World Of Warsh*ts (The Jimquisition)

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A most highly requested episode, we take a look over the recent kerfuffle involving Wargaming and its tumultuous community.

World of Warships, like many free-to-play games, has only gotten more shameless with time, and its latest stunt involving loot boxes was seen as a bridge too far. There’s been a community contributor walkout, and that’s good to see, because loot boxes are filth.

So anyway, let’s look at all that!


  1. Oh man, Wargaming is a HUGE treasure trove of outrageous, toxic monetization and developer culture.

    • ​@Steampunk Skunk I think “free to play” brings worst sort of players, and its both.

      a) FtP games are full of emotionally undeveloped children, as they dont have to beg their parents for FtP game. Not trying to insult all children or act like adults are all perfect, but yeah, kids take games waaaay too seriously and are toxic as fuck.

      b) In FtP games, if you want to grind for some item, it takes hours. And every loss you take, you get like 50% of points you could have gotten if you won. So people get really angry.

      Every single FtP game I played was an absolute toxic shithole.

    • This is why I don’t play Games Workshop games anymore. My friends and I stick to Battlefleet Gothic since I have all the ships. Also things like Osprey’s Frostgrave since its a $20 set of rules and you can use any minis and terrain.

    • @Chim Ritchelds it’s not so much about loot boxes. It’s how they’re implemented.

      Imagine buying a loot box where the website gives you a whole list of ships in the loot table; some are good, some are terrible. Unannounced, is that you have a “short list” of ONLY crappy ships that you WILL receive first, before any of the larger, better ships will drop.

      Imagine buying a crate for permanent camo paint jobs, where you are supposed to receive a permanent boost to experience, cash, stat bonuses — the description in the store is unequivocal that you WILL RECEIVE a paint job that you don’t already have. When you buy it, you find out that, no, the unpublished drop percentage won’t actually give you a camo like they said it would; just a percent drop. Thanks for your cash. They chalk this up to “miscommunication.” Ha ha.

      Imagine buying a ship camo that prominently features Godzilla or King Kong jumping around on your ship, like the most recent movie. When you enter a battle — haha, no lizard or mönke; turns out, unnanounced, the monsters will only display *in your ship select screen,* and no one but you and Wargambling will ever $€£ it.

      It’s always something like this. Wargambling practices some of the most egregious bait and switch tactics on the player base that I’ve ever seen; I’d wager that some of it might actually be illegal in the EU.

    • @Chim Ritchelds Fanboy spotted! I can see the brown ring/tidemark around your neck !

    • @USS Anime DD24 Those games are a bit too hard Sim for my taste. World of Tanks is closer to s tank version of Ace Combat

  2. Bravo, Wargaming fan base. You managed to do what most gamers haven’t- you walked away in response to a exploitative game management. Seriously, I wish more of us had the chutzpah to go “Fuck it, I’m out” and just find a new game.

  3. The tragicomic thing with wargamings response is that it sounded exactly like the abusive ex Jingle accused them of being – trying to save face by issuing empty promises in the hope that they’ll be seen as the more reasonable party “they might not want anything to do with us, but we’re willing to give them another chance. We’re open to talking it out (but we won’t ever change)”

    • “Wargaming. Wargaming never changes.”

    • The Magic Lemur [EAT THE RICH]

      That is 1000000% exactly what it is, too. Once you’re aware of that narcissistic behavior pattern, it’s like having the glasses from They Live stapled to your face permanently.

    • The problem isn’t that corporations are not your friend. The problem is that the younger generations think they are and want them to be. I know i’m not supposed to blame the ‘victim’ but it would really help if you’d stop getting drunk and passing out behind the frathouse without your panties on.

    • @Scott Humphreys what the fuck is this and how does it relate to corporations (who are spending a lot of money to make you believe that they are your friends, or at least “good”) and people getting raped?

  4. The Mighty Jingles

    I just got quoted by Jim Stephanie Fucking Sterling, son! Thank God for them!

    • @James Stokes Fractured Space was a game I loved and it’s distressing to read that this is what WG did to ECG after buying them out.

    • @DarthWall275 They/them. Cope.

    • @James Stokes Long time FS player here. I’m really sad to hear this. Your game is still installed on my hard drive years after the servers went down.

