World of Warships – Zao Review – OP Ninja Flamethrower

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The , tier 10 , and just massively Ninja . This cruiser is incredibly powerful and if you’re considering a cruiser line, don’t look past the cruiser line as this lies at the end of the line. Zao has incredible utility and can deal with just about any ship on the high seas. Enjoy this and get to know this massively OP ship.


  1. i called dibs on first like an hour ago

  2. Sake filled shells stronk

  3. Why did you make the video private Chasey? You uploaded it and made it
    private was a bit disappointed… Doesnt matter, No problem but I just
    wanna know if I could :P

  4. i hate this ship whenever i play gunboat or battleship.

  5. He lives the great iChase lives :P

  6. someone please tell me the name of the song in his intro, it seems like
    it’s not in the description :(

  7. This is one of the reasons I don’t play high tier battles very often, not
    fun getting shot at by invisible cruisers that set you on fire every other

  8. My personal opinion: IBKI is a really amazing ship. Don’t understand why so
    many people hate her.

  9. What is your expectation to up coming Akizuki class?

  10. I read that last screen as ” many thanks to my pantaloons” yes. I am tired

  11. Maximilian Graf Von Spee

    As far as high skill requirement I think the German cruisers fit that. You
    don’t get radar, you can’t just spam HE you have to know how to use AP
    effectively, add those two to the usual aspects of cruiser play and I
    believe they’re the hardest cruisers to do well with

  12. If I saw someone put steering mod 2 on a Zao over concealment I would smack
    them lol

  13. Sir Orrin Productions

    Cruiser? more like a compact battleship. look at her!

  14. To me, this game becomes unfun after Tier 8. Honestly, I would say Tier 7,
    where the matchups and ships are still mostly competitive, but after Tier 8
    it certainly isn’t. The only reason I am giving it to Tier 8 is because of
    the Bismarck, my second love after Scharnhorst!

  15. Currently the best moneymaker due to the broken economy 🙂
    On good games you will make 200k profit on carry games you can reach 300k
    easily. And evne when you fail and only do almost no damage you still
    manage to go with a profit if you have premium.

  16. Tbh, I can do a 10k salvo of AP to a broadside BB with a Mogami 155s

  17. She’s also one of the best looking cruisers at T10 as well :)

  18. Blasphemy..Blasphemy…
    It is by the laws of natural sciences forbidden to be better than the
    almighty Kahabrovsk!
    Nothing even the big bang could be as powerfull as the Kahbarovsk…
    Its not gratuitous that the Khaba is stronkest ship in the universe.

    eeerm, kosmos of course i mean ;P

  19. i don’t know why people hate the Ibuki. I felt in love with her. the ship
    is awesome, something like mini-zao. she prepares you good for the Zao. she
    has the range, the HE, the speed, concealment, reasonable armor, great AA
    for a IJN ship, and of course awesome torps. there is no comparision
    between her and the mogami, like heaven and earth. she’s one if my favorite
    ships, right behind the Błyskawica and atago

  20. how would i send you a replays? for a Nautical Tales or something?

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