WoWs Best Moments 65

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from May 2022. WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 Flambass
0:51 CzarPrismo
1:04 Flamuu
1:56 WorldOfWarships
2:11 Flamuu
3:01 Mr__Gibbins
3:18 INTRO
3:27 Wookie_Legend
3:39 OverLordBou
4:14 StatsBloke
4:30 Flamuu
4:56 bfk_fer1yfe
6:03 AeroSpaceNews
6:40 Diurach
8:05 MalteseKnight_
8:53 Daniel_Russev
09:33 ChaosMachineGR
09:55 Flamuu
10:19 Flambass
11:07 kimmichar
11:52 ChaosMachineGR
12:53 CLGanseR
13:30 Flamuu
14:19 Flambass
14:45 foamingjetty
15:26 MalteseKnight_
15:41 minihannibal65
15:57 angelplays
16:09 ZilentN0ise
16:22 Nunez_2129
16:37 bigolandrew
16:50 lk
17:06 OUTRO


  1. Love it save my Day Poggas

  2. Fauzan Ilham Nabil

    I love every scane when flamu being mad

  3. lets see if they can tell the difference between flambass and flamu this time.

  4. devs playing with god mode now in public games? nice nice

  5. Matthew Blomstrom

    1:56 they’re so bad at their own game, they have to cheat. Either that or it’s their shit servers

  6. I cant even remember the last time i was or got a Citadel on a Normandie.

  7. Again a awesome Video😆🤣🤣 Brain send du best wisches😇😇

  8. Farkel Rysunhope

    Nice to see some new players on the channel.

  9. that blind spank of the smoked smolensk was gold

  10. Aditya Chanif Indhra Putra

    Flamu is the best!😆👍🔥

  11. Remember, if your team’s CV dies, it’s because you’re a potato.

  12. Manolis Christodoulakis

    we need more often videos from you,we loved them!!!

  13. 13:34
    Well, it’s hard to be happy when you have a bitchy Czar wanna-be right next door, threatening to bomb you every other week. =/

  14. darmond phillips

    I love seeing my name on there thanks that just made my day

  15. They really fucked this game up with CVs and submarines

  16. 3:08 The irony of the ship being struck by a plane is USS Kidd is not lost on me, it even hits the historicaly correct spot i think.

  17. These videos are pretty much the best part of the game at this point.

  18. Warships, being spot on with those hitboxes, I see. This is a good compilation of proof that hitboxes in this game are wonky sometimes and need some improvement. Also Dirty Aero and Diurach just wrecking things in his Elbing made my day. Dem plays! Chaos ‘just dodging’, magnificent energy! And the Jetty.. just wrecking three cruisers casually in his Des Moines. Life goals! <3 Good compilation, this!

  19. Flamu sums Finland up pretty well, though no more snow

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