WORST Battleship? World Of Warships Battleships Gameplay!

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WORST Battleship? World Of Warships Battleships Gameplay!

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  1. LoL…was looking for a Colorado video from yourself only yesterday, nice

    I’m enjoying the Colorado, it’s makes you work for that booty…..

  2. play the nagato to compare them

  3. The southcarolina sucks ass

  4. Last battle was so close and epic at the end of yours. 3 ships dead in
    about 30 sec.

  5. More Warthunder, less Warships

  6. Fix some relatively thick fabric (thick glasses cleaning cloth for example)
    over your mic with a rubber band. Will immediately remove popping for
    little money.
    Edit: You also need to turn up your voice slightly.^^

  7. I laughed when I saw the question mark at the end of worst battleship and
    saw the Colorado

    I’ve been stuck on it for 2 months because I just hate it

  8. “Luuuuke……touch mai nuuuuts….”

  9. That doesn’t look like the Kawachii???

  10. some model in this game still bad and not correct history like nagato and
    fuso but some of them very good model like Tirpitz Yeah I think Colorado is
    bad ship but it have pretty good strong belt armor when angle really really
    bad about this ship is speed it so painful when you have to go in battle
    with tier 2-3 BB speed.

  11. You can’t play the Colorado like that phly it’s a brawler not a sniper like
    other battleships. Samegoes to the new mex and a couple others like

  12. I find the problem of the Colorado is the fact that it takes a complete
    shit ton to grind to the second hull, and all that time when you are
    grinding for the second hull, you don’t have any AAA to really defend
    yourself, so you get stomped on by planes. Not to mention that sometimes T
    7s get into higher tier games. I honestly found the Colorado an enjoyable
    ship after getting it fully upgraded. ( but until then it’s a struggle )

  13. +PhlyDaily on yesterdays amagi vid why did u not show us the difference
    between the 3 hulls and can u show us all hulls differences om ships that
    have more than 2 hulls

  14. audio is a little bit lower than usual

  15. Sound is awfully low and shifting from low to lower and superlow on/off.

  16. you should play the shimakaze next

  17. @PhlyDaily sail out the Farrgut, for the glory of german names in the US
    Navy! (it sounds so german right… guys?!?)


  19. Sounds is quiet and awful. Sorry.

  20. nagato is much better than colorado, faster, better range, better guns also
    more HP and with the upgrades even equal/better armour

  21. stop moving your damn head, changing volume of your voice is annoying to
    say the least

  22. 5th view 😀 I am so proud of myself now.

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