World of Warships Zoup 25000 Sub Thank You and Ship Giveaway

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I hit a giant milestone for myself and I have you, the community to thank. As one of the only way I truly have to thank you, I am giving away 30 ships, in part through the generosity of Wargaming. Details on how to enter are in the video, along with my humble thanks to you. The ships you can win are on the thumbnail. Giveaway is open for one week from publishing. Best of luck, and thanks for everything. You all are amazing!


  1. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”
    IGN: Silverarrows19
    Server: ASIA

  2. “Negative ghost rider, the pattern is full”

    IGN: CloakingGoat
    Server: NA

    Congrats Zoup!

  3. “We lost the Lt. during Land Nav”
    IGN: Penguinwithahoogie
    Server: NA

  4. “I don’t know what I’m doing, but everyone else is posting quotes.”

    Giklab, EU

  5. “Congrats, Captain…”
    Ign: LaksamanaMifta
    Server: Asia

  6. “Smolensk is balanced”
    IGN: donges
    Server: Asia

  7. “Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!”

    IGN: Sentinel64
    Server: NA

  8. “German Botes need more love.”
    IGN: CommissarPraetor
    Server: Asia

  9. “The plaque for the alternates is in the lady’s room”

    IGN: GyrokCarns
    Server: NA

  10. “You’re off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters!”

    Bonfor – NA

  11. “Epstein didn’t kill himself”
    IGN: MisterSlithers
    Server: NA

  12. “don’t sink”
    Server: NA
    ID: Almirante_de_cthulhu

  13. “Congrats, i hope to win something”
    IGN: AndreaGiano
    Server: EU

    IGN: redrain1
    Server: NA

  15. “Are we supposed to have a quote?”
    IGN: AAsp
    Server: ASIA

  16. “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”
    IGN: Strikemedic87
    Server: NA

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