WoWs Best Moments 75

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from February 2023.

WoWs memes and funny moments.

Script: Senpai_Silent
Edit: Senpai_Silent
Director: Daniel_Russev
Producer: FreetheBrain

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#Worldofwarships #wows

0:00 MalteseKnight_
1:10 Flamuu
1:37 WorldofWarships
1:53 Flambass
2:06 Flamuu
2:41 Flambass
3:01 MalteseKnight_
3:26 OverLordBou
3:53 Flamuu
4:54 WorldofWarships
5:12 MalteseKnight_
5:32 Philstifty
5:46 bigolandrew
5:58 ZilentN0ise
6:18 OverLordBou
7:03 AndyTheCupid
7:39 Flamuu
8:12 StatsBloke
8:27 Thegrumpybeard
8:43 ChaosMachineGR
9:05 Daniel_Russev
9:44 WorldofWarships
10:07 Wookie_Legend
10:19 ChaosMachineGR
10:36 StatsBloke
10:58 Wookie_Legend
11:25 MalteseKnight_
12:16 Daniel_Russev
12:36 Flambass
12:55 Trenlass
13:14 MalteseKnight_


  1. 1:44 Gato is an appropriate name for a sub. Those pos should be dead and buried but they seem to have nine lives in the game.
    9:45 And we can now see why the game is in the state that it’s in. ffs

  2. World of Warships: Only Big Brain Gamers here.

  3. 9:44 Potato thinking, this is why Weegee is nerfing tanking , they think it is players losing = tanking.

    • Pls correct me if I’m wrong, but since when you get rewarded for potential dmg??? I used to joke in matches while using my GK or Preussen about not being rewarded for tanking while everybody stayed in the back.

    • @Juan Kovacs The reward have always been pitiful but now they’re nerfing it further.

    • @Juan Kovacs I would like to know how much were they rewarding it, I thought it was quite insignificant, but they are making it even closer to zero now

    • @burt591 the data is hidden, Wg never wants to release it otherwise it would be obvious which ship to chose for which role, this is why u dont get to see your xp instantly ingame like other games, because the whole economics are hidden.

    • CesarinPillin Gaming

      any database or stats expert will tell you that their “spreadsheet” data is f..ed.. as well. Since they have poisoned it with bot data and their blatant manipulation.

  4. 9:45 Saying the quite part out loud.

  5. malta is so rich that he pays everybody in his game to create a quality content, o7

  6. 19:44 Left the part out, that they are nerfing xp for potential dmg.

  7. So… did MalteseKnight find a secret Legendary Module for the Des Moines that gives the ship a temporary SEP field when outnumbered and with low hp? 🤔😇

  8. 05:30
    Exactly my reaction two days ago when i nose citadelled a montana in Elbing at 13km range. Lmao

  9. 8:45 that rudder sound LMAO

  10. I was playing stalingrad with a moskva in a division and I got detonated by a sub and the moskva got detonated by a Satsuma within a span of 12 seconds

  11. nice work as always mate !

    always a blast to watch your vids !

  12. thank you for the videos man :3 love the work and watched 100 % of your vids lel 😀

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      That means a lot dude. :3 We are a team of editors. Currently the man to thank for these vids is Senpai_Silent.

  13. Daniel Russev best torp dodge ever in the Nebraska. XD Also Maltese like obliterating almost three ships while being low health because the Kremlin just ignored him.. *facepalm* holy darnage..

    • It’s the “someone elses problem syndrome”. When a target is so low, that a player assumes, that the rest of the team got him.

  14. The fact that someone on the WG team actually thinks that tanking = losing, really tells you all you need to know about how disconnected they are from their game.


      Stop supporting the game.
      I spent well over 2k, unicum account stats over 5 years.
      I boogied out once the shit got ridiculous last year.
      The signs have been there. Staying and feeding them more money is all y’alls fault.

      Cant blame the greedy belarussian assholes, you all keep buying shit.

    • @Mathew Long weird flex but okay

  15. “Chikys” the Greek

    good job guys! great compilation as always! keep it up

  16. Admiral Prince Eric 323 TLM - Warships and Blogs

    Double Detonation for Flambass and Trenlass videos is so funny but even without a signal flag on them 😂😂😂

  17. 11:09 I had the same reaction and would have felt the need to immediately apologize to that DD player…

  18. 2:58
    Flambass! You are peeking!! Don’t you know its rude to peak into someone’s business. The Yoshino and Marseille clearly did it there and then. We must respect their decision

  19. 1:55 today we introduce the emotion damage

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