World of Warships’s Overly Sensitive Team Damage System

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[] has told me he’ll have someone look at this system on Monday.

World of Warship’s overly sensitive team system…holy GOD this thing goes full REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mode when it detects team damage.

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  1. So I’ve passed the replay of this battle to the devs and Sub_Octavian says he’ll have one of the team investigate it on Monday. So hopefully something gets done because this system right now is just totally overboard.

    • Why can’t they just get rid of team damage entirely?

    • Mattblaster 14 then we will not get the funnies

    • mynameiswritinwater

      had similarly bad experiences… other DDs using my pan-asian smokes (am happy to share and offer them ) , slipping in front of my guns, taking shots by playing stupidly ===> me turning pink thanks wargaming, good way to encourage sharing and cooperation. same for cruisers occluding Tirpitz/Bismarck secondaries and getting hit,,, right now the system is very very highstrung and actually counterproductive. nevermind : accidental collision while pink = more games to played in pink mode and with extreme caution

    • Ive had something similar; played a game in my fubuki some days ago, got 3 kills with torps on enemies. accidently hit 1 torp on an ally, exploded instantly myself. Still won the game but havnt played much since and first pink name since some years. :/

    • Your so wrong, the system is fine. At your skill level its upsetting but you should of being more aware. if there is not a harsh penalty things can get ugly, if there’s a first free hit then the second gets a penalty team mates will just be shooting each other at the start, that’s more ugly. with the amount of abuse i see in ranked battles there has to be harsh penalties to keep things in some type of order. before the new friendly fire patch people were always shooting people and not going pink, its working and sometimes it will seem unfair. bottom line is you wont do it again and there will be no problem. And friendly fire has being part of war since day dot.

  2. Easy explanation. The shells ricocheted at the perfect angle back at you ???‍♂️

  3. You hited a Payfast, not so fast, take some 30k dmg just for ressons :(((

  4. This why WG needs to have a check fire system where the guns don’t fire. This would eliminate most the TK damage problem. I don’t understand why they don’t have this and fire assists for teammates on fire.

    • If they didn’t want to do that, they could add an indicator for a friendly being in front of your guns (like how the island indicator comes up if your shells would hit an island).

    • Yeah, but that would take planning. IDK why they (WG) are enablers for TKs.

    • But the island indicator is crap. It reacts way too slow. It should warn you half a second in advance. That would actually be useful.

    • It used to work just fine lol, they broke it in one of the past updates. I’m not saying this would help much, but I don’t see WG wanting to remove your ability to pull the trigger when a friendly is in front of you for “realistic purposes”, so I named another possible solution.
      I would prefer just not being able to fire and having the voice say something like, “Hold your fire!”

    • You know what would prevent team kills even more? Turning off the damn friendly fire mechanic.

  5. Real quick if i have ur attention… what do you think about USN Cls having fast cooldown heals (like panasian perma smoke) 5 or 6 charges with a 20 sec or so reload. Compaired to mino where ur losing super heal, torps, aaaand smoke. That would be a good qwerk and i think makes the line pefect. Not to OP and not to UP. please, please, please suggest this to the devs.

  6. I’d say the answer to this is relative self damage, and a strike based system. Like the first salvo that hits a friendly gives no penalty to the player, the second salvo takes off twice (maybe slightly less) the percentage of health from the player that they did to the friendly, then the third increases further etc etc. Getting nailed like you did immediately is ridiculous. This system looks like it’ll do more harm to a team than a tker would lol

    • or just completely remove team damage like in scenarios

    • this would be actually great Nicholas

    • Nicholas Lau I remember when War Thunder still had friendly fire. It did minimal damage unless you had exposed crew members, then some mo

    • Oops, accidentally hit enter. Some TK-ing scrub will gun down your crew and kill you with next to no repercussions.

