WoWs Best Moments 69

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from September 2022.
WoWs memes and funny moments.

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0:00 Flamuu
0:38 bfk_fer1yfe
1:21 Trenlass
2:01 Want extra WoWs Loot?
2:19 Flambass
3:19 angelplays
3:44 OverLordBou
4:12 Flamuu
4:31 bfk_fer1yfe
4:42 Flambass
4:59 bfk_fer1yfe
5:48 Flambass
6:02 Mr__Gibbins
6:27 Philstifty
6:39 Mr__Gibbins
6:58 Flambass
7:07 Trenlass
7:11 Flambass
7:13 Trenlass
7:26 Flamuu
7:35 Flambass
7:54 MalteseKnight_
8:00 Wookie_Legend
8:08 MalteseKnight_
8:35 WorldofWarships
8:50 Daniel_Rusev
9:09 Trenlass
9:18 Daniel_Rusev
9:28 Mista_deacon
9:53 IceDi4m0nD
10:13 Maringana
10:27 kimmichar
10:42 ChaosMachineGR
10:52 OverLordBou
11:04 MalteseKnight_
11:48 ClydePlaysLive
12:29 angelplays
12:54 Senpai_Silent
13:33 Senpai_Silent
13:47 bfk_fer1yfe


  1. Smolwheat 北島いぶき

    69 is finally here

  2. “huh, there’s a lot of incel jokes in this one huh?”

    then I see the episode number

  3. My team lost 7 ships in 4 1/2 minutes

  4. Say it with me ladies and gents,


  5. Pour one out for Bou.

  6. Nice Video, cant get out of ideas what was too good XD, keep up this nice work
    but the last clip OMG XD the poor enemy team XD gets spamed of torpedoes, did the chat explode of how unfair it is, to put all of the same clan, different divis in the same team? especially with Ise? XD to talk via Discord or idk, that was the extremly fun point on that

  7. Manolis Christodoulakis

    very happy to seeing you uploading videos!!!!
    keep up the good work,we having great time!!!

  8. Grimmshred Sanguinus

    maltese doesnt think premiums are op but he loves that Austin so much

  9. 6:58 man we have to protect these 3 at all cost, they are an intangible heritage of humanity

  10. Oh my God I could not stop laughing, my eyes got teared up and my mout is hurting. It was so good this time you deserve an oscar my friend. Thank you for making this and more. Seriously I am writiing and still can’t stop laughing!

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      Team effort. 🙂 Many people have worked on this episode. Really glad you enjoyed it. I too found it very funny. The lead editor for this episode is awesome. 😛 His nickname is The_Last_Leshy.

  11. I never thought I would be in a video like these. Thank you very much

  12. 3:10 “somebody else’s problem armor”; the most OP buff in the game

  13. CesarinPillin Gaming

    That khabarovs full tokyo drift was.. holy shit..

  14. The combination of Flambass and Trenlass and the UKoldman is just pure editing gold.

  15. 10 thing i never see in server asia
    1 a german bb player
    2 A cruiser with broadside
    3 a bb use he ammo ( unless it hms ship )
    Update later

  16. 0:24 when you realise you have paperwork due tomorrow.

  17. I dont play WoWS for over a year due to WarScamming being as*holes, but I always love watching your S-tier edited mashups. Absolutetly amazing and hiliarious <3

  18. It feels like they’ve fucked up battleship dispersion recently. Even with great aim your shells just land all over the place or hit torpedo protection unless you get within 10km by which time you’re a flaming ball of sinking metal.

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