WoWs Best Moments 67

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WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 Flambass
0:28 Flamuu
0:50 Today’s Sponsor
1:07 CarbineCarlito
1:15 IK
1:35 Senpai_Silent
1:53 Generaldort
2:03 Flambass
3:05 Flamuu
3:32 Senpai_Silent
3:52 CarbineCarlito
4:43 OverlordBou
5:11 ChaosMachineGR
5:34 Flamuu
6:12 Mista_deacon
6:54 Flamuu
7:46 Flambass
8:21 AndyTheCupid
8:39 AndyTheCupid
8:55 DobbyM8
9:13 Flambass
9:49 Maringana
10:27 Bigolandrew
10:53 Flamuu
11:43 ZilentN0ise
12:20 Senpai_Silent
13:09 Flamuu
13:37 Bigolandrew
14:36 Senpai_Silent
14:57 Mr__Gibbins
15:09 Thanks for watching


  1. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

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    Mista_deacon –
    AndyTheCupid –
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    Maringana –
    Bigolandrew –
    ZilentN0ise –
    Mr__Gibbins –

  2. 5:27 memeable

  3. 8:40 hope WG bans this bot “aufwecker”; had him so often in my games just sailing backwards.

  4. Flamu and Flambino.

    Two salty Brothers 😅

    And Malta is the Cousin.

  5. I also quit wows recently. Superships, subs and arms race in randoms just killed the fun for me.

    I still love your compilations, though. They remind me of good times. Thanks!

  6. Артем Шепелев

    14:57 Everyone of us has a little bit of Mr. Gibbins inside us

  7. 9:50 gatkeeping has failed I see…..

  8. yep i give the same response like Mr. Gibbs to this WG “survey”

  9. 10:58 flamu taking German historical accuracy to the next level

  10. could watch ur videos all day man love em

  11. The reason for the zigzag lines is historical accuracy, convoys always traveled that way in enemy territory to make aiming torpedoes more difficult.

    • You say it correctly, “in enemy territory”, aka not your own spawn

    • @Duscolux The fact that both sides spawn essentially within spotting distance of each other implies the convoy is already in enemy territory, or at least in a area where contact is expected.

  12. 9:50
    Girls when they use thirsty men to make money on OnlyFans: *Stonks*
    Girls when gaming companies use thirsty men to make money: *Surprised Pikachu Face*

  13. The Condé clip with Overlord and then the Incomparable one with Chaos are just pure gold, and the editing is chef’s kiss. I chuckled so much (but also curse you, Condé, bane of my existence! XD) And I gotta admit, that Flamu’s standoff of Dutch cruisers was hilarious. Flambass metal voice, A+! There is a lot of amazing gems in this comp.
    But. let’s be honest. Unsurprisingly, the editing on the Maringana clip is the best, and I don’t say that because I am heavily biased. nope. Totally not. (I was laughing so hard.. XD)

  14. 8:16

    That Infant Annihilator song tho.

  15. tbh, ZicZac was a actual strategy. Doesnt make it work going in a sinus-line though^^

  16. As always great video. Im just missing some good DD clips

  17. ah the highlight of every month

  18. Senpai and Lakwa best Polish division

  19. What the hell happened to Flambass? Haven’t seen anything in 2 weeks!

  20. 0:35 Bro why? Protocol beware torpedo attack from submarines to convoy 😜 Look to film Greyhound 😀

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