WoWs Best moments 64

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from April 2022. WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 StatsBloke
0:30 Flambass
0:56 New Shimakaze shirt
1:14 Flamuu
1:34 Mr__Gibbins
1:50 Westopoli
2:13 Flambass
2:31 Mr__Gibbins
3:00 Flambass
3:33 Flamuu
3:55 ChaosMachineGR
4:13 CaptainOverPen
4:38 CarbineCarlito
4:55 Flambass
5:19 FayarCat
5:42 Flambass
6:16 Biisonn
6:37 StatsBloke
6:45 Biisonn
7:04 MalteseKnight_
7:39 Flamuu
8:02 MalteseKnight_
8:46 bfk_fer1yfe
8:53 Sammelstelle
9:12 ChaosMachineGR
9:29 Flamuu
10:30 Flambass
10:55 Trenlass
11:27 MalteseKnight_
11:43 AndyTheCupid
12:38 Wookie_Legend
13:33 Flamuu
13:54 mista_deacon
14:43 ChaosMachineGR
15:03 Daniel_Russev
15:21 MalteseKnight_
15:55 Flambass
16:19 Mr__Gibbins


  1. World of Warships - Best of Twitch
  2. 360p gives the good vibe of a balanced game XD

  3. 9:50 They may be taxed to hell, but who else can say they got catgirl PM.

  4. That wall of skill thoe

  5. “Hold my pants Momma! I’m going in!” – Flambass 2022

  6. Whenever gibnons smiles, it looks painful XD

  7. Εκπομπή Μπράφ

    Torpedo rain i never see like that its creepy 😮

  8. What I’ve learned:

    Never buy beer in Finland.
    Dasha Perova is gone.
    World of Warships is more unbalance than ever.
    Mr__Gibbins is a nail model.

  9. 12:16 bruh … his brain just went full potato.

  10. 0:08 thats i can say the Torbedo Gallore

  11. 4:55 Been there a million times over on WoWs:Legends.

  12. Love these videos!!!

  13. i loved it !!!! so funny !!!

  14. Soo good. Funny as hell. Keep em coming mate! 🙂

  15. That Flamuu description of taxes in Finland is so true LMAO haha

  16. I love mr.gibbins reactions to the things

  17. When at 9:31 Flamuu talk about the price of the beers in Finland, where you’re actually in vacation and you remember have say last night: “wtf the price of the beer” 🍻😂🇫🇮

  18. lol Great vid, I really liked Mr Gibbons and his A-hull discussion.

  19. Trenlass loosing brain cells at 11:17 is just perfect!

  20. Carbine finally made it: but it is difficult to be more entertaining than CCs chat is.

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