WoWs Best moments 56 – The Salt

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from September 2021. WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 Flamuu
0:26 MalteseKnight_
1:18 Flambass
1:47 Intro Best Of Twitch
1:57 Biison
2:25 CitizenS9
2:44 Flamuu
3:07 Painezor
3:18 OverLordBou
4:04 Charede
4;33 Flamuu
5:06 Biison
5:27 Jamdearest
5:57 Mr__Gibbins
6:20 WorldofWarships
6:24 PotatoQuality_
6:41 Masterchief1567
6:56 Sone_mg
7:13 Lord_Zath
7:25 ChaosMachineGR
7:52 Flamuu
8:06 greifer
8:24 Notser
8:37 Flamuu
8:57 bfk_fer1yfe
9:03 CitizenS9
10:06 bfk_fer1yfe
10:13 TBNRtom98
10:34 OverLordBou
11:12 Doctorpillcosby
11:24 ChaosMachineGR
11:43 Trenlass
12:17 MalteseKnight_
12:34 oddland
13:13 bfk_fer1yfe
13:47 AndyTheCupid
14:06 WorldofWarships
14:36 Notser
14:43 Flamuu
14:58 bfk_fer1yfe
15:11 CitizenS9
15:35 Flamuu
16:20 Philstifty
16:36 Flamuu
17:00 WorldofWarships
17:31 Westopoli
18:03 Wolfcain_NZ
18:29 WorldofWarships
18:43 AndyTheCupid
18:55 Thanks for watching


  1. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Hope you enjoy the video guys. 1 Week left until the end of our Yamato shirt campaign:
    Thank you to all the featured streamers for letting us feature you. Names and Links below:

    Flamuu –
    MalteseKnight_ –
    Flambass –
    Biison –
    CitizenS9 –
    Painezor –
    OverLordBou –
    Charede –
    Jamdearest –
    Mr__Gibbins –
    WorldofWarships –
    PotatoQuality_ –
    Masterchief1567 –
    Sone_mg –
    Lord_Zath –
    ChaosMachineGR –
    greifer –
    Notser –
    bfk_fer1yfe –
    TBNRtom98 –
    doctorpillcosby –
    Trenlass –
    oddland –
    AndyTheCupid –
    Philstifty –
    Westopoli –
    Wolfcain_NZ –

  2. 1:20 , always knew Flambass was just Flamuu in disguise

  3. 1:20 ah yes, the legendary flambaflolo

  4. “now we know he watches flolo cos he uses the wrong ammo type”
    -IFHE Moskva guy

  5. 18:43 this is exactly how I feel playing this game LOL

    • I think that was the 8th straight loss

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      We felt exactly like you Andy, so we decided to use your statement as a summary for the whole episode and the game lately. 😀

    • Omgwtflmaololrotfl

      So I uninstalled about 2 weeks ago. And I have not been playing serious for the last 4 months. Played here and there. Last time I played they game me 30 days premium its still running out. I can’t be bothered with the game and the state it is in. And the quality of match making has hit a all time low. You can play the whole day and for some strange reason I get dropped in potato teams every match.

      You can only play as good as you can but if you have a team that potatoes it no amount of skill or luck will win the match.

      Enough complaining I have gotten myself D2 russerected. And I have been enjoying it way more than wows. So the decision to finally uninstall and move along has been great. My life is great now. No more bs.

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      @Omgwtflmaololrotfl As much as it pains me to see WoWs decaying slowly, seeing someone take control of their life is so much better. Much love dear sir.

  6. 30,000 co-OP dudes a bot no way you could play that much and not be bored out of your mind

  7. These people must have great fun dealing with submarines cuz everyone loves subs, right? Right??…

  8. this was one of the most funniest of all the videos🤣🤣🤣😂

  9. That Conway quote is just gold 😂

  10. 1 game total and in a Carnot, that’s it I’m done!

  11. 18:25 well, you censored the name over his ship but not in the deathfeed or the player list… B+ for effort xD

  12. Those first few clips gave me Why you heff to be mad? vibes and I love it 😀

  13. I actually knew who the first streamer was from the salt-ridden keystrokes…

  14. Ah so Boggzy finally sold out 🙂

  15. Citizen’s mum just not interested in his nonsense lol

  16. “Sometimes you just shouldnt talk about sex, youre not an expert.” -Citizen’s mom

  17. 18:08 going thru the effort and keying out the name in the UI, then leaving it in on the kill notification for everyone to see, job well done xD

  18. great video!
    My favourite moment: 17:26 😂 just Boggzy in a nutshell

  19. “Liberty.. stop pretending to be a statue..” ahahaha, omg, that cracked me up. Charede is hilarious. XD All those island ship mechanic fails.. brilliant! Also poor Jamdearest, that was one major chain of nope. ^^” ChaosMachine shots are rigged! o.o And.. AND.. .can we please speak about Notser here? Woooow, the burn. ahahahahaha omfg. Citizen’s mum is my hero and the editing on the scream of bfk made my day. that’s it. That’s my two cents. Thanks for the amazing video. <3

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      Well, in all fairness Flamu’s the definitive WoWs streamer and a damn good player. 😛 Notser’s jab was funny and unexpected though. 😀

  20. crap, im 2 days late due to travelling!

    thanks to the streamers, clippers, and editors who all make up the team for these fine compilation videos

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