WoWs Best moments 63

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from September. WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 Flamu
0:26 TheFireKitchen
0:45 ChaosMachineGR
1:16 Intro Best Of Twitch
1:23 Daniel_Russev
2:10 Wookie_Legend
2:39 bfk_fer1yfe
3:10 Flambass
3:30 mrcootie_1
4:08 Wookie_Legend
4:33 thegrumpybeard
4:56 OverLordBou
5:24 Flambass
6:15 Flamuu
6:45 Trenlass
6:57 Flamu
7:34 Daniel_Russev
8:05 Flamu
8:37 ChaosMachineGR
9:09 StatsBloke
9:18 Jamdearest
9:36 KillerBin
9:58 ReimuBakarei
10:18 Thanks for watching


  1. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Hope you enjoy the video guys! Special thanks to the streamers. You can find their names below. (If you want to participate in our next videos, you are welcome to submit clips through our discord server – )

    Flamuu –
    TheFireKitchen –
    ChaosMachineGR –
    Daniel_Russev –
    Wookie_Legend –
    bfk_ferlyfe –
    mrcootie_1 –
    thegrumpybeard –
    OverLordBou –
    Flambass –
    Trenlass –
    StatsBloke –
    Jamdearest –
    minihannibal65 –
    AndyTheCupid –
    Killerbin –
    ReimuBakarei –

  2. Yeah, another one! Great!

  3. Good job, keep up the good work 🙂

  4. the clicking bug is so convenient when u got the perfect opportunity

    • If you watch his ship in the bottom left, you can see the (center) torpedo tubes are still rotating (since they were facing port when he torped the Montana). His starboard side torpedoes were still reloading. That’s why that happens.

    • @TheSeasOfEnvy no it’s a bug it happen to me when my gun were align perfectly specially if u have even only one gun and other streamer had this too don’t say this cause the video see perfectly that it was green and still no a torps shot…

    • @Failomas No idea what happened on your end, I’d need to see a video or something to tell.
      However, in bfk_fer1yfe’s case, I already explained what happened. I’ll try this again, but simpler.

      Paolo Emilio has 3 torpedo launchers. One on the left, one on the middle, and one on the right.
      At the start of the clip, the RIGHT and LEFT launcher are reloading (you can tell because those 2 have better firing angles than the middle one). You can see that the very front of the torpedo firing angles is yellow, because those 2 have been launched already.

      Then, bfk looks to the left – this causes the MIDDLE torpedo to go over to the left side. If you watch the ship icon on the bottom left, like I said, the MIDDLE torpedo is looking over the LEFT side of the ship. When bfk turns his camera over to the RIGHT side, that torpedo launcher has to turn all the way from the LEFT side to the RIGHT side.

      Now, when bfk tries to launch torps, you’ll notice the launching arc is yellow. This is because he has the RIGHT torpedo launcher selected, and it is reloading. The MIDDLE torpedo launcher is still turning, so the launching arc does not switch to it yet. Keep watching the bottom left ship indicator to watch it turn.

      Finally, you will notice that the torpedoes finally launch, when the MIDDLE torpedo launcher reaches where he is aiming. This is why he was not able to torp for a bit – the launcher was not facing the right direction.

  5. Droid Motorola 388

    What a great timing. I always watch wows videos while eating lunch at school. but potato quality didn’t upload today.

  6. 3:14 Detonation without landing a bomb??? nice

  7. Alexander Dorsett

    Always enjoyable! Thanks to everyone for creating and submitting clips, and thanks to the teams for assembling it all together!

  8. The editing on Chaos and Grumpy here is just effing fabulous! Good comp. Also for a refreshing change, no salty Flamu clips! I do approve that. 😀 What is this whole Georgio meme though? Gotta look that up.. Also someone make Killerbin’s “Where did my health go?” a viral meme pls. 😀

  9. 1:06 And now a mouthfull of my dinner that should be on its way to ma belly is spread over my desk 😐 Smeg you editor, you win this round 😂

  10. not to be that guy but at 2:47 that was because the centerline torp tube hadn’t turned all the way around yet, it wasn’t a glitch

  11. Its a relief to see how even great players have to deal with potatoes potatoing all over the game.

  12. I love clicking 20 times before it decides i am allowed to fire, best part of the game.

  13. 2:40 tat was the empty torpedo tupe the midel one was turning

  14. 1:09 Οπα (opa) in greek is like hold up in english and we also say it when we save a bad situation like in this clip where chaos machine doesnt fall off his chair

  15. Good edits! Keep it going!

  16. These videos make my week! Thanks mate!

  17. i see people in here making 200k dmg..
    And i’m hyped when i made 80k. 😀

  18. Awesome video as always my friend, well done!

  19. Great Video!!

  20. 2:48 the reason he had to spam click and it wasn’t firing is the center-mounted tube had to rotate around the long way to be able to fire.

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