WoWs Best moments 70

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from October 2022.
WoWs memes and funny moments.

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#Worldofwarships #wows

#Worldofwarships #wows

0:00 Flambass
0:34 Flambass & Mr__Gibbins
0:44 OverLordBou
1:23 WoWs Best moments
1:28 Get extra WoWs loot
1:40 Daniel_Russev
2:06 nunez_geno_streamer
2:32 Mr__Gibbins
3:00 Flamuu
3:11 Senpai_Silent
3:34 Flamuu
3:45 Flambass
3:59 StatsBloke
4:14 BeardBro_Flo
4:23 WorldofWarships
4:52 Flambass
5:07 Daniel_Russev
5:20 Absoluutti
5:32 Wookie_Legend
6:01 WorldofWarships
6:20 Flamuu
6:45 StatsBloke
6:59 Mr__Gibbins
7:08 Redd_Legend
7:32 MalteseKnight_
7:58 ChaosMachineGR
8:15 OverLordBou
8:30 Flambass
8:50 Wookie_Legend
9:08 WorldofWarships
9:22 Flambass
10:02 Mr__Gibbins
10:34 MalteseKnight_
10:44 angelplays
10:55 bigolandrew
11:17 lakwax
11:58 Trenlass
12:17 ChaosMachineGR
12:31 Flamuu
12:47 MalteseKnight_ & friends
13:09 More funny WoWs


  1. big fan! keep up the compilations!

  2. Always look forwards to these videos. Ty for your time and effort.

  3. What Malta said at the end so true….

  4. Oh, Cheg is community manager now. Grats to him, super nice guy! <3

  5. Love the time that goes into these 10/10 🙂

  6. “aircraft from planes”

    Wargaming : “write that down, write that down”

  7. 3:35 to 4:15
    Is the (un?)holy trinity of reactions to incoming torpedoes:
    Indifference, fear, and denial.

  8. I like Maltese at the end describing the current clusterfuck of a state the game is in.

  9. Manolis Christodoulakis

    good job,keep the good work we love your videos.

  10. There were plans for planes that acted as aircraft carriers. So, not as ridiculous as it might sound.

  11. 3:02 Flamu was talking about how weird pronunciation English has, so all the dumb chat knew how to hit back on with was the longest word in Finnish. Dented

  12. Probably referencing the fact the community managers have no real influence at all over the direction of the game. WG have proven enough times they’ll just run with an idea regardless of how universally it is deemed as shit.

  13. Wait until weegee remembers that the Germans had plane dropped radio guided missiles during the second world war

  14. 12:41 that reaction was lmao

  15. That Khabarovsk clip hurts to look at he had the chance to only take one torpedo all he had to do after the first one hit was to basically slow down

  16. The betrayal moment between Mr_Gibbins and Flambass at 0:00

  17. Very nice comp! The torp dodges were real… also I really felt for Cheg there. I struggle so much dodging torps when driving away from them, and then the stream pressure on top. I feel him so much.
    The Flambass-Gibbins moment was definitely a highlight, hehehe. And all those nice citadel hits and dev strikes. The Wookie one was doubtlessly the weirdest, in the sense that he and me both went: Dude.. what the hell is wrong with you? to whoever was on comms with him.. o.o

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