Zao Premium Camo

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on Warrior’s Path moves to support the team as we assault C point. The enemy team takes A point and both teams worth their way toward the center of the map. I fire on any enemy in my sight as I move to support the teams push into B. Both teams are back and forth until the very end. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Zao Replay


  1. try to play the 155mm Mogami, might as well poke your eyes out with that
    range and turret rotation spped…. since the AFT nerf that took out that
    caliber range extension the 155s are really hard to play

  2. Zao is the most powerful cruiser at T10 (And possibly the entire game) bar
    none, even her most obvious weakenss which is the AA is enough to keep her
    protected, it’s not an AA no zone like a Des Moines is and to a lesser
    extent the hindenburg but she can significantly reduce the punch of
    incoming attacks, the cruiser that dethrones the Zao has yet to be
    introduced. Although tier for tier i think Atago is the most powerful
    cruiser in game.

  3. Other than torpedoes, how is the Zao better than the Des moines?

  4. UnexpectedInquisition

    Bad move by your team. C is a bad place to go at start. You cant easily
    push to B from C and its easy for the other team to bottle you in.

  5. Edinburgh is basically fiji with the minotaur heal

  6. Currently on the ibuki, too bad I don’t have time to grind to the zao but I
    will slowly make my way there. One day one day. And I still think senjo
    sounds way better that zao

  7. Des moines or Zao?

  8. No cheating on Mogami lol

  9. What a sexy little boat

  10. Zao AA may be the worst of the tier 10 cruisers, but it is still really
    quite capable and certainly no slouch! at 3.2km = 103 DPS, at 3.5km = 99
    DPS, and at 5km = 124 DPS, for a total of 326 STOCK DPS at 3.2+ km – which
    is nice, no 20mm AA with just 2km range either!

    It won’t murder planes before they can even get close to you like the
    Minotaur or Des Moines will, but it certainly can do VERY well at defending
    its self! Really IF the Meta ever becomes CV heavy, the Zao will not be any
    less useful, at least not due to aircraft attack alone.

  11. Ah…the Infamous Zao.

  12. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    the Zao’s amazing HE always makes it hard to switch to AP

  13. Notser, if you had to pick one T-X to get premium camo for, which would you
    pick? I am on the fence between my Zao and my Khab. This game is really
    selling me on the Zao, that’s for sure.

  14. Sorry Notser the Zao was awesome before the nerf. For me the Hindenburg is
    the best all round tier 10

  15. Anytime Notser says a ship is like his old Mogami, you know he’s absolutely
    smitten with it. hahaha

  16. you are very funny when you talk

  17. Филип Пешић

    Why you never use reduced magazine detonation? Is it really not good, -70%?
    I never use reduced crit chance in main armament yet it rarely occurs to me
    that the I actually lose the guns, except in a DD.
    I’m not trying to offend(disrespect) you or underestimate your decision of
    course, I was just curious, that’s all. :)

  18. Oh lala 25k congratulations notser!

  19. Paul Antonio R. Cabo

    24,999 Subs, 1 more to go is 25,000!

  20. Dude, you’re really chain firing!! Love it! Great game and great accuracy!

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