WoWs Best Moments 73

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from December 2022. ✅ Sponsored by Million Pugs – cashback for gamers:

WoWs memes and funny moments.

Script: Senpai_Silent
Edit: Senpai_Silent
Director: Daniel_Russev
Producer: FreetheBrain

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Music by Kevin MacLeod at:

#Worldofwarships #wows

00:00 Flamuu
00:16 Daniel_Russev
00:48 MalteseKnight_
01:39 Today’sSponsor
01:55 OverLordBou
02:55 Flamuu
03:12 WorldofWarships
03:55 StatsBloke
04:13 xxdrunkenmonkeyxx
04:30 MalteseKnigh_
04:56 ChaosMachineGR
05:37 Flamuu
05:52 Flambass
06:20 Trenlass
06:36 Wookie_Legend
06:54 Flamuu
07:08 Flambass
08:37 MalteseKnight_
09:00 Daniel_Russev
09:27 xs_kiddo
09:56 ChaosMachineGR
10:16 Flamuu
10:35 Daniel_Russev
11:04 OverLordBou
11:16 Flamuu
11:36 OverLordBou
12:08 bfk_fer1lyfe
12:33 OverLordBou
13:00 Flamuu
13:22 MalteseKnight_
13:38 Flambass
14:04 End credits


  1. Spreadsheet: subs and CVs are well balanced, popular, and do not need nerfing whatsoever.

    Everyone else: Nooooooo!

  2. 0:01 “Paedo’s direct front!”

  3. If you haven’t played wows , you really need to, so you can experience how absolutely tragic and garbage this game actually is.

  4. “Wtf WeeGee smoking in that basement?” – Daniel
    Well, to be honest, Illinois is the upcoming new ship

  5. I started watching flambass on here to learn how to play shooty boats better. I stopped watching him when he stopped paying attention to the game.

  6. >guy in wheel chair

    Oh shit a cv main.

    I’m dead.

  7. Grimmshred Sanguinus

    Beware of 7:02 you might shit your pants from this one xD

  8. Funny, tense and well put together – excellent compilation, thank you!

  9. On today’s episode,

    Flamu tempted the God of Fate one too many times with his mouth.

    Flambass really really needs to use the toilet.

    And Bou does the funni with Submarines.

  10. It’s always great when the people who make the game and say everything is fine, get shit on

  11. That Kleber / Zao dance was brilliant!!! Very skilfully played with AWSD

  12. @David Potts Again, that just means you do not understand statistics. In a game using a random matchmaking system, your solo winrate over a big sample measures your skill because random factors such as good teams or bad teams cancel out due to the law of big numbers. Your 35% winrate is the fruit of your own performance and yours alone. And I explicitely explained how the 22 of the 24 variables cancel out with the last two remaining being you relative to the average player. This is why winrate measures your skill relative to the average player’s skill. Basically, what you just wrote, I already proved wrong multiple comments ago.

    Wether you understand it or not, your winrate means you are very bad even if it is a team based game. It’s what the other guy also tried to explain to you. If you don’t believe me, just go on the subreddit, state your winrate average damage and number of games while asking wether you’re good or bad. They will tell you the same thing.

    You’re also incorrect about how the law of big numbers work. It specifically exists to cancel out outside factors. For example, if you do a few coinflips, you won’t necessarily get 50-50 but if you do a huge amount of coinflips, the law of big numbers is what cancels out a lucky streak of results like heads, heads, heads or tails, tails, tails. In World of Warships, it cancels out being lucky with team or unlucky with teams. In both cases, it leaves the odds of your own performance at coinflip (50%) and the game (35%).

    Honestly, you’re kinda just not good at statistics which is why you think your winrate depends on your teams when it doesn’t. There’s nothing more to explain, you’re just factually wrong.

  13. I’ve noticed flambass going afk alot lately too from watching his streams lol i kinda think its funny what happened to him in these clips

  14. 7:05 As someone’s who mains CV now, I can say this is how I look like after I got Midway.

  15. @David Potts Because you’re literally just wrong. Winrate is PROVEN to be 99% correlated with skill in games using a random matchmaking system with the remaining 1% being unrealistic amounts of luck (someone even took the time to do the mathematical demonstration on the forum one day). You simply don’t understand how to use the law of big numbers so you come to false conclusions (the simple fact you think it does not apply to skill based games is hilarious because it’s completely untrue). In fact, even Wargaming posted a video where they class skill by winrate (and the category you are in is labeled ”plain bad” which got meme’d a lot).

    It’s just a fact that you’re wrong and with what you demonstrated on this thread, it’s easy to see how you achieved a 35% winrate since you clearly don’t learn. Like I said, just post your number of games, your winrate and your average damage on the subreddit and ask if you’re good or not. They will tell you the same thing I did. (for real, do it)

  16. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    thank you for the subhuman killing clips! we definitely need them more! those are some high quality content right there!

  17. @David Potts Thanks for making my day. You just proved flamu’s point xD.

  18. I love the fact that this first clip has now happened at least twice. Flamu sees the torps coming, he says something to the effect of “I can survive this”. And then IMMEDIATELY detonates.

  19. @Varun Kishore Yeah, there’s definitely some irony to him. He’s literally what Flamu is talking about in the video hahaha!

  20. Always nice to see appreciation for submarines expressed so expressly.

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