WoWs Best moments 53

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from the start of September. WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 Flamuu
0:45 Flambass
1:54 MalteseKnight_
2:21 BoggzyTime
2:45 Diurach
4:10 MalteseKnight_
4:40 Intro Best Of Twitch
4:51 Flamuu
5:02 CitizenS9
5:36 WorldofWarships
6:06 Masterchief1567
6:31 Flambass
7:07 ZeMadGermanOP
7:26 MalteseKnight_
7:54 TBNRtom98
8:11 Flamuu
8:28 MalteseKnight_
8:53 Charede
9:37 TigersDen
9:43 RedRonie
10:31 CaptainOverPen
11:00 Doctorpillcosby
12:04 Mr_Gibbins
13:12 Painezor
13:23 ChaosMachineGR
13:46 OverLordBou
14:24 Wolfcain_NZ
15:05 MalteseKnight_
15:46 Notser
15:57 Flamuu
16:33 Flambass
16:57 Flamuu
17:56 MalteseKnight_
18:31 Flambass
18:38 Thanks for watching


  1. Damn flamu Big brain

  2. 6:06 I see wargaming finally tried to balanced the Slava?

  3. Those glitch clips at the end had me rolling

  4. Thank you very much for featuring me once again! <3

  5. 0:44 that clip is pure gold

  6. we don’t have feedback threads anymore, well WG we saw it an in fact even MrConvoy does not know mean there is soo much MISCOMMUNICATION in that company that not even Pidgeon can reach them with the internal communication

  7. Артём Шепелев

    Did Missouri’s guns got buffed with “guaranteed plunging fire” gimmick?

  8. 0:45 Sounds like Mechwarrior Online, where they did exactly that after the playercount kept dropping and dropping after every patch.

  9. 16:33 – That guy is EPIC! Someone give him a cookie!

  10. Mr G literally reading Tolkien between shots in Agincourt left me rolling.

  11. Thanks for the video gave me a great laugh and appreciate that, these always get me laughing so much. Also thanks for featuring me as well.

  12. 13:25 – I love Chaos Machine. Dude isn’t crazy; just Greek. 🙂

  13. i was dying when i heard that XD

  14. you might even get the “improved communications” by buying boosters in the armory or something 😀

  15. Those subs clips are great demonstrations of WG’s “team’s creative vision” without any clue about balance and counterplay mechanics.

  16. The Flambass scene just gives me a feeling of Worms, Kmaikazeeeeee, Incommminnnnnnnnnnnng

  17. ‘I don’t have enough potatoes with my meat’, Flambass’ girlfriend ‘You’re playing WoW, you have more potatoes than you need’ – too true 😀 (including me)

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