WoWs Best Moments 72

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from November 2022.
WoWs memes and funny moments.

Script: Senpai_Silent
Edit: Senpai_Silent
Director: Daniel_Russev
Producer: FreetheBrain

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#Worldofwarships #wows

00:00 MalteseKnight_
00:30 Flamuu
00:54 bfk_fer1yfe
01:11 MalteseKnight_
01:39 Today’s Sponsor
01:51 Flamuu
02:06 Trenlass
02:30 Flambass
03:04 ChaosMachineGR
03:26 AndyTheCupid
03:50 Daniel_Russev
05:04 StatsBloke
05:36 bigolandrew
06:13 StatsBloke
06:26 PotatoQuality_
07:04 angelplays
07:21 PotatoQuality_
07:34 Flambass
08:01 Painezor
08:10 Trenlass
08:31 MalteseKnight_
08:51 OverLordBou
09:23 WorldofWarships
09:36 MalteseKnight_
10:05 Flambass
10:23 Flamuu
10:42 PrivatePinguin
10:58 MalteseKnight_
11:20 WorldofWarships
11:28 OverLordBou
11:54 Flamuu
12:11 Wookie_Legend
12:26 Daniel_Russev
12:52 Mr_Gibbins
13:19 More funny WoWs


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    Flamuu –
    bfk_fer1lyfe –
    ChaosMachineGR –
    Trenlass –
    AndyTheCupid –
    Daniel_Russev –
    StatsBloke –
    PotatoQuality_ –
    angelplays –
    Painezor –
    WorldofWarships –
    PrivatePenguin –
    Wookie_Legend –
    Mr__Gibbins –

  2. SS are balanced, CV are balanced
    There is no issue
    Continue giving WG money

  3. I love how mr Gibbins did not even try to dmg con that ping 😂

  4. I think Mr Gibbins sums WoWS up perfectly in the last clip! and lets be honest, right now, thats 99% of the game!

  5. Daniel’s reaction is relatable, you can buy fun but you can’t buy skill 😂

  6. It is not about how balanced subs,aircraft carriers and super ships are(they are not), it is just 0 fun to play against them. I am with Mr G, fuck this game.

  7. 5:21
    you know why he didn’t used speed boost?
    cus he is fcking 35% winrate potato master

  8. 11:10 always disgusting to see the number 17900

  9. in my last game, the Hannover had 970 games total (all modes) and a WR of 32% in randoms

  10. Malteseknight is hilarious. His energy is infectious.

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  12. Daniel show’s what WG wants …….25 Battle Player in a T9-10 Game……
    and Mr__Gibbins show’s how our all reaction should be…….

  13. Mr. G in last video definitely nailed my feelings about that game

  14. Flambass was so lucky with those torpedos at 7:51

  15. people skipping straight to t10 still boggles my noodle. 1000 games in i was still pretty mediocre at the game.

  16. I love how WG is historically accurate about the ineffectiveness of depth charge attacks. But is fantastically accurate about submarines doing 50 knots underwater and being completely undetected while using what is essentially a horn and broadcasting their location underwater when ever they ping ships or use the sonar consumable. or use the

    • Sort of like how WG is historically accurate when it comes to dispersion/inaccuracy on battleships but is wildly inaccurate on what happens when one, or several, 16 in shells slams into a 300 foot long destroyer or larger cruiser.

  17. As we can see subs’ implementation is flawless and well received by the vast majority of the playerbase.

  18. 12:52 – this was me in a 6v6 or 8v8 or whatever with 2 – yes TWO frigging CVs on each side. Haven’t gone back to the game in over a year now.

  19. That second “siren” clip got me good. Hahaha! Crazy satisfying squeeze for sure!

  20. 0:50 flamu taking German historical accuracy to the next level pt. 2

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