World of Warships/Arpeggio of Blue Steel: First thoughts

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My initial thoughts on the upcoming World of Warships/Arpeggio of Blue Steel crossover based mostly on info from the World of Warships SEA website, teasers and random bits and pieces gleaned from various dark corners of the Interwebz. Enjoy.


  1. Sigh everyone is dissing the mogami even though it breathes fire and can
    fire from stealth with the right captain skills. Yes it only has a 10%
    chance of fire but that 15 guns opening fire every 9-10 seconds depending
    on your captain skills, up to ranges of 18.3 km.

  2. Saw “Blue Steel” and thought this was in some way related to Zoolander. :P

  3. This event sounds interesting, and I will most likely pursue it solely
    based on the signals and camouflage I can get out of it. Unfortunately, I
    already have a fully upgraded Kongo and Myoko, so this promotion is a
    little lost on players like me. I wish it had been any other ship which I
    have been straining to get, so it is slightly annoying that they restricted
    themselves to only these vessels.
    On a side note, because you were talking about it, the Myoko is a
    phenomenal cruiser. The Furutaka is extremely difficult to play, and its
    single gun layout is not ideal. It was a chore to use that ship, at least
    for me. The Aoba is quite fun, and I had a great time playing it, but it
    just takes a lot of time to use properly. The Myoko was the first ship in
    awhile I genuinely enjoyed playing, even when I lost, because of how
    effective it was most of the time.

  4. Great vid once again, but when are you going to do the first impression on
    the Jupiter carrier or the rest of the terran rep in STO?

  5. The Atlanta is probably gonna be a great fire starter… and probably
    pretty good at getting DD kills too… (considering it really is just an
    over sized DD)

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