WoWs Best moments 52 – CC memes

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from the month of August. WoWs memes and funny moments.This is the unofficial Flambass episode!

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0:00 Bfk_fer1yfe
0:32 Mr__Gibbins
1:05 Diurach
1:31 Flambass
1:55 WorldofWarships official
2:22 Flambass
2:41 Intro Best Of Twitch
2:53 Flambass
3:14 iChaseGaming
3:33 Toptier
3:47 iChaseGaming
4:07 Mr__Gibbins
4:40 Flambass
4:57 Mr__Gibbins
5:16 Flambass
5:57 Daniel_Rusev
6:27 Flambass
6:57 ChaosMachineGR
7:13 CaptainOverPen
7:36 AdamtheGreatTV
7:56 Flamuu
8:16 Wolfcain_NZ
9:06 Flamuu
9:37 Doctorpillcosby
10:44 MalteseKnight_
11:11 Flamuu
12:05 Bfk_fer1yfe
12:46 BoggzyTime
13:04 TangoAlpha148
13:11 Flamuu
13:40 Flambass
13:58 Jamdearest
14:28 Daniel_Rusev
14:54 Abrakadabruh_B
15:22 Flambass
15:44 CitizenS9
15:57 Flambass
16:22 Bl4ckSK
16:48 Thanks for watching


  1. well now we have Datcha Duster that present wows patch, maybe would be better at this point cause they are only leaving dust behind them

  2. > “Dear Flamu”
    > Flamu and Flambass look sorta different
    > whoops

  3. How the smeg does Diurach keep finding these enemy players that just derp right in front of him so often?! I swear to god he’s running some sort of potato magnet on his ships 😂

    • Probably painted his ship with a very strong-smelling glue of some sort.

      Anyone with less than 70 points of IQ have an invuluntary urge to get near it and have a sniff.

  4. thanks again for providing the lols!!!!!

  5. Flamu = Flambass, it’s confirmed now

  6. Best one YET

  7. popcorns out

  8. 11:45 Flamu discovering “Bugs” that are in the game for years lol

    • Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

      Yay, he unlocked an achievement! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • @Pepega Ch. / ペペガ Yeah, its just cringe. I saw him testing on livestream.

      Years ago it was discovered once and nobody cared about. Why? The chance of this happening in a Random battle (or getting into the situation to do that consistently) is so low that getting a Kraken due to 5 Detonates seems much easier.

      It was nothing critical, almost like a wanted mechanic though.
      Then Flamu tested it and the chat was enraged about this “new” bug and how powercreeped IJN is, Zao will be more useless as it is already etc…
      And again: Years before nobody cared at all.. And now just because Flamu did his “Detective Flamu” work

  9. tbf WG asks not to say nothing. They basically say “you have to have positiv feedback ASWELL” And thats how it works literally everywere. Its just fair for the recieving end of feedback.
    “i dont like this but i do like that”

    • The positive feedback: The ship looks amazing. Art department work is top notch.

      Negative feedback: You are approaching Electronic Arts levels of evil with your LOOTBOXES!!!

  10. Lol, the end with Black_SK, “hej, Blacku, kde jsi? 😀 ” “nic, uvidíme se zítra 😀 ” (hey, Black, where are you? 😀 well, nothing see you tomorrow” 😀 )

  11. well that funnel thing makes a hell of a lot of sense now… I shot a yammy in the back of the SS a couple days ago and it somehow ended up being a citadel, killing the yammy and allowing me to live. I just chalked it up to crappy ping and invisible artillery as that seems to be a popular things these days.

    Maybe if wargaming fixed all the bugs with the profit from the “early access” and the dockyards going back a couple years, this bullshit wouldn’t happen anymore.

  12. Gotta love Mr G.

  13. 7:36 my proudest moment in the history of moments maybe ever lol

  14. 12:46 poor David 🙁

  15. heya got a good chuckle out of this ty so much!

  16. Sebastian Massara

    good video, if they had taken the first one it would have been much better.

  17. I can tell my family I’ve finally made it! Goals

  18. Flambass saying to just spot DDs with your own DDs *CLEARLY* hasnt met some of my teams 😀 .
    T7 ranked ? triple DD MM ? How about all of your DDs are dead after 4 minutes ? Yep.

  19. The only good thing to come out of the dumpster fire that is WOWs is your videos. Cheers.

  20. Michael Søndergaard

    not bad at all. another great one

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