WoWs Best Moments 76

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A funny compilation of the best World of Warships moments and Twitch clips from February 2023.

WoWs memes and funny moments.

Script: Senpai_Silent
Edit: Senpai_Silent
Director: Daniel_Russev
Producer: FreetheBrain

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Music by Amarià – Swing Rabbit ! Swing !
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  1. That Stalinium armor un Ushakov is something really speshul…

  2. They should add nukes to the game. We already have 1950s fantasy designs, they actually deployed nukes in the 50s.

    • Ships tend to survive multiple nukes during testing (well there were no crew tho)

      The Problem i see is that would need to involve a CV plane….
      wait a min….
      super nakhimov….

    • @Senpai_Silent you better delete your comment before wg finds it (although im pretty sure they have a broken russian super cv in the making already)

    • @Distant nakhimov is already stronger then superCVs
      WG could just make the ship itself tanky so it could push
      imagine Ushakov hull with nakhimov’s top and secondaries pushing into you …

  3. Manolis Christodoulakis

    good job,its one of my favourite moments of the month when you uploading a new video.
    Try to increase the videos at least 2 times per month,one time is not enough.

  4. The last one killed me hahahahah

  5. 11:32 I love how he completely ignores the issue, which is that BB tanking rewards are being nerfed. Devs clearly think tanking works like those old Doom Turtle Scouting clips from WoT, when in actual fact, BBs have to stay further back to tank effectively or they eat torps and get mega-focused. If you’re getting close enough to spot in a BB, you’re going to die very fast.

    • @Talguy21 i mean we are getting more rewards for spotting which is good , ofc it shouldnt be on the cost of tanking rewards but tbh that never did really reward you in any way so it isnt much of an loss

    • @Thel ‘Vadam Probably true, but it’s still even less incentive for BBs (or anyone else for that matter) to do anything but farm from as safe a distance as is reasonable. (Or in the case of bad players, as safe a distance as possible xd)

    • @Talguy21 what , they literally are improving spotting dmg significantly , the nerf to tanking will only net negative effect BBs while being a Buffs to everyone else , i see this as an win.

    • @Thel ‘Vadam I mean, if BBs don’t play aggressive, Cruisers can’t get stuck-in safely. Battleships are the relief valve for damage flow against their teams, that’s why tanking is so important.

      Plus, other duties (like reseting caps) are also being disincentivised.

      It’s a flat buffs for DDs and CVs, but I think a lot of cruisers, especially Large Cruisers and CAs, will have an even harder time.

    • @Thel ‘Vadam There’s no reason they needed to add a drawback though, is my point. Potential damage nerfs also do affect everyone else, too, to some extent. obv still a net positive but imo a totally unnecessary nerf to a system nobody noticed anyway.

  6. 13:26

    Wargaming: it’s just a skill issue

  7. Deltawarship Delta

    You guys definitely missed the clip where flamu uses his damagecon preventively against the sub like war gaming intended it and gets cross torped xD

  8. 4:15 Comment in chat: “How do you deal with that in a BB?”
    Answer is simple: You close the game and make a cup of tea.

  9. Why does sinking a CV or Sub make you feel soooo much more satisfying than any other class?

    • Because you getting attack by them yet you cannot do anything about it until the last minutes of the game, even if you are survive the attack and harassment they made.

  10. Flamuu gives a good example of why torpedo homing should be nerfed.

  11. 西园寺安丰怡

    6:10 AF is short on grandma LOL

  12. Man I love these videos. Wish they were longer or they came out more often.

  13. Refreshing compilation. nice torp dodges, and for selfish reasons I am incredibly happy Clyde’s DD Dirtbag rendition made it in there. *smirk* Also I just love ChaosMachine’s energy, it’s so amazing!

  14. Good episode 🙂 and my stream clip got to the end. Thank you

  15. One of the more entertaining videos in recent memory my Fren. Keep up the good work!

    • World of Warships - Best of Twitch

      Indeed this video felt nice to publish! Special GG to Senpai_Silent and Dani for this epic vid!

  16. I should almost never get spotting damage in my BB, because my DDs and cruisers should light stuff up and I give the fire support to kill it.

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