WoWs Best Moments 74

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from December 2022.

WoWs memes and funny moments.

Script: Senpai_Silent
Edit: Senpai_Silent
Director: Daniel_Russev
Producer: FreetheBrain

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  1. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Hope you enjoy the video, guys! Share your favourite moment with us in the comments. Streamer names and links below:

    Flamuu –
    WorldofWarships –
    MalteseKnight_ –
    Daniel_Russev –
    Trenlass –
    Wookie_Legend –
    bfk_fer1yfe –
    OverLordBou –
    Flambass –
    AndyTheCupid –
    StatsBloke –
    Trenlass –
    mista_deacon –
    ChaosMachineGR –
    CarbineCarlito –

  2. You feel bad for Trenlass

  3. 14:39 worlds best hector player

  4. Butterfly effect 🦋

    3:50 such amazing armor for dd

  5. Poor trenlass discovering r34 🥲 His purity is now ruin forever…

  6. Trenlass’s reaction was priceless lmfao
    Bro really googled rule 34 despite the warning

  7. all the time i see this video compilation the little willingness of play WoWs disappear

  8. Lol! Clips like this really don’t make me regret uninstalling that pos 😂

  9. Thank you for the Video, Brain <3

  10. Every time a submarine or supership dies an angle gets his wings!

  11. 11:05 You can’t aim at specific points of a submarine to get a detonation because they should practically detonate anytime, anywhere they get hit. :p

  12. I may not be a unicum in the game, but I am a unicum at watching these videos. Great video!

  13. Watching flamu slowly going inasne is amusing

  14. The first clip sums up the current state of player base perfectly, who can potato harder.

    • Best part is many won’t notice what is wrong without anyone poining it out….

    • It’s truly unbelievable. truly.
      I can’t still decide if it’s worst trying to engage at 10 seconds with 0 HP and a secure win, or choosing to torp instead of firing, or the Salem shooting HE.
      Seems like an endless escalation of stupidity that’s just painfull to watch.
      I will never believe there are “thinking” people behind those decisions, they seems like random things done at random times in random conditions. Like a bot going around, doing things that’s all folks

  15. Somebody should probably tell Boggzy that subs have those torpedoes, which are basically a 300-500 kg explosive charges with a screw at the end, and these babies sit firmly in subs torpedo launchers in bows and sterns (usually), covered by a removable covers of steel (a few mm in thickness). So its actually pretty obvious (perhaps not for Boggzy, but still) where you should aim to have a chance of hitting a 500 kg of f…g explosive.

    • i believe boggzy knows that but as he is an employee of WG he HAS to say what they tell him
      I think this is the sad reality….

  16. The Gollum voice was so good, had me dying

  17. It doesn’t happen often.. but for once I actually agree with two of Flamuu’s vids. The rng sometimes is wacky as all hell, aiming waterline at a short distance and then OVERshooting the target is nuts, and not being punished when broadside as well. Other than that big kudos to including Statsbloke’s explanation of how stream sniping/ getting advantages in game by watching streamers is against several TOS. 😀 Solid comp, nice shots!

  18. Trenlass googling rule 34 and the face of disgust had me wheezing!

  19. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    Holy shit, didn’t expect the brawl in the first clip to win

  20. 8:45 Lmao flamuu mistook the guy who killed him with a former kots pro, then call him a fanboy😂💀

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