WoWs Best moments 60

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from December 2021. This time torp dev strikes, torp dodges, and many, many glitches.

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0:00 Flamuu
0:48 WorldofWarships
0:58 StatsBloke
1:09 Flambass
1:27 Intro
1:33 Mr__Gibbins
2:01 Wookie_Legend
2:16 GK, Yamato, Zao Hoodies and Shirts
2:38 AeroSpaceNews
2:57 DolphinPrincess
3:14 WorldofWarships
3:37 Flambass
4:17 TigersDen
4:29 Westopoli
4:55 Maringana
5:08 Flambass
5:30 RedRonie
5:51 Masterchief1567
6:21 StatsBloke
6:48 Bigolandrew
7:06 CitizenS9
7:37 Flamuu
8:07 Mrcootie_1
8:23 Trenlass
8:37 ChaosMachineGR
8:59 Flambass
9:35 Lord_Zath
9:51 PeepoSoviet
10:22 Biisonn
10:33 L3mming42
10:51 ReimuBakarei


  1. i see the game is going better and better in the worst….

  2. When I saw the L3mming42 jumping Shiratsuyu clip my mind went “Wait, have I seen this before?”

  3. The amount of ships bouncing and flipping out of the water, is too damn high

  4. I was hoping for more funny helium from charyty ofial steem

  5. Yeah, the asshole teammate who eats your torps, then goes to torp the ship you were torping. Torpedo cock-blocking at its finest. Removing friendly fire damage was a great move, lol.

    • lets not forget the Halland’s torps then went toward the island in the way, so wouldn’t even hit the target anyway. truly a speshuuul kind of player 😀

    • NegotiatorGladiarius

      As a frequent victim of “friendly” torps, I am actually happy they removed the friendly fire. Had stuff that didn’t even look accidental. And I don’t even just mean the occasional idiot torping at the start of the game. Like, WAAAAY back, I had grouped with I think it was a Venezia or such? Anyway, pink guy, he asks for support, I follow him around in my BB and together we clear a (weak-ish) flank, crossfire the enemies on the other flank, etc. It was a great game, and we worked well together. Then before the score ticks to 1000, he unloads his torps in my side. Gave him a +1 anyway. But I never understood WTH that was about.

      Flip side of the coin, I’m in a slow BB and seriously low on health, Smolensk appears briefly from around an island and smokes up, AND I get some massive lag. I’m like, ok, I’m more fucked than the hardworking girls on legal porno. Between the HE and the torps, there’s no bloody way I’m getting out unscathed. Hard to explain without drawing a map, but, you know, one of those, “it was at this moment that he knew he fucked up” moments. He gets promptly torped by their Shimakaze. Like full all 3 launchers torped. I gave the Shima a +1 too, ’cause anyone torping the enemy Smol has done good in my book :p

    • I mean, before friendly fire was removed, there’s asshole teammates who intentionally run into your torp to give you a pink, or one that intentionally torp you for whatever reason. Different systems invite different kind of asshole, can’t just fix everything.

    • @RaizorsThe “best” kind of teammates are those who intercept your torps and spend the rest of the game spewing vitriol at you in chat about how you are too incompetent to play the game yadda yadda yadda. Imho, both the old and new system have their pros and cons, but I think the pros of team damage removal outweigh the cons. And it’s not just about human teammates either. I’m a casual player who has played quite a few coop games and from personal experience I can say I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been teamkilled by a bot cruiser who would randomly launch torps from both sides at once with no care for nearby teammates.

  6. 10:52, now that is what I call an ALIEN.

  7. I made it! I MADE IT! I can now with peaceful mind quit my WoWs career. 😀 The torp dodges were real in this one tho, and the whole dispersion-game-lag-shenanigans made me chuckle so hard. Citizen… you and me both about dispersion. You and me both.. Very nice selection, I love Flambass getting Mr. G killed and then almost dying himself cause his exploded ship was blocking him. xD Hope you have wonderful holidays, FTB!

  8. NegotiatorGladiarius

    Ah yes, the physics… actually had a moment last month or so, when it spawned my Vanguard (hey, I like playing it; don’t judge;) with its ass in an island, and it almost flipped me like a pancake when the timer hit 0 and the game started. Like seriously launched the ass of my ship waay up. We were all having a laugh along the lines of, “ah yes, the historical WW2 battleship flip. Secret British tactic.” :p

  9. Yey I made it too, Nice to be recognised 🙂 Thanks guys and gals

  10. sounds like CS9 is on the verge of an existential crisis. 😀

  11. Looks that recent rework really was a complete success. 😀

  12. You should have had Lord Zath and Lemming back to back since they were on both sides of that; other than that, great video!

  13. 10:58
    did GZ give Audacious her weird bomb rng ???? lmao

  14. The Monty Python’s referrence was incredible

  15. Last clip is proof Petro is protected by WG

  16. What a “GREAT PAL” MrG is indeed xD

  17. Its always a joy when another WOWS best moments video releases

    This stuff is hilarious and i love it

  18. Flambass lagging and cursing + sound effects, so hilarious XD

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