WoWs Best Moments 68

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WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 bfk_fer1yfe
0:45 Flamuu
1:04 Wookie_Legend
1:25 Special thanks to Million Pugs
1:42 xs_kiddo
2:10 AdamtheGreatTV
2:40 ZilentN0ise
3:09 MatleseKnight_
3:42 IcelandicICE
3:56 WorldofWarships
4:25 MalteseKnight_
4:36 ChaosMachineGR
4:48 bfk_fer1yfe
5:04 Biisonn
5:19 bigolandrew
5:47 Senpai_Silent
6:01 Just_Blizzard
6:45 bfk_fer1yfe
6:51 WorldofWarships
7:03 Wookie_Legend
7:21 jupi5r
7:35 Daniel_Russev
8:26 bfk_fer1yfe
8:58 OverLordBou
9:14 Mr__Gibbins
9:48 Flambass
10:05 Daniel_Russev
10:20 Flambass
10:37 Daniel_Russev
11:17 Biisonn
11:40 Flambass
12:02 StatsBloke
12:21 Flamuu
13:12 StatsBloke
14:24 mr__Gibbins
14:32 Masterchief1567
14:42 Senpai_Silent
15:00 ChaosMachineGR
15:24 WorldofWarships
15:44 foamingjetty
16:01 Wookie_Legend
16:11 Flambass
16:37 Thanks for Watching


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    foamingjetty –

  2. Looking at the last clip, I hope that it isn’t some kind of foreshadowing, of this being the last of the season as well. Since that wouldn’t be nice.

  3. am glad i quit this RNG infested game, i still wait for the day things get fixed

  4. Boggzy’s right. We love P A N I C Bou.

  5. Роман Шундрик

    15:20 – how did he blush 😁

  6. gold container , worth it! KEKW

  7. The close in of Flambass unable to shoot the Kleber as the German last stand voiceline plays is priceless.

  8. Richthofen- German Accuracy on CVs 😀

  9. So if I get this right, Flamu is saying we’re all – in fact – potatoes.

  10. 15:00 yesterday I got my 3/4 hp Izumo detonated by 3 Eagle torps. Gotta love superCVs

    • it is not about superCVs (or CVs)
      if you don’t wear deto flag (that i tell everybody to do so) every kind of smg that hits your magazine (that usually means it has to be citadel dmg) when you are on 75% and below can detonate you
      all the torps are citadel dmg btw

  11. So good. Keep them coming mate.

  12. Nice video as usual boss!!!

  13. 12:24 In case who don’t know, “dented” here stands for a BTTV emoji call “pepeDent”, which is Peepo with a giant gap on his head.

  14. Every day is a good day with one of your videos 😽

  15. CesarinPillin Gaming

    That detonation lmao XD
    And from the halland.. the lowest damage torpedo.. XD

  16. 12:50 isnt even the elbins fault flamu had so much time to turn and avoid him…

  17. Award for Best Laugh: Chaosmachine_GR – Award for Funniest Facial Expression: Flambass – Award for Best Sarcasm: Flamuu – Award for Best Clip: “The Dandelion” 😉

  18. Manolis Christodoulakis

    i enjoy the video it was very funny keep up the good work and try to load more often.once in a month is not enough.
    THANKS once again mate.

  19. 8:27 he needs to A: read his kill feed again because it was two kills by the Shima, and one kill from the Forrest Sherman, and B: relearn math… There are SIX players on his team in TOTAL, and he wasn’t killed.

  20. 15:07 I hear people complaining about Detonation, though I don’t know why, they are always fun surprise :3

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