      When I heard WG bought you guys out, I had hoped they would leave you company in tact and give you the funding to develop something special. Clearly, it was naive of me to hope for something like that. Although you all may have went separate ways, I hope you guys are doing well.

    • @James Stokes I throughly enjoyed Fractured Space. I was a purchaser of one of the original, earliest starter bundles. It’s a shame the game didn’t catch the mainstream though. I sunk many hours into it. One of my most memorable games, I was in a ghost/assassin/stealth ship while on discord listening to the enemy talking strategy. I always popped up exactly when thier leviathan was vulnerable and deploying thier warp jumper. Thier team fell apart because thier whole focus was on the leviathan dropping a warp beacon for the team so they could rush us and I shot them down every time.

    • @James Stokes Also, I’m from Woking and EGC used to be based in Guildford. Every day I walked to college past your building and got a kick out of seeing EGC on the plaque by the door.

  5. The Wargaming press release reads like someone passive-aggressively notifying people they had a breakup, without mentioning that they cheated on their partner and slept with 30 other people across the span of a week.

    • @Theodore vi Britannia I’m fine. I don’t want to talk about it.

    • “You beat me, you cheated on me, and you ran over my dog! I’m leaving you.”
      “Well, I’m really sorry you don’t want to be with me anymore. No, really, very sad to see you go. Yup, sad, sad day. See ya later. Take care, now!”

    • I kinda feel that’s a bad example. I wouldn’t cheat, but if I DID, to THAT EXTENT, I’d have no choice but to own that shit. I’d brag, because only the people who saw it as impressive are ever likely to come near me again ‘without sterile PPE and a net’. Better get that advertising out there.

      That’s what wargaming should do. Just laugh at people and admit they screw people over, ‘what? Are you too poor to open lootboxes? Poor babies… maybe poor people with low impulse control can’t handle a big bad game like ours…’

      In fact, I think that’s exactly what they should say… I’d love to see how that played out… ;D

    • Ah so like ProJared?

      note I am not aware how PJ is these days and so if they aren’t a shit I apologise but from what I’ve heard they are and their apologies and excuses were terrible

  6. These videos have only gotten better the more “political” you become, keep fighting the good fight Jim Stephanie sterling

  7. In the end, the Mightiest Jingle was the jingle of the bell that tolled for Wargaming’s brand reputation.

  8. Thank you for always telling the truth about the industry, even when assholes attack you over it. So many of us love you for never backing down. But sometimes we forget that you’re not invincible and that we need to voice our appreciation to drown out the hate. Thank you for everything.

  9. I like how Justin, the editor, is becoming a character of the show as much as Sterling.

  10. There was also the Puerto Rico scam a couple years back where they hid the true cost of the ship until players had already spent upto a hundred or so (if I remember right) and hoped sunk-cost fallacy would get them double that.

  11. Wargaming’s very apparent enthusiasm for frustrating grind finally reaches a logical endpoint. The loot boxes pissed me off a lot when they were introduced to WoWS and WoT, I don’t care that the game is free, it’s egregious and shows how they’ve strayed completely from their original vision… or maybe this was the plan all along…

    • Yup, gave up on playing their games because I was no longer playing what I wanted, but what there were daily events for so that I could get slightly more progression.
      I picked up Heliborne some time ago, which is basically World of Helicopters made by a smaller dev. It has its share of flaws and failures (the enhanced edition comes to mind), but one reason I still play it on occasion is that it’s a pay-upfront game that doesn’t need to throttle progression to frustrate you into spending to skip the grind. You play each tier for a reasonable amount of time to discover what it has to offer
      By then you’ll have earned enough stars to unlock a set of helicopters from the next tier, where you pick what you want because progress isn’t limited to the vehicle you play plus its single successor on the tech tree. Or if you like, you can play an early tier more and still earn a reasonable amount of progress (if you still need it). It’s so refreshing.

  12. I wish you mentioned something about LittleWhiteMouse and Yukon incident, where she was pretty much harassed, ignored and belittled even if she was the CC who did the highest contribution to the game without a doubt. In this video it’s told as if Jingles left first and LittleWhiteMouse followed, when everyone followed LittleWhiteMouse while leaving on the aftermath of Yukon incident. Lootboxes were just the cherry on top that WG somehow also managed to turn into a shitstorm.

    Though the rabbit hole there is so deep it can just get a video by itself.

