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Zorkiy reminds me of Khabarovsk’s golden days. Except this time, we have the shredded version of it! #worldofwarships. Interested in the game? Get bonuses on your new account at


  1. Hello Robin! Glad to see a Upload! Have a great one

  2. Wow, great game!

  3. Full concealment zorkiy has 7.8 kms and I love it. So easy to get DDs into forced gunfights that they cant win and then go dark. Also zorkiy armor can shatter moskva HE so you can get out of almost everything with little damage. If you screw up you have 3 heals. Love that ship

    • You know, it’s literally a Khabarovsk…

    • @Antonio Hagopian Not quite, though. Yes, it is the same hull, although what Khaba lacks in range without the Legendary upgrade, Zorkiy makes up for that by default. This and the alternative firing mode gimmick, this thing is literally everything Khaba wishes it was. But I do agree with the baseline, of course 😉

  4. Good to see you back giving ’em hell, Robin.

  5. Well played indeed, you really had your carry pants on in this game. Please rest your back!!🤣

  6. Dang man, that was SO well played 07. Good to see you back Robin!

  7. love your videos. You have such a nice attitude and even good words for your teammate after such a loss.

  8. The REAL difference between Khabarovsk and this isn’t the alternative fire mode, it’s the AA.

  9. Damn, what a shame you couldn’t make up for all the players on your team who died for little to nothing. Still, a great carry attempt. 17:22 I also like this face, it’s like CARRY MODE: ENABLED. 😀

    • Haha, definitely that face!
      You know, I think the game was lost at 15:15.
      With these extra 10k HP, a rush on that Napoli could have been considered 😀

  10. A tragic loss handled with such grace and poise 😄 GG! Buzzsaw looks like a lot of fun

  11. Masterful play! The hat is powerful.

  12. Georgios Papageorgiou

    get good

  13. ggwp. It’s interesting see you use your knowledge of each ship’s capabilities to make decisions on when to push or kite and which ships to focus because they take more damage from whichever ship you are playing. I realize a lot of top tier players have this knowledge and use it wisely, but us average players don’t know it as well or are slower to react on when to use the knowledge. After watching several people play superships, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use the burst fire as often as you. It seemed to pay off by using it at the right time.

    I wonder if the khaba replacement will be similar to this ship, without the burst fire of course. I still like playing khaba, but is so much more difficult now with rudder nerf and lack of range compared to the power creep of railgun cruisers and BB secondary effectiveness. You used to be able to hang out at 13.5 km and dodge everything. People would give up shooting at you as you farm them into the dirt.

  14. i love how this ship is just pre nerf Khaba xD

  15. Well done. Always a pleasure to watch you play!

  16. Amazing game and amazing player. The tension was so strong. Another great video Robin.

  17. Man glad you’re still doing your own thing. I plan to keep watching. Keep well.

  18. Great game. Thanks.

  19. Aditya Raj Borgohain

    Appreciate your gamesmanship and complementing the player who was a pain in your butttttt! 😂💙

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