    • ThatGuy OverThere

      Yes I agree this is a good step forward, but i would say go a few steps more:
      1) let it take into account the caliber and number of barrels you have (a full salvo from something like an atlanta should not give more tk penalty then say a top hull furutaka)
      2) The frequency and severity of offenses: add a “soft stage” before someone goes pink with the game keeping track of a players history, so if he does not hit people frequently and has good karma (oh hey look, a way to make the “plays well/poorly report/compliments ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING” *cough cough*) the tk threshold is higher and takes longer to ramp up, and yes remove it from divs, the trolling and div memes do far less damage to game than this crap.
      3)(longer term and harder to implement but something I think is worth it): Let the victim decide: have the victim get a popup ingame or after the match, or tie it into the karma system where the player can report to punish or compliment to pardon the person who did team damage to him. Obviously some people can still be jerks and trolls but I think this would drastically cut down on the unfair tk penalties and remove alot of frustration. This system would also have the benefit of WG getting some good user feedback on what they consider punishable and what is acceptable and can let them further improve/train their system in the future.

  7. Exactly same thing happened to me two days ago. I was like what wtf???? Good thing you point it out to the developers ?
    Not to mention I became pink two more times because of my crappy net got disconnected at the start of a battle…?

  8. So I was in my shima the other day, and I accidentally torped a friendly cruiser. Yes, it was my fault, and I admit it. He took all 5 or my torps, but only reduced to 1/3 of his hp, and I died from this. The way it seems to work is that if you dealt enough friendly damage, you turn pink immediately, and any further damage will be deflected (and multiplied) on to you instead of the friendly you had been shooting. So what happened there was, all of your shells hit the belfast, but 5000 damage was the threshold for turning pink, so he no longer takes any damage from you, instead you take the amount that would have been dealt to him plus a multiplier of some sort.

    Yes, it is frustrating of your end, but I see that it is better to the teammate that got damaged by you. In the past, he would have died from your mistake and have a good game ruined. Assuming you are actually a team killer, back then you could still game on and continue to wreak havoc. Now the damage your teammate takes from you is much less and you of course get punished for it, which is fair IMHO. In fact the new system is better to unpink yourself than previous system. In the past you would need at least 5 battles without team damage of any sort, including accidental ramming. In the new system, I needed only 2 battles, and minor team damage like shells clipping friendlies and accidental ramming is tolerated.

    • AtomicMan3 Gaming

      But you did say he would have died, right at the start of your second paragraph

    • AtomicMan3 Gaming
      Did you notice the phrase “in the past?” Also the second paragraph is speaking in a general sense, not in particular of this battle, that is why I separated it into 2 paragraphs. Next time, before you quote on someone, try brushing up your comprehension skills.

    • Not sure if I want friendly fire gone entirely. That’d just encourage people to spam torps from the back line.

    • AtomicMan3 Gaming

      Nicholas Lau
      That could just have easily referred to the same scenario taking place under the old rules. Learn English before you post and insult people please and thank you

    • AtomicMan3 Gaming
      1. I have explicitly stated it as a separate situation. In fact I was doing a comparison between the new rules and the old rules in an arbitrary situation, in case it was already to hard for you to comprehend. 2. You were insulting me in the first place upon your own misunderstanding. I have tried telling you the facts rationally, but you don’t seem to understand and continue to elevate this argument 3. It seems that only you have a problem with it, not everyone else, so clearly only you have problems in comprehension, not my writing.

  9. Your guns, your responsability.

    • So punishing people so severely for honest mistakes is OK? Hell no it isn’t. Everyone, including you makes mistakes. The only time a person should be harshly punished for something, is if they do it on purpose. Most of the time just a warning is sufficient, with harsher measures taken if the person ignores the warning. The world sucks because of hard asses expecting others to be perfect.

