World record for Shikishima // SUPER-YAMATO || World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. he would have killed the Soyuz at the beginning

  2. That gun sound is massive

  3. Are these games on a private server? Lol enemy team sail around showing broadsides for no apparent reason and act like he wasn’t even there!?:)

  4. Константин Лисица

    Вот что значит, недобитых оставлять.

  5. lets sail broadside and see what happens….booooom!

  6. Panzers tiny monitor strikes again. Any idea what his base XP was?

  7. 15:25 i almost died when the last secondary salvo started a fire on Kremlin 😂

  8. On my replays, I don’t get my post-battle results, why?

  9. That puerto rico was next level of useless

    • In theory you would say that he should have been able to hunt and sink the Oland at the end. Sinking DD’s is a job for Cruisers rightand it was the only way his team could win? Instead we were treated to the sight of the Oland fruitlessly chasing the PR. In fairness given their respective performances I would have put my money on the Oland had they met, probably with the PR walking face first into a wall of well signalled torps having just damaged conned 1 fire.

    • You summed up the majority of the players that own that ship in one simple statement.

  10. bot playing against even worse bots, colorized

  11. 9 Fingered Rippingsax player

    anyone else notice the potato Kremlin team killing the other Kremlin?

  12. His team was truly pathetic. I find it funny the allied Kremlin died to the enemy Kremlin when at one point he had 5x the health.

  13. The amount of broadside to this ship is absurd. Like “Oh, it’s Shikishima, let’s broadside to him”.
    11:13 take example of this IOWA, caught broadside, then stop moving, not even try to angle after 1 cit?

    • Bad players are everywhere at tier 9 and 10. Iowa players in particular are like a meme since they’re always broadside with no camo. It’s like they think going 33 knots makes them impervious to damage.

    • @Mwi O That is something that I can confirm. Playing with IOWAS in ranked was a nightmare. It was a CLEAR confirmation that your team was going to lose. I lost almost every single match when I was paired with an IOWA player. I had to carry a lot of teams but some were un-salvageable. (why the fuck you hide behind a tall island doing nothing as an IOWA for example)

  14. How i send my replay with my gneisenau? 207k dmg

  15. TFW the first shot is a citadel on PR with awful dispersion

  16. More boring broadside potato gameplay…

  17. If he had managed his heal and damage control party better, he would have lived by the end. Still a good game.

  18. these Shiki-Shima gun sounds are orgasmic

  19. vatching shikishima games just for the gun sounds is my new kink

  20. TT uploaded this too. May wanna coordinate on what you upload cause subs of both will see the same thing.

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