    • Doesnt matter. You worry in details. They were mentioned. The important thing is that the word is out. Only with this, things might change to the better. Thats a goal for players and an obligation of the company. Trade a little greed for respect and the world is a better place. And dont say its business. Ethic must prevail.

    • @Number 9 Actually it DOES matter because it turns it from a ‘Wargaming actively antagonizing their Community Contributers and literally insulted and screamed at them” into “just gamers being mad about Lootboxes”.

    • @luketfer No it doesn’t. It also tells people how CCs are EXPLOITED for mass profit across all gaming industry under the pretense of involvment in the development. This isnt just a WoWS thing you know.

    • This is exactly it, I hope more people see this comment

    • @Number 9 did we actually watch the same video? LWM is only mentioned as a name when her and Chobi’s 16 months were wasted and not even compensated by WG, which made CCs quit. Not Missouri. It doesn’t show anything about the actual CC exploitation. Even a brief mention of the 16 wasted months of work and WG’s lack of effort to fix anything would be enough, then it would show how CCs in WoWS are literally slaves.

  13. I love & need this channel. The “thank God for me” needs to come back with vengeance! Video Games are exhausting and this channel and everything they make is like a sympathetic pat on the back to keep going, I’m not crazy, they’re crazy, the world is crazy. A little breath of sanity.

    • The Magic Lemur [EAT THE RICH]

      The problem is that it used to be ironic satire and then the world just became that. I certainly can’t speak for JS, but I imagine their self-esteem isn’t quite there yet to regularly and unironically say “thank god for me”. They DESERVE to, because they’re one of the few people of even minor note who AREN’T actively making the world worse with every breath they draw, but ya know.

    • Stephanie, if you read this… can we get that on a T Shirt?

      “Thank God for me”.

  14. Alejandro Vallencci

    I’m so glad JimSteph is feeling good about themselves. Fills my lil gay heart with joy

  15. Honestly, for a while I fell off watching the show because it made me feel pretty miserable to see how nothing was improving on a macro level, but since Steph came out I feel like the tone has been a lot more fun, even if things are still shit. It’s got me looking forward to Mondays again, which is a nice feeling!

  16. To me, any game with ANY microtransactions is pretty compromised and I usually steer well clear. Loot boxes will always be the thing I never entertain- eff that. Thank God for you Steph!

  17. Remember when Bethesda got mocked for the horse armor? I miss the days when stuff like that was mocked and not normalized.

    • I always use that example. Remember how Horse Armor DLC once set the world on fire with it’s audacity?
      Honestly, these day we’d be straight up fucking lucky if the most egregious microtransactions in a Triple A release title was Oblivion’s Horse Armor.

      When people try to defend modern day loot-boxes and their like, I like to remind me them how pissed they once got over that Horse Armor.

    • Sad too think these things are going too get much worse. Then that will become the new normal for games.

    • To be fair, Horse Armor was literally among the first paid DLC ever introduced for any game ever. As stupid as it was, at least you also got what you paid for instead of paying to gamble for a CHANCE to get what you wanted.

    • @Zaydin I don’t mind DLC for games because you know what your getting unless it’s a season pass. Most of the time you only know the first expansion or whatever. Theres some games that do them and don’t tell you anything about what your getting if you pre order it. I find that pretty shitty. I personally don’t like loot box’s but it depends on how it’s done. It seems like how a lot of AAA game companys inprament them they normally do it poorly. I think it’s best too look at it case by case.

    • Honestly, at this point I’m just not gonna play any new multiplayer game and stick to the oldies with mod support and stuff like that (probably mainly TF2 on community servers). Microtransactions and GaaS is fucking awful. But at least in TF2 i can install nohats mod.

  18. Man, now I am sad I missed the love campaing. But I guess it is never to late to send possitivsm someone’s way. So, thanks for the fight you put with the horrid inhuman practices and thank God for you James Stepahine Sterling. Your self expression is not only entertaining, but insightful aswell.

  19. “The fanbase is exhausting!” HA! You take a peak at the Genshin Impact fanbase I got exhausted immediately after the recent update stream reactions.

  20. On the existence of lootboxes in wows. It used to be that everything was available for a flat purchase even if they were also attainable in a lootbox. It wasn’t until recently that you couldn’t get the things in the lootboxes any other way.

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