    • Exactly. Lots off people upset that in one way or another the system is unfair or proponents of no friendly fire at all. Horseshit I say. Just like in this video, a player takes a risky action due to situational blindness or positive intent and gets upset when a documented anti tk gets applied.
      He took the shot, he takes the penalty. Simple as that

    • darksideoftheanime

      The kind of punishment shown here would be like sending somebody to jail for life because of jaywalking, the level of punishment has gone far beyond what I’d think it reasonable lol

    • Guns are very different from torps. Why can’t I chosse which guns I want to fire? When a friendly parks in front of me in the smoke I am damned to stop shooting until he leaves or I leave? – No! Either give me the option to only fire my front or back turrets, give a useful warning (like with islands, but with half a second in advance – otherwise its useless) or remove team damage for guns.

    • Darksideoftheanime Is it? He unloaded a full salvo of 15 shells into the broadside of a squishy cruiser. This would have done a huge, if not fatal amount of damage. So the question is how much is too much? If a tk’er was allowed to do that much damage and get away with a lesser or no penally then you can bet the system would not prevent trolls in game.

  10. i’m sorry Chase, but u need to ask urself why u shot ur friend? if he is so close to u… dont shoot.
    the Tam Damage System (TDS) is there for a reason. I dont know if u ever got Teamkilled urself, but I have and it always ticked me off. now it happens a lot less and at least the mf who tks u also getts killed. I think the TDS is good! because it teaches people to be careful. yes this is more of an arcade game than a simulator… but just imagine if ur shot would have been in real life… you would have caused millions of dmg … 😉
    and also the part where u complain about the TDS of platoon mates… well have u ever been in a team where u have 3 of a clan on the opponents side (in a platoon) and 2 of the same clan in ur team (also in a platoon) and the 2 just kill them selfs? happened in a few of my games already so maybe it is a good thing the TDS works like it does. maybe a bit over the top… but still i like the new TDS.

  11. One day i happen to survive a round with about 14 hp left defending our base. Decidet to ram the allied BB that has been nothing but toxic the entire game. I blow up, he got -1, turned pink and almost had a fit of rage. It was a good day, system might be flawed though…

  12. This new system punishes me a lot because my Internet is often crappy and I disconnect, and by the time I log back in, I’m pink. Which is just bullshit….
    Must qualify: I have to play on mobile data. It’s a 4G network so the speeds are good, but sometimes there are weird lag spikes at certain times of the day. That’s what I refer to. It’s out of my control, and I deserve not to take flak for this. Besides, it’s not like WoWS is the most stable application in the world. I shouldn’t take the punishment for their faults.

    • Earl of Northesk not working as intended, as Chase can attest to in this case. Do you think WoWS never crashes at all? The previous patch gave me a weird bug where WoWS would crash upon loading into a battle. Is that my fault? Have you never had the game crash on you? Quit saying people deserve things based on one single statement. Otherwise, I can just as well say that I personally feel you deserve to live with dial-up.

    • Lethal Discharge

      Akshay Anand You shouldn’t even try to play games on hotel wifi without testing it first. If gaming while you travel is such an important thing you should probably re examine your motives for traveling. Also mobile data should not be used for regular online gaming at least not pvp ones like this. I agree with the other posts. Wargaming shouldn’t have to go out of their way to optimize a system to work with minority internet connections.

    • Lethal Discharge and I’m telling you it works fine 98% of the time. And please, do tell me how I’m degrading the game quality for an entire server when there are people who are actually AFK, or worse they just sit there and do nothing the whole match. Again, you are very condescending if you think I need to take your advice seriously when it comes to what I play and when I play it. Tone down the condescension. Not everyone can have FTTH and game with their GTX1080s. Living in a “Third World” country means I can accept compromises, but I don’t need the game to discriminate against me. It’s happened twice to me over the last two months, and on both occasions it was because the game simply froze at the Battle loading screen, which is nuts, because that’s hardly my fault. I’ve talked to people who went pink because their game crashed or net disconnected. It feels like those who don’t do anything wrong get punished under this new system, which is hardly fair. It’s a great way to drive off players.

