World of Warships Zoupy Sails – The Legend of Slidell Road

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I’m reviving Zoupy Sails. It’s an outlet where I can talk about anything. Just a fun free for all. Enjoy a story from high school. This is the legend of Slidell road. The time Montgomery County busted the biggest bonfire of the late 90s.


  1. I wonder how many people get the Zoupy reference to Soupy???

    • I am that old. Put it this way, there’s some players so young they don’t understand my Looney Toons references in game.

    • I’m that old too…knew exactly where the reference came from.

    • I was the one who originally suggested this name for Zoup’s series (got a Konig Albert for it!). I’m just old enough to remember some of his later appearances on game shows and a variety show or two (Carol Burnett maybe). But it just clicked with me when Zoup was looking for a name.

    • Ross Trowbridge  Maybe Zoup can have a signature move also-
      “The Zoupy Shuffle”

    • JP-4  Just watch out for who might show up behind the door!

  2. Did any of these bonfires turn out to be a Pyre for a Lord of the Sith???

  3. Liking the show. I would like to see more Zoupy Sails.

  4. Love it zoup. I grew up in rural Maine and your story brought back so many similar memories.

  5. i never drink because i dont like it so they cant do anything to me 😀

  6. Epic, let it keep coming !! Awesome

  7. Don’t ram! Procede’s ram with more than half hp.

  8. Well, there’s the story of how I got busted in the head by a cinder block.

  9. Zoupy Sails….Well There Goes The Neighborhood! 🙂

  10. I am sooooo glad I brought this up during the stream! Keep them coming!

  11. 14:55 Acohol party ? YES
    and 15:48 american beers ?

    • Yeah, the “alcohol party”. Reminded me of the scene in The Office where Jim stages his murder in the hotel room and writes “Luwanda at the Alcohol Club” on the mirror.

  12. wiremantw Freedom & Liberty Forever

    So funny a story about Sidell road. Just the thing to make me recall those days, I had a 1970 SS ElCamino as a senior in High School and my group was in a very similar situation more than once. But I was much bolder or just stupid enough to mash the gas pedal and make a chase out of it because I knew the roads growing up there myself. Problem was the cop chasing me the last time also grew up there! It only worked 2 times before he had me trapped like a rat that 3rd time. lol. No matter how fast your car is you can’t outrun my radio kid that’s what the cop told me first thing. So true that was. Never even tried running again.

  13. Hey Zoup. Just started watching your content a few months ago, and I love the diversity of thought that you give in terms of other Content Creators. And this video especially I love, since Im also a huge fan of Jingles. Keep it up good Sir!

  14. We went down powerlines. I live in FL where its all sand so cop cruisers simply couldnt follow where the trucks could
    I had and 03 wrangler btw

  15. Hey zoup i went to Poolesville as well and graduated in 91. I always thought after my class the bonfires ended but i guess i am mistaken. good to hear some good ole Poolesville stories brings back memories. Back when i was in Poolesville, Montgomery county would just tell us to go home but after my class i heard they started to crack down that is why i thought the bonfires had ended. I remember when i was in the Navy i went to visit my friend at James Madison. I drove from Norfolk to the school and when i arrived there was a party in the dorm. As i walked into the party 10 cops followed me in and i was lucky the cops saw me go in because i was the only one at that party that was 21needless to say i got lucky that night and being in the Navy helped too.

  16. Rolv Vegard Verpeide

    Really good story😊. Made me laugh really good, thinking of my own high school days 😂😂

  17. LOL, good story. But I need to say that. for an European, it is weird that the Montgomery Police took that much resources to bust school kids.

  18. Well Jingles has a funny accent so we need more ‘murica…LOL

  19. love it Zoup . watched the live stream .
    looking forward to more Zoupy Sails .

  20. Was on a committee in high school to help get tables for the prom. The tables were located in a local bar. We had permission to enter the premises without supervision and while loading the tables someone said gee I wonder if these taps work. Well, they did and the rest of the story writes itself.

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