WoWs Best moments 61

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments from January 2022.
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It’s the Bromance episode. Flambass and Mr_G love each other dearly and WoWs is as memey as ever. Flamuu and Malta also love each other.

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  1. sierra 117 MasterChief

    Finally after long time

  2. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

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    Flamuu –
    MalteseKnight_ –
    WorldOfWarShips –
    Absoluutti –
    Mr__Gibbins –
    StatsBloke –
    Daniel_Russev –
    bigolandrew –
    CitizenS9 –
    TigersDen –
    ChaosMachineGR –
    BuioTetro –
    Philstifty –
    Trenlass –
    Charede –

  3. 0:35
    Ah yes, Robin. Always with the community 😀

  4. XD Robin is the best person I have ever know from WG

  5. Sorry Statsbloke.. but your clips are just too good. XD The editing on the sour candy one.. ahahahahah. Also not gonna lie, that last Gibbins clip gave me life. And Tiger blindshotkilling into smoke, hehe.

  6. Oh.. at last!
    Started to get some serious abstinences!

  7. Holy crap he’s alive😂😂

  8. alexander oudmaijer

    lets goo finally a new episode

  9. 0:35 and 3:05 are definitely my favorite.

  10. 7:36 my best clip in WOWS 😀

  11. Big Fan!

  12. So Gibbins went from one cancer to another? Lovely.

  13. Love the added sound effects and visuals! Lol’d all the way through this!

  14. 8:08
    that’s Vietnam air force

  15. Grimmshred Sanguinus

    anotha one besty moments !!

  16. Aaaayy finally made it into that compilation 😀

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      Robin, you are one of the most skilled players in this game, hands down. Massive respect dear sir. Do we need to look on YouTube to include you?

  17. finallly – the great exploits of submarinecaptn mr_g <3
    despite the shortcomings depicted on the spreadsheet
    he prevailed - long may he lead his ship and crew

  18. For me these compilations are the most entertaining part of Wows. Playing the game itself is meh since it got overgimmicked.

  19. Okey, but “Boom Boom Boom Boom!” – holy shit… shit… shit… (Unreal Tournament 2004 anybody? XD). Well my windows crashed, bluescreen and all that staff. Here I’m after showing this to anybody old enough to remember Vengaboys from elementary school. This is great!

  20. a day late, but i am still here!!! thank you to everyone behinds the scenes for all your efforts to bring us great joy

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