WORLD’S GREATEST SEAMAN! | World of Warships

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● 200 doubloons
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  1. Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer

    Play World of Warships with me:
    Thanks to World of Warships for Sponsoring this video. Use the code BOOM to get for free:
    ● 200 doubloons
    ● 2 ships: St. Louis and Premium ship Emden
    ● 20x Restless Fire Camouflage
    ● 2.5 million credits
    ● 7 Days of Premium

  2. Praise the seaman

  3. Semen.

  4. I read that title wrong…very wrong

  5. If I back it up

  6. Dude!! I don’t even have notifications on and I found a fresh new Ohm video. Always ready for pirate Ohmy ruining the high seas!

  7. That title…😏 I always appreciate how he nerds out over this game and Tanks 😊

  8. I do love the epic battle music you had in the background. XD
    It is cool learning about the different ships and the battles are awesome.

  9. I always use HE at long range and AP at short range (HE is less likely to bounce off at long range). Welcome to the game, Ohm.

  10. I’ve been waiting for that fresh ohm vid noti alllll day lol made it just in time before I fell asleep.😂🎉 some intensity near the end man, but y’all pulled it off! Lol GG & goodnight ohm & all!☺😴😴

  11. It’s always cool seeing a youtuber playing war games like this and war thunder

  12. Its great how the bigger battle ships move faster (the higher tires)

  13. It’s like the world of tanks but more difficult

  14. When Ever I’m able to get a new computer I want to download that game

  15. I loved Ohm any way, but Ohm playing low tier WOWS? Oh HELL yes.

  16. Fun facts: 1) if you hold Alt, you can see a s*** ton of info, including a predicted range for your guns to lead your shots
    2) the square triangle symbol with one line is a cruiser, so at 8:46, that is a cruiser, the square triangle symbol with two lines is a battleship, just a triangle symbol is a destroyer, and the triangle with two rectangles behind it is an aircraft carrier
    3) if you have all your guns and where you want it, you can double click left mouse button and it will fire all your guns where you’re aiming at once

  17. Next time you play this you should bring in Mr Sark, he loves this game

  18. Also, the propellers are referred to as screws on Naval ships.

  19. ohm, battleships don’t like fire, so use He rounds on them.

  20. I just saw on someone’s rust stream that nobody said ‘hi’ back to you. So right here right now im saying Hi ohmwrecker! Welcome back. We care bout ya

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