WORLD RECORD! Hindenburg 11 Kills & 265k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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Hindenburg 11 Kills & 265k Damage
About the Warship: German Tier X Cruiser

-Map: Northern Lights
-Mode: Random Battle
-Player: Thror_son_of_Dain (EU)
-Kills: 11 Ships
-Players of my team: Thror_son_of_Dain, Usuro, Paul_Wessel, Maelstrom0110, Syferio, Kapitan_LeChuck, mumakillRus, CaptainGrsy, xShadowForcexKM, rys4k, Thrax21, NoxSiaron
-Link to Replay:
-Players of the enemy team: wanwan590, x_x_OPLOT_x_x, matusko2005, _REVO_UA_, DFWU, Kara_Hisar, Cazpr, Tyeez, guckst_du_Rohr, RakuzyGer, QueFour, DeNVeR_x_x
-Damage caused: 265216
-Version: 0.11.8
-Achievements earned: Kraken Unleashed!, Confederate, High Caliber

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  1. I hope other people can see this because this will be epic!

  2. ป้อมปืน Chanal

    Awesome Hindenburg 11 kill very nice Meca

  3. Wow 11 kill epic maybe next time you will get 12 kills that would be cool

  4. Good game

  5. That was one hell of a game. Dont think 11 kills will be beaten in a while 🙂

  6. So you bag 11 ships and only got 265k in damage? looks to me that youre nothing but a hose bag kill stealer!

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