    • Lethal Discharge

      Dude I don’t even have a 1080. I play on laptop, using 3-4 Mbps connection with about 35ms ping. But at least its a full wired connection. Also the game “Freezing” is totally on your end. There are 23 other players in the match who likely connected and loaded just fine. Connection and loading issues are almost always on the user end. If you don’t have an acceptable minimum amount of hardware and resources to run the game you shouldn’t expect to be catered to.
      Is it acceptable to drive on the highway in a vehicle that only runs 98% of the time? No.

    • Lethal Discharge the highway vehicle thing is a ridiculous analogy: they are simply not comparable. Stop trying so hard to defend the game. I’m not saying it’s not partly my problem. But damn it, I’ll take what I can get.
      You really need to lighten up… You’re getting worked up over li’l old me, when there are far more egregious and blatant issues in the game.

  13. The system works as intended. No work needed here. You got punished as it should.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      The point is not that the system doesn’t work. The point is that it’s too sensitive. iChase only did 5k damage to an ally (And a Div mate at that) and lost nearly all of his health without being pink beforehand.

  14. The TD system has many flaws.

    I once did 45 dmg to a teammate and he died. He was focused buy three enemies and on fire but I hit him once with 105 mm HE and it’s my fault.

    Yesterday a friendly Bismarck started shooting at me for some reason. He fired five salvoes and took me for 3 600 HP. (Me in DD.) Yes, he turned pink as it should be as he was shooting at me for a long time.

    Here are my thoughts:

    1: “First one is free.” No penalty for the first team dmg of every game. Just take note so he doesn’t do it every game.
    2: Ram damage doesn’t count.
    3: Does the “Target” mind? He who gets hit must report for the penalty to take effect. (Perhaps a button post battle?)

    Teamdamage happens and it’s no big deal. The thing that sould be punished is if you do it often.

    • What happens when your friend is dying to the enemy and you TK him? You just stole the kill from the enemy. But it’s OK, there shouldn’t be a penalty for the first team dmg of every game, right?

  15. This is from Public Test:

    Improved Unsportsporting Conduct Prevention System: now the player’s ship will only receive mirror damage after that player has been warned (transition from normal to teamkiller status).
    This should reduce the number of situations when randomly released torpedoes or main battery salvos led to the destruction of two ships in the same team instead of one, significantly reducing the team’s chances of winning. Mechanics apply to all types of damage.

    • i immediately died while i shot a dd in a cap zone. i was with my Fidji in my smoke and the Farragut got to close.

  16. Shut up and touch my Spaghet

    So… you know the belfast is laying smoke for you, you know the belfast is 0.1km away from you, you know he is driving towards you in front of your guns…. and you fire….

    Yes the punishment is extreme but tbh, the team damage was 100% avoidable.

    • Yes, it would have been. Just don’t let those shells do any damage when hitting a team mate. Why do you have to have team damage for gun shots? Just let the shots get absorbed – meaning they don’t need to fly through the friendly ship to maybe hit the enemy they were aimed at – but ignore the damage. Period.

    • It works in Operations (the no team damage thing), but WG is bizarrely unwilling to implement that system anywhere else in the game. Makes no sense.

    • mynameiswritinwater

      if a belfast is 300+ metres away and I fire americann 152sat a target 10k away I honestly expect the shells to pass OVER the belfast. it isnot like the belfast is a high rise masquerading as a CL….

    • Robert Pettigrew

      @pdorn1 The problem with that is it is a lot more focused in operations, they do not want you spamming fire into combats and require you to have thought on shots or torps.

  17. Bad awareness of where you were shooting. Normally agree with your vids, but not this one.

  18. I was a almost stationary (with broken engine) BB at 11 hp and a friendly decided to give me a hug, I warned him but he’s like nah. He killed me, then blamed and reported me for making him pink, lol.

  19. I’m glad I was finally able to break free from this game. It’s cancer.

  20. Or just remove team damage and all problems